- Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost - 20080727 -

Robert Long's "Blue"Sunday, May 11th at 10:30 am CT tune in for some Emerson, Pavese, Complicated Pasta and a tribute to the late Robert Long's poetry!

Robert Long's poems appeared in dozens of magazines and anthologies, including The New Yorker, Poetry, and Partisan Review, as
well as three earlier collections. He taught at several colleges and
universities, including La Salle University, where he was
writer-in-residence. He died on October 13, 2006. Blue was his last published collection of poetry.

"Robert Long is not like us poets who snivel in our ivory towers: he
lives in the good old, the hope to die USA. His muse is firmly
installed amidst the kitchenware, and he-- as the slang phrase puts
it-- really cooks. These poems are a perfect example what Hart Crane
means by 'talking USA'."

--Bill Knott