Interview with The Rescues on Lyrical Venus Tues 9am

The Rescues
break me out tonight i wanna see the
sun rising anywhere but here
come with me, this could be
the only chance we get, we gotta take it
don't do it now we'll never make it
lose this crowd, break me out
~ The Rescues, Break Me Out

The Rescues have been described as an Indie Supergroup - three talented singer-songwriters and friends with solo careers, brought together to perform at another friend's wedding only to discover that the whole was more than the sum of the parts. And when you've got good parts to begin with, well - get ready to have your socks rocked! I'm betting you'll love the soaring harmonies, driving beats and heart-swelling ballads these three pump out time and again on their album Crazy Ever After as much as I do!

Join me on Tuesday at 9am for an interview with the two female thirds of The Rescues - Adrianne and Kyler. (Love you too Gabe!)