Interview with Ellis and Terri on Lyrical Venus Radio Tues 9am

Ellis and Terri
After a fabulous concert this past February, many Fairfielders are looking forward to the return of Ellis for a concert this weekend.  What many may not know is she is also bringing booking agent/artist Terri Mazurek, and the two of them will be presenting a workshop on Sunday entitled "Making a Living Making Music in the 21st Century."  Topics include: how to set direction for your music career, how to find an audience for your music, promotion and marketing ideas, and how to plan/book your own tours. All levels of performing musicians are welcome, from those just starting out to touring musicians.

I met Ellis and Terri in person at the Rocky Mountain Song School and they are both the kind of vibrant, funny, sweet and down-to-earth people you just want to hang out with!

Join me on Lyrical Venus for great music and an interview with Ellis and Terri to hear about their most recent projects and current great ideas!

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