- Gravel Road Radio - Starlings

Dennis James interviewed the Starlings on Gravel Road Radio May 29, 2007.

Starlings - Aimee, Tom, Joy (photo: Eliza Truitt)Having captured the ears of fans both in the Northwest and beyond following their 2006 release of debut album “Songbook”. Based out of Seattle, The Starlings have had a successful 2006: accolades from notable sources as Maverick Magazine and Americana UK; a live appearance on renowned radio station KEXP's Audioasis; eight weeks on John Richards’ (KEXP) “Top Ten Northwest Bands”; prominent performances shared with the likes of Todd Snider, The Avett Brothers, Michelle Malone, and numerous NW artists. Featured in a 2-page spread in the March 2007 issue of Maverick Magazine (UK), The Starlings are bringing their blend of Americana country and folk music to an ever broader stage, garnering fans from all corners of the musical spectrum.

Led by the magnetic harmonies and songwriting of Joy Mills and Tom Parker, this murmuration combines lyrics and vocals that are all at once wistful and fierce, haunting and soothing. Their approach is contemporary and inventive, inspired by the classics of country, folk and Appalachia. Tasteful lines of guitar, banjo, harmonica and mandolin give front porch flavors to the songs, while Aimee Zoe Tubbs provides the solid and stylish foundation on drums and backing vocals. Elemental themes create The Starlings' solid repertoire. From a pin-dropping ballad to a foot-stomping barnburner, their images linger – empty boxcars, twilight on the prairie, divining rods, river beds, the long drive home, and an underlying wonder at the mystery of it all.

The Starlings have a presence and sound that remain long after the show is over. With one eye to the keyhole of deeper meaning, they remain dynamic in nature and happy to take the road less traveled.