Fringe Toast

Chill-out; electro-acoustic dream; blues; and singer-songwriters from late sixties to present
  • Tuesday 12-2am
  • Wednesday 8-10pm
  • Saturday 8-10am

Non-mainstream music from late 1960s to present with a tendency toward blends of acoustic and electronic elements. Very hip, bluesy, down-tempo chill-out, and obscure "should-have-been-classic" tracks.

Nice music

Nice music. I'd love to visit the show. I like the music of late 1960's and the beginning of 1970's. There is more music at . You may download for free.

taking drugs to make music to take drugs to

listening to your show, brings back fond memories of college in iowa, thanks!

Getting High on the Real Thing

You know that we don't get high on false drugs, we get high on the real thing, a powerful gasoline, a clean windshield and a shoe shine, and Wednesday Night's excursion into Fringe Toast.

Good job, sir.



Andy and Fringe Toast

Fringe Toast helps me get yet another Minnesota Winter behind me!

Andy is the best!

Great program. i try to

Great program. i try to listen every Wednesday p.m. I recommend your show to all my friends. Several are now regular listeners.

Thanks for all your hard work to make this a most enjoyable program.

Thanks for your support. I

Thanks for your support. I appreciate that you are spreading the word to friends. It is my pure delight to prepare each week for Fringe Toast.

Fringe Toast

Love the show!! :)