Eden's Hour playlist for 2008-3-8

The Balloon Toss Champions of the WorldThe Glowing LightThe Man Walking and Smokingwww.myspace.com
Rilo KileyWith Arms OutstretchedThe Execution Of All Thingswww.rilokiley.com
A Death CinematicThus It Never EndsEpochs Shifting Out Of Timewitchhouserecords.com
Page DownHey, I am still walkingwww.myspace.com
Underwires350 BarcodesIn Your Room Againwww.myspace.com
BenettWay to Heavenwww.myspace.com
Sarah Junecharlottewww.myspace.com
LooperBug RainThe Geometridwww.looperama.com
BesteYours Trulywww.myspace.com
Beach CarnivalDeep FreezeBall Of Wax Volume 11www.ballofwax.org
The White StripesTruth Doesn't Make A NoiseDe Stijlwww.whitestripes.com
DonovanSunshine SupermanDonovan's Greatest Hitswww.donovan.ie