Eden's Hour playlist for 2008-1-19

PhiloscopicSmitten With Strangerswww.myspace.com
the Motel CandlewastersWhacked Pretty Hard in the Mystery Departmentwww.thestairs.com
The Octopus ProjectBees Bein Strugglin'www.theoctopusproject.com
Present TenseEyes In The Back Of Your Headwww.presenttenseband.com
Stories From The MoonIn Heaven -coverwww.myspace.com
Talkshow BoyBlack Logic (VHS Version)pocketclock.org
Truly Lover TrioBlueberry Eyeswww.trulylovertrio.com
The FemursPeter Wolfwww.myspace.com
The 88Nobody Careswww.the88.net
VellsLarger Than Lifewww.myspace.com
The resultsI just want my mommywww.myspace.com
Tunnel Of LoveThe Wombwww.insidethetunnel.com
Please Step Out of the VehicleMountainzwww.myspace.com
OHNCowboys and Indianswww.letsgetitohn.com
Gringo MotelMuertoswww.gringomotel.com

Celebrating David Lynch's birthday with music that was inspired by him.

Part one (Part Two has yet to air)

More information at edenshour.blogspot.com

David's Birthday CD

Back in 2006 there was a Birthday CD put together (re: http://www.myspace.com/davidlynchfoundation) for David Lynch which contained from Querkus "Rubbing my Eyes" and Ben Golemstock and ? "In Heaven" and some other artists.

Are you able to play/make available as a download/podcast?


hi Graham, there were more

hi Graham, there were more songs on the compilation, but I couldn't play them all in one show and yes, I do plan to play them all and make them available. I'll be posting this show to the archives soon.