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Aug 17 show

Great selections. Just one album and 3 songs to buy so far, (whew)- Gary

Hi From Rex Records

Hi there,
Our artist Jessie Murphy In the Woods is doing an interview next week with you and so I was checking your lovely station.

Crooked Gravel Road show. played a drone banjo track at about 10:30 am central that I'd love to know who the artist and track was.

Thank you so much!


Leo on August 4th

I really appreciate your invitation to Leo. And I am certainly glad you continue to do your show, it is awesome.

yay I am listening to you

Hi Lauryn
So good to hear your voice and your show!! Thanks to Tom M for sending me the link!!!!!

weekly listening

Your show is quickly becoming a Thursday morning habit . . .


Great way to enhance my morning!

Tuning into your show today is a wonderful birthday present! Thanks!

Listening in......

Good Morning Lauryn....

Got a glimpse of your comment on FB - re; getting ready for your show......glad I saw it....I had to take a break for the composing this morning when the window installers next door decided to fire up the power tools........what timing!

You sound fantastic on the great to hear your voice after all these's apparent you like what you're are the second classmate of mine that currently hosts a radio show, the other in Durham, NC.

Thanks for sharing your music....


song on your show

Hi Lauren,
Could you please tell me the name and artist of one of the last songs you did today. I didn't catch it. Some of the words were,
"Blow it all away"


Now we're even bigger fans of the Crooked Sisters. Keep on Dementing!

Crooked Sisters

We're listening out here in the jilikans of New Liberty! What a delight to tune in & find that Sharon is your guest this morning. Great to hear both your voices from so far away.