KRUU Country Music Jamboree

traditional country, bluegrass, western swing

KRUU's own Tuesday morning Country Music Jamboree Radio Program presents a great variety of Good Country Music, including bluegrass and western swing. From the classics to the new releases. 'Country Corey' Hickenbottom proudly keeps it country every week.

Me and my dad-burned job! It

Me and my dad-burned job! It keeps me working on tuesday mornings so I can't listen live. Thank heaven for the sunday re-broadcast. That Hickenbottom fellah is doing the Lord's work playing these hillbilly records. Oh yeah, and thanks to Corey and KRUU for getting me back on the air in Fairfield.

My wife and friends think

My wife and friends think I'm nuts for liking old time country and cowboy music but that's the basis for Americana. As a Deadhead we recognize much of Jerry and the band's inspiration came from this very music. Anyone reading this should see The Waybacks at Paradiso Wednesday night. If you like Corey's station I think you'll love the concert.


Swing'n show man ............


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Ditto, Rush

Oops, wrong show - 1st time listening. Good lord! What have I been missing? Don't change a thing! I'll be back in front of the radio next week for sure.

if you take requests, i'd

if you take requests, i'd love to hear some cub country.
also... the show is awesome!