Classical Hour w/ Christine Pappas - Friday 10am-Noon

 Pauline Oliveros

"Music should be for everyone anywhere." --Pauline Oliveros

Happy Birthday to Pauline Oliveros who is now 76 years old. I dedicate a portion of my show to the woman who describes a new musical theory called "sonic awareness" -- raising auditory consciousness and awareness. Her group is called The Deep Listening Band.

I'll also play Beethoven performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and a piece from Belcea Quartet's new album, Bartok: String Quartets.

Good post. I like your

Good post. I like your weblog.

Thanks! I love doing the

Thanks! I love doing the show on KRUU and the blog thing is new to me. I love staying in touch with everyone at KRUU, the listeners, and the arts/music scene around Fairfield and beyond Fairfield.