Carol Kline returns to Writers' Voices Nov 23, 26

You've got to Read This Book

Former Fairfielder Carol Kline, co-author of six Chicken Soup for the Soul books, joins Monica and Caroline on Writers' Voices this Friday at 1 pm and Monday at 8 am. Carol talks about the development of her career as a writer, why being a co-author is ideal for her, and how editing a collection of stories such as Chicken Soup differs from writing original material, as she did in her latest project. "Happy For No Reason" was co-authored with Marci Shimoff and set for release January 1, 2008.

Carol was a guest on Writers' Voices last December, shortly after the release of "You've Got to Read this Book," which she coauthored with Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield and Gay Hendricks.