LORDEPLAYING LIVE THIS WEEK. Scheduled originally last week. DJ Andy Bargerstock offers 100% new playlist, tracks never played before on Fringe Toast!   The spotlight shines on LORDE's newly released CD and singer-songwriter (photo left), Julia Michaels (photo right).   Dawn & Hawkes lead off the program with Beatles cover song, "I've Just Seen a Face" that they introduced on "The Voice" TV singing competition. Other first-hour contributors include Amy MacDonald, Margaret Glaspy, Jake Bugg, and the rising talent Henry Jamison. Listen carefully for David LynchJulia Michaels "Twin Peaks" performers, the female trio Au Revoir Simone, an electro-pop dream band from Brooklyn, NY.

The second-hour Chill Session is where you will hear Julia Michaels, Swiss husband-wife duo AURAH, Peer Kusiv (Germany), London Grammar (UK), Alana Yorke (Canada), Velours Perfect (Denmark), and Chet Faker

Click here for playlist.  Spread the word to friends worldwide to join the live stream every Wednesday at 8pm Central Time and replays on Saturday at 8am.  Fringe Toast Music radiates the best music you never hear.... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM.

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The Saffron Tales-an Interview with Yasmin Khan

The Saffron Tales

One specific element about my personality that I noticed last week was how uplifted I feel when talking abut food.  Now, those of you who know me are probably wondering if it's really possible I did not know that about myself.  I knew it.  Two recent instances seriously reinforced how talking and cooking continuously inspire me. 

Neither instance was an "aha" moment, but both left me feeling animated and rejuvenated.  First, I was privileged to speak with some students, who are studying and working in agriculture.  That event gave me the opportunity to relate a few stories about food producers, and let the students taste several amazing products.  The result of a session like this is always the same:  eyes light up, the energy in the room buzzes with excitement, and everyone wants another taste. I leave with a big smile etched on my face.

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Tune In & Turn On!


Turn Over a Neu Leaf!

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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Food For A Lively Soul

RRThere are seven longs songs that everything else sort of weaves in and out of during the show. In the seven plus minutes category: The Moody Blues, The Paperhead, Head Machine, The Green Pajamas, Paul Kantner & David Crosby, Loop, and Dredg. Having said that, I am focusing equally on bands that are unknown relative to the above list. We are deep into the psychedlia, and it will not be until August 12 that I start playing full albums again. Here is a teaser: I just bought a CD that is my first candidate for record of the year. That will be coming soon. In the meantime, if you need some great music to help you through early Saturday morning, or Monday morning... tune in. Cool Breeze


"As you may know by now, when you attack him, he will punch back 10 times harder."
First Lady Melania Trump at a voter rally in Milwaukee, 2016

"When they attack him, he's going to hit back.”
--Sarah Huckabee Sanders
, White House spokesperson, June 2017

Burma Superstar cover

If you are lucky enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, perhaps you regularly stop at the Burma Superstar restaurants to enjoy their take on Southeast Asian cuisine.  If not, I recently spoke with Kate Leahy, co-author along with Burma Superstar founder, Desmond Tan, of a fascinating book filled with authentic recipes, great photos, and stories about the country now known as Myanmar.  

A major part of Myanmar's cuisine is a fusion of Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Laotian influences. Many of the spices and main components will seem familiar, but how they are utilized to fashion finished dishes definitely captivated me.  Pay special attention when Kate talks about tofu, and eating tea or "Myanmar's most mysterious food."

Coconut Rice

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Great Sunday Morning Music

T ShirtThree hours worth of tracks that you might want to hear should you be listening to tunes on a lazy Sunday morning. Pretend like it is then, and enjoy the aahhh-ha experiences. I have seminal works by Van Morrison, Steve Earle, The Moody Blues, Leo Kottke, and Taj Mahal. Some possibly newer experience for you in the form of Velvett Fogg, Westfauster, The Twilight Singers, and Sackville. Nucleus and Stoneground are my choices from the way back machine. Lots of opportunities to chill out with the music. And, no commercial interruption! Hah. The G Man

Nynke Passe, The Luminous Writer Literary CenterPoetry, drums, chimes & Tibetan bowls are tools that can help you revitalize your relationship with your muse. That's what poet and creative writing professor Nynke Passi and sound therapist Kenny Kolter have discovered while collaborating on events offered through The Luminous Writer Literary Center in Fairfield, Iowa.

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