"What do the Hungarian people want? Let peace, liberty, and harmony prevail!

tonight shark vs. octopus are taking the tank to chicago, in honor of citizen fish and leftover crack (formerly choking victim). we are so fortunate as to be 1INTERVIEWING DICK LUCAS of citizen fish, formerly of subhumans. this is a very big deal for us, we are Big Excited. let us know if there's anything you'd like us to inquire about. send an email to before four pm today, or after that, feel free to send a text message to me (the shark) 3057253116 if it's anytime after that.

of course this means that tonight's show will be a rebroadcast (sorry!), but next week tune in to hear the interview with dick, as well as some sweet james from citizen fish, leftover crack, and their various related bands. click the "read more" link to see some great pictures from the savannah show of this same tour, taken by honorary undersea queen charlotte walters.

I hope you liked our show. a shout out to all the writers who are sharing their books with us.


                                                                                                THANK YOU!

                                                                                                               Mickey D

This week's show, broadcast Tuesday March 13 from 1-2pm Central Standard Time and rebroadcast Thursday March 15 from 8-9am Central Standard Time, will feature:

1:OO – 1:30pm – Ellen Chenoweth.

Ms. Chenoweth is one of Hollywood’s top casting directors. Ellen was raised in the Midwest & South, attended college in Virginia. She moved to NYC where she started working in theatre. After a short period of time, Ellen landed a job at the Actors Studio where Lee Strasberg was the artistic director. Under the tutelage of  Mr. Strasberg, Ellen became skilled as a casting director and started spending time in Los Angeles.

   Hey all you Music & Mayhem fans. If you want to contact either me or Nathan about the show like for instance any requests you have or any compliments or criticisms about the show or about Nathan and I just send anything you want to Thanks to the listeners and to KRUU so listen in Monday's @ 5.


On February 28th, KRUU received a visit from the red-coated Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors. The morning meet-and-greet was a chance for 10 key Fairfield area businessmen and -women to see their local grassroots community radio station in action and exchange greetings with founding members Roland Wells, James Moore and Steve Cooperman. 

KRUU w/ Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors
Dave Neff presents Roland Wells and james Moore with an
official welcome plaque on behalf of the ambassadors.


The following night, March 1st, KRUU was presented with a Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce 'Community Improvement Award' for 2006 at the Chamber's anual awards' banquet held at the Best Western.

This  week is an alternative week with some of our favorite hipstermetal, jam rock, and classic rock bands. We will be playing songs from bands like  The Noisettes, The White Strips, The Arctic Monkeys, Wolfmother, and Led Zeppelin. These days this kind of music is not heard on modern airwaves but here at Music & Mayhem really don't care. So listen in Jimmy Page And Jack WhiteMonday @ 5 to hear me and Nathan rock out for a good nice hour.
Hey all you Music & Mayhem fans,
If you want to contact either me or Nathan about the show--like for instance any requests you have or any compliments or crticisms about the show or about nathan or I--just send anything you want to:
Thanks to the listeners and to KRUU so listen in Monday's @ 5.

After playing our series on songs about the darker things in life, I had gotten a lot of requests and comments about the Danzig material I had been playing for our Saturday morning segments. So to keep fueling the fires that be, we will be playing a huge selection of Danzig-only material for the next couple of weekends. 


We will be coverring the entire discography of Danzig from the self titled debut to the more recent "Circle Of Snakes". We will be playing songs from Danzig, Lucifuge, How The Gods Kill and Thrall/Demonsweatlive this weekend and the rest for next weekend.

So be sure to get up early on Saturday and check out such uplifting tracks such as Am I Demon?, Twist Of Cain,Soul On Fire, End Of Time, Long Way Back From Hell and of Course the classic track Mother on KRUU saturday morning.


Part 2

Last week, I featured part 1 of a 2 part expose on Tool. We heard songs from Opiate, Undertow, and Aenima, as well as some juicy little tidbits about the band. Curious to find out more? Check out Little Seattle Tuesday night 11-midnight to find out ;-)

Greetings everyone from Monica and Caroline.

We'd love to have you listen in this Friday from 1 to 2 pm or the following Monday from 8 - 9 am for a preview (or post-view as the case may be) of Tony Ellis' and Nynke Passi's Poems of Wonderment and Transcendence, followed by a fun interview with Van Buren High School writing teacher Richard Incorvia and his students.

Tony and Nynke are treating Fairfield to a reading of their poems Friday March 9 at 8 pm at Revelations.  Tony was a most delightful guest on Writers' Voices the first week of January, so we are happy to have him back for this encore.

Richard Incorvia's class just finished a project where they posted online book reviews based solely on  the book's cover.  Check out for these students' creative takes on books from authors ranging from Charles Dickens to Steven King.

For a brief hint of Fridays to come: 

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