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The secret to my father's success as an Iowa farmer--keep your costs down and just keep doing what you're doing. By the time a handful of decades have passed, you'll be doing alright...if you play your cards right. That's not exactly world-shattering advice. But it really is how my dad managed to leave this world with more than a couple of bucks in his pocket. And that's my method with "The Feed Store." Like Lenny Bruce, I don't make a big deal out of it. I just do it. And I might be wrong but I stiil think I'm fairly entertaining. Listen for yourself, thursdays at 10AM central time and sundays at noon central time. 

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Three Bands and A Cloud of Dust

rrI am playing songs by Conor Oberst, Real Estate, and The New Colony Six during the show tomorrow morning. The rest of the bands are fairly obscure: I have almost no information about any of them. This is music I purchased as downloads. Some of the music was made back in the mid sixties. Some music, as in the case of Crash Coffin, had such a limited local release that almost no one heard them for years. Most reviewers would consider these bands to be second or third tier, but that is not a knock on a great song, of which I have many. If you have heard the show, you know I will be swinging from one extreme to the other. Hey, I am lucky in love, and lucky in finding sweet underground music. Join me at 4 AM Monday morning early risers! Cool Breeze

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Spotlight: Instrumentals

G ManSo to advance the cause of rock and roll, I present a 3 hour show of instrumental music. Now before you get all weepy, just remember- I am the only government you will ever need on planet rock and roll... This show has an amazing depth and variability to it. I have well-known artists like The Eagles, Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, ELP, Guess Who, and Booker T. I am also playing wonderful tunes by The Records, Baby Grandmothers, Truth, The Bitchin'  Bajas, and Dredg. One show where you do not have to worry about missing a lyric line. The G Man

RuelleDJ Andy Bargerstock lays down another 100% new playlist program. This week, we celebrate the release of Cafe Del Mar #23, one of the longest running compilation series of music inspired by the nightclub of same name on the island of Ibiza off the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.  Listen for 5-song set late in first hour that will include tracks from White Elephant, Brian Eno, Zero 7, Biblio, and Télépopmusik (with Angela McCluskey photo right on vocals on "Just Angela McCluskeyBreathe" remix). Also, in first hour a twin-spin from the rising Alternative singer-songwriter Ruelle (photo left).  Click here for playlist.

In the epic second-hour Chill Zone, get ready for a fabulous journey into the ether led by international chill-out electronica and ambient tunes from Achillea, Deep & Wide, Perfume Genius, Special EFX, The Mellow, and Sex Mob.  It's the best music you never hear ... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM on Wednesday evenings at 8pm CT with replays on Saturday at 8am CT.  Spread the word and mark your calendar.

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An Hour with Deborah Madison

Deborah Madison

It's always a great pleasure, honor, and learning experience to visit with Deborah.  On this occasion we'll talk about her new and most personal cookbook, In My Kitchen. The book is a window into how and what she enjoys cooking today, 20 years after the publication of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.    It includes 100 recipes, some new, plus updated personal favorites.

In My Kitchen



Tonight on PLATTENKISTE at 10pm CT onpeople-powered three krautrock bands from the 70s: Krokodil, Mythos, & Can. A veritable feast. ENJOY!



Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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As I Live and Breathe

RRJust rolled in from listening to some excellent live music at the 80/35 festival in Des Moines. The Suburbs and The Vahnevants just killed it. You will be hearing them, from me, soon. This show, however, is more of a jam session. Fun stuff up ahead from Autosalvage, Bear Mountain Band, Alkana, Big Lost Rainbow, The Boston Tea Party, and FC Kahuna. Check the playlist just before the show, and if you are other wise disposed, get up at 4 AM Monday morning and get loose with this set. Cool Breeze 

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