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Sabita Sawhney Live on Great TasteIt was a fresh cheeselovers paradise at the LIVE Great Taste show Tuesday night.

Green Building Supply hosted the regular first Tuesday of the month broadcast, and Sabita Sawhney demonstrated how to make paneer simply and quickly at home.  But, since she loves to feed everyone, Sabita also prepared marinated paneer, paneer pakoras, paneer parathas, and coriander/mint chutney.  Rose and cardamom lassi with a touch of coconut sugar was on the beverage menu.

The Inspiration InitiativeThis weeks show delves into piano-based singer-songwriters and the range of different arrangements that are used in pop and singer/songwriter styles of writing. From the poppiest of arrangements in Sara Bareilles' Love Song to the more grandiose in Billy Joel's New York State of Mind we explore the whole spectrum on this weeks episode of "The Inspiration Initiative."

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Great Taste Live at Green Building Supply


This week's show is a rebroadcast of the "DOSA" show Sabita did at GBS on a previous GREAT TASTE LIVE.

Sabita will be LIVE on Tuesday, September 5 at GBS for the "PANEER" show.  We hope to see you there at 7:00 pm.

Chef Sabita Sawhney was my special guest chef.  She made amazing dosas, sambar, and coconut chutney, plus plain and potato paratha.  Make certain to have a pen or pencil nearby when you listen.  Sabita does not cook with recipes, but I tried to coax as much information out of her as possible.

Listen to the "Dosa" show this week broadcast on Wednesday at 7:00 pm and again on Friday at 7:00 am.  Next week's LIVE show at GBS will air on KRUU at 7:00 pm Wednesday, September 6, and Friday at 7:00 am, September 8.



"He was cynical about human nature, including his own, and hysterically funny."
--Donald Fagen

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Attention Thrill Seekers

G ManI am starting the show with a hidden track at 2 and again at 4... Just sayin'. I have assembled an amazing list of killer rock tracks for the two to four time slot, and then we will move in lock step onto another In Root- #14! I only run these live in the studio, so that is the good news for me, being in the saddle and all. Hey, new music from wild man Scott H. Biram, solid singles from The Beatles, Canned Heat, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and crack instrumentals from The Raybeats, Reverand Horton Heat, and Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet. This, plus the usual rapier wit banter you can only get from a man with no plan B... The G Man

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'Nothing but the best' on "The Inspiration Initiative"

The Inspiration InitiativeThis weeks show is simple: Great quality songwriting. Regardless of artist or era these songs just scream inspiration. 

Dowd Family Enjoying CadoFood brings families together. Preparing good food together also brings one Iowa family business successes. In 2014, Shaktea Kombucha owners Deb, Jack & Meghan Dowd--a mom, son & daughter trio--won a $250,000 Mission Main Street grant from J.P. Chase & Company. Since then they've expanded that businesses and launched, Cado, a frozen avocado dessert company. For a glimpse into this creative trio's approach to forging family bussiness successes together, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Jack and Meghan Dowd.

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The Filmosophers movie talk

In these waning days of summer the blockbuster releases are about over. This weakVictoria & Abdul poster weekend for new releases affords us more time to get into a fall preview. We'll start with September, which has some intriguing releases:

Battle Of The Sexes (9/22) from the Directors of Little Miss Sunshine: "In the wake of the sexual revolution and the rise of the women's movement, the 1973 tennis match between women's World #1 Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and ex-men's-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) was billed as the BATTLE OF THE SEXES and became one of the most watched televised sports events of all time, reaching 90 million viewers around the world."

Victoria & Abdul, Directed by Stephen Frears (The Queen, Florence Foster Jenkins): "The extraordinary true story of an unexpected friendship in the later years of Queen Victoria's (Academy Award winner Judi Dench) remarkable rule. When Abdul Karim (Ali Fazal), a young clerk, travels from India to participate in the Queen's Golden Jubilee, he is surprised to find favor with the Queen herself. The two forge an unlikely and devoted alliance." (9/22)

American Made, (9/29) with Tom Cruise, directed by one of our faves- Doug Liman (Go, The Bourne Identity) "Explosions and punchy one-liners abound, but Liman's reunion with his Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow (highly recommended) star isn't typical Tom Cruise action fare. "I love that there's this 'Tom Cruise movie' label because it gave me something to work against," Liman said, noting his desire to cast the star as antihero Barry Seal, the real life pilot whose flying skills, and greed prompted him to double-dip as a drug runner for the Medellin cartel and an informant for the CIA." - EW

Our Souls At Night, (9/29) Directed by Ritash Batre (The Lunchbox), starring two beloved stars - Robert Redford & Jane Fonda, together for the fourth time since Barefoot In The Park. Watch the 45 second teaser trailer, matched with the perfect song by Etta James. Yes, please....

That and more on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions."

(sung slowly) "I want a Sunday kind of love. A love to last past Saturday night. I like to know it's more than love at first sight... and I want a Sunday kind of love" - Etta James

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