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RRThe Dead Man's Band has a brand new release out, called Dr. Midnight, and you will get to hear the whole thing at the top of the second hour of the show this weekend. Prior to that event, in hour one I have two interesting jams. First up, The Seeds from their Travel With Your Mind release, song 900 Million People Daily. Five songs later Stud gives us the song Stud off the album Stud. I am beginning to see a pattern here with those folks. Last but not least is a cover of the Pink Floyd song Interstellar Overdrive by Camper Van Beethoven, and it is a doozy of a version. Please check the playlist online for other songs, like a 2017 release by Ray Davies, and email me with requests. Cool Breeze

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Last Of A Dying Breed

Creative ChemistryMaybe not the last, but I am certainly one of a dying breed. I guess the older you get the more you can relate to a wide range of experiences. There is magic in the technology used to create this radio experience, and for that I am grateful. I am thinking there are not enough people that are paying attention to what is around them. Else, why would a truck have to have 'Do Not Follow Into Work Area' printed on its tailgate? If you are in a rush, and you cannot afford to listen to some songs, skip this show. These songs have lyrics that you will want to hear, and perhaps ponder. If having fun helps you be productive, you came to the right show. XTC, Mac DeMarco, Neil Young, The Kinks, and David Gilmour will dazzle you, and I have twelve new songs by a range of interesting artists. Plus a song by Glen Campbell, who passed away yesterday. He was a stellar artist. Centripetal Sounds: Where creative chemistry works wonders for you... The G Man

The Pho Cookbook

Can you ever get enough soup?  Whether it's cold or hot outside, I can always eat soup.  It must stem from my grandmother's chicken soup, which enthralls my childhood memories, and is, of course, associated with love.  French onion soup at Famous-Barr, a local department store chain in St. Louis, is another of my touchstone soup memories.

Today I will go out of my way looking for a spot that is known for its great bowls of steamy delights.  Some of my most satisfying experiences, outside of our home, are definitely bowls of ramen and pho.  My first guest, Andrea Nguyen, has written a primer on pho that will appeal to pho novices, as well as, those more nuanced pho eaters.  Enjoy listening, preferably while you down a bowl of pho.


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chill funk

royksoppa chill later summer show, featuring royksopp featuring robyn (from norway, pictured), echophlekz (from the netherlands), shpongle (from the uk), cantoma (from the uk), and ellie goulding (from the uk).

every song has a little extra funk in its chill beat, and some chill in its funk.

and every song will keep your energy chilled and blissful.

the tracks.

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A Tribute to Jimmy Lafave

Jimmy Lafave

July 12, 1955 - May 21,2017

RIP Glen Campbell

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Classical episode of "The Inspiration Initiative"

The Inspiration Initiative"The Inspiration Initiative" is all about music that has inspired host Luke Davids as a musician and songwriter. Starting out at an early age Luke was deeply immersed in Classical music and this episode pays homage to that. Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Liszt and more of the greats on this weeks episode.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

Justin JohnsonDaughter Camie Bargerstock joins DJ Andy B on this original program with 100% tracks never played before on Fringe Toast; see playlist link below. Acoustic and electric blues master, Justin Johnson (photo left) leads off this week's internet radio broadcast with tracks from his new album Drivin' It Down (2017). Later in the first hour, the spotlight shines on Alexi Murdoch (photo right), the UK Alexi Murdochsinger-songwriter who sounds eerily and wonderfully like the troubled UK songwriter Nick Drake who passed away at 26 in 1974 ("Pink Moon" song was used earlier in VW commercials. Spiritually-attuned Ayla Nereo offers her first tracks ever for Fringe Toast.

In the second-hour Chill Session, listen closely for new track from alt-J ("3WW), a twin-spin from Scott Woodruff's Stick Figure band, and delightful first-time contributors Nahko and Medicine from the People, Moon Boots, Don Peyote, Daniel Spaleniak, and (Sandy) Alex GClick here for playlist.

Fringe Toast Music offers the best music your never hear...unless you are tuned to on Wednesday at 8pm CT with replays on Saturday at 8am CT.  Mark your calendar and spread the word!

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