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Tuesday night was the monthly LIVE GREAT TASTE show at Green Building Supply. Thinking back over the more than ten years the show has been on the air; it was the first time I have ever hosted and cooked for the entire 60 minutes.  CLICK READ MORE!

Tina DicoDJ Andy Bargerstock completes his five-week journey documenting choice off-the-beaten-path tracks from the decades starting with the 1960s and culminating with this week's program. This playlist sparkles with two hours of the best Chill Zone tracks released during the decade 2000-2009. Click here for playlist.

How obscure are these beautiful tracks

Consider the following sample of artists: Velours Perfect (Denmark), Ror-Shak (Germany), One Eskimo (England), Zero 7 (UK), Alexi Cat PowerMurdoch (Scotland), The Knife (Sweden), Tina Dico (Denmark), Luluc (Australia), Harry Manx (Canada), and Loopa Scava (Greece). See images of Tina Dico (left) and Cat Power (right), both contributors to this week's playlist.

Invite friends worldwide to join the live stream at on Wednesday at 8pm with rebroadcast on Saturday morning at 8AM Central Time.  Fringe Toast Music offers the best music you never hear.... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM at 100.1 FM in Fairfield, Iowa.

Mark your calendar for Valentine's Day Feb. 14th to hear DJ Andy's special program recognizing the Best New Releases of 2017 Fringe Toast style. Read the Iowa Source article to discover the Top 10 tracks.

Send me your email address if you want to keep informed about the forthcoming FRINGE TOAST MUSIC website. Send a note to with message "YES to website".

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Good Ol' Love Songs on "The Inspiration Initiative"

The Inspiration InitiativeJoin host Luke Davids for this week's episode of The Inspiration Initiative to celebrate Love in all it's forms in the spirit of Valentines Day. 

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~
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The Filmosophers movie talk

We were thrilled to read in the latest Fairfield Weekly Reader (check it out) about the digital conversion fundraising for new film releases to be shown at the Orpheum Theater in Fairfield's cultural district. Dan Walker is the new operator of the Orpheum and will join us in the studio to explain the details. This is very exciting news for the many serious films fans living in our extraordinary community. Hear it Friday at 12:30 PM, again Sunday morning 11:30 on the Filmosophers Movie Talk with Chris Busch and Bruce Miller, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions."

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Ready, Willing, and Able To Serve

T ShirtI am taking on the challenge of delighting and satisfying the percipient consumer this week with a three-in-one show lasting four hours. The two to four p.m. time slot is a regular mix of rare and interesting tunes mixed with some standard-bearing songs. Starting the show with Black Peter by The Grateful Dead. A dedication to my father, who went to WWII, spent four years in the naval reserve, and then 20 years as a Des Moines fireman. In the 1950's smoke inhalation was a huge problem. Other first hour highlights: new Robert Plant and My Expanded Awareness. In hour two besides The Cranberries and The Host Country, I have some deep underground music by The Mirage, Many Bright Things, and Steve Linnegar's Snakeshed. My guitar instructor told me the best way to build a chord is from the root note, so hour three is a complete takeover by sixties rock and roll, and hour four is another edition of IN ROOT.

Siouxsie and the BansheesDJ Andy Bargerstock continues with his documentation of a lifetime of searching for music from off-the-beaten-path. This program features 28 songs from the decade of the 1990s that produce endorphine enriching brain chemistry. The very very best of Fringe Music from that era!  In the first-hour you will savor delectible slices from a variety of international artists including Siouxsie & the Banshees (photo left), Mazzy Star (photo right), Air, One Dove, William Orbit, Bruce Cockburn, Guster, Martin Page, Ayub Ogada, and Laidback. The spotlight track shines Hope Sandoval - Mazzy Starcooly on "La Femme D'Argent" by French band Air from 1998.

In the second-hour Chill Zone Session, you will enjoy downtempo acoustic and electronica tracks from Human, Monsoon, Delerium, Single Gun Theory, Natural Calamity, Chris Cornell, Fireman, Geoffrey Oryema with Brian Eno, and Soma Sonic. The spotlight track for second hour is "Falling" by Canada's Soma Sonic.

Oh, you do not want to miss this! Mark your calendar and invite friends to join the live stream via on Wednesday at 8pm CT with replay on Saturday morning at 8am CT.

CLICK HERE for playlist. It's the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast Music®. Read DJ Andy's article (link here) in the February issue of Iowa Source Magazine about the Crispy Awards show on Feb. 14th.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~
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RR#365! Fifty-two shows a year, two hours per show, plus prep time- which has been the best part. I really got excited about playing songs you would never hear on the radio, and we have done it. I have had some seriously experimental tunes on this show, represented this week by The Beatles and Fred Frith. I have spotlighted local talent like The Vahnevants and The Host Country. I have Wire, Led Zeppelin, and Creedence Clearwater Revival reminding us all why they were at the top of their heap and why they influenced so many other bands. Plus the usual assortment of misfits, heretics, and burn-outs like Hard Working Americans, Sleepy Sun, The The, and Michael Nesmith. Since this is the last anniversary show, I will say that eight years on, I have more to play now than I did when I started. It is a big world out there. Seeing pieces of it by extending the underground passageways has been my passion, and my pleasure.

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Chris Stapleton's new album

This week we'll feature Chris Stapleton's new album

From A Room Volume 2

Wise and sensitive storyteller that he is, he knows that deprivation and loss are felt the most deeply when it's clear what's at stake. It's no wonder so many fans have come to count him as a musical hero. -- NPR  review

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