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Moises Velasquez-ManoffPopping vitamins has never been my thing, but I have plenty of friends who load up every single day and have followed that regime for years.  In talking with them about their supplement intake I’ve never been convinced they really notice tangible results, but, instead, rely on the simple rationalization that “more is better” when it comes to filling the body with “super foods.”  OK, maybe I could buy that, but in the form of a pill?

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Deborah MadisonDeborah Madison’s cookbooks have occupied treasured spots on my bookshelves since 1987 when she wrote The Greens Cook Book along with Edward Espe Brown.  Fast forward 27 years, three James Beard Awards plus many other accolades, and Madison, though not a vegetarian, continues her love affair with vegetables.  

The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone came out this past spring, an update to her classic Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone published in 1997.  Last year’s Vegetable Literacy  went far beyond a recipe book as Madison drew on her insights over several decades of cooking, including stints in professional kitchens, and as a gardener, enlightening readers with the interconnected web of relationships within the same botanical family.

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Done.-front coverI admit to feeling a bit intimidated before I picked up the studio phone to call James Peterson.  The first of his fifteen books, Sauces, has a permanent spot on the bookshelf in my office.  He's won seven James Beard awards-the highest official honor for food professionals in North America; tying him with Jacques Pépin for top honors in awards earned.  And I had to tell him the interview wouldn't start on time because someone was still in the studio with the red "Recording" light ablaze.

His warm voice and reply of "That's ok," to my predicament melted my nervousness. We finished recording 35 minutes later, but it took me several hours to come down from the thrill of that discussion.  I hope you enjoy our talk, and it inspires you to cook at home a bit more.

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Ayurvedic Herbs in the Kitchen and Vegan Treats

Dr. Dinesh GyawaliDr. Dinesh Gyawali is an ayurvedic physician trained at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal.  He earned a post graduate degree at the same university specializing in medical anthropology.  Currently he is working on his PhD in Human Physiology at MUM studying the effects of ayurvedic herbs on coronary heart disorders. He's kindly agreed to keep the discussion simpler on this week's GREAT TASTE, talking about common procedures that can be used at home for minor ailments.  Also, he'll share the many ways herbs and spices can be used in our daily meals to enhance health. We'll explore cumin, turmeric, tulsi and other culinary botanic delights.

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Local Iron Chefs and Art of Cultures-GREAT TASTE this Week!

Iron Chef WinnersSeveral weeks ago I had the honor of being one of the judges at the final of the Iron Chef competition for upper school students enrolled in an advanced culinary course at the Maharishi School for the Age of Enlightenment (MSAE).  The three winners-Overall Victor-Mickey DeAngelis, Most Creative-Brandon Pratherhuff, and Best Presentation-Davin Titus will join me at KRUU along with their teacher, Laurie Baumann. 

The plan is for the competition to go an extra round as each student will bring a dish to the studio.  Really, I am just looking for more to eat from these talented individuals.  True confession-I wasn't expecting to be blown away by the dishes these guys created during the competition, but it happened.  I'll let them share the details about the ingredients they were given, the rules, and what transpired in the heat of our local kitchen stadium.

As their prize for winning, we went to the Lincoln Wine Bar in Mount Vernon, Iowa, and the boys enjoyed the terrific pizzas turned out by owner Matt Steigerwald and his crew.  As an added bonus, Matt and his wife, Michelle, ate dinner with us, and afterwards he took the budding cooks behind the counter to show them the pizza oven.

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 Lukas VolgerLast time Lukas Volger was on the show we discussed his book, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way.  Since that time Lukas has expanded what now is a mini creative empire. 

He has written another book, Vegetarian Entrees, started a company that makes veggie burgers and sells them through retailers in the northeast like Whole Foods, created a digital quarterly, Feast by Lukas, that is available on the iTunes store, does cooking demos around the country, and even put together Lukas V’s Ultimate Vegetarian Dinner Party MixTape.  The guy’s taste in music is as classy as his burgers.


You can read about Lukas in the latest issue of Brooklyn Magazine, but tune in to hear him on GREAT TASTE.  He was kind enough to share the recipe below.  It’s from “Building Blocks”, the latest digital quarterly Feast by Lukas release.  


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FRESH--Juice and Bread--on GREAT TASTE

Putting together Great Taste every week always means encountering new people and information.   It's why I love to do the show; I learn more about food and cooking from knowledgeable and terrific farmers, authors, and chefs, then I have the privilege of passing their stories on to you, the listener. 

Robin AsbellRobin Asbell is the author of Gluten Free Pasta, Sweet and Easy Vegan Treats Made with Whole Grains and Natural Sweeteners, Big Vegan, New Vegetarian and The New Whole Grains Cookbook.  Her latest effort is Juice It! Energizing Juices for All Times of Day (Chronicle Books).

What was it that stood out above all other aspects when talking Juice It!with Robin about her new book?  It was her lack of an agenda other than the simple objective of offering people an easy option for imbibing delicious, healthy beverages.  She presents her recipes in a simple, straightforward style fitting all the juices into neat categories-energizing, healing, relaxing, or pure pleasure.  This approach along with added tips makes the book appealing to first-time and habitual juicers.  You can learn more about Robin and follow her blog at

Josey Baker BreadAnyone notice the beating bread (wheat) is taking these days?  Everyone seems to either be allergic to it, cutting down to trim the waistline fat, or avoiding it because of adopting the "paleo" diet.  Spend five minutes or less in a room with Josey Baker and I'll bet your resolve would end up in Josey Bakerthe toaster along with a piece of bread.

Josey's book, Josey Baker Bread is an extraordinary cookbook that lesson-by-lesson can make you into a baker.  He is the perfect person to write this type of baking guide because he had no formal experience-not at his mother's apron strings, not at a school or at the hearth of a master baker in France.

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Eat Pretty coverGrowing up in our beauty obsessed society, Jolene Hart had to deal with her own share of body image issues.  She chose an interesting path becoming a health coach and the beauty editor for numerous publications including InStyle, People, and PreventioJolene Hartn.  You will definitely enjoy her simple, seasonal approach to using common herbs and vegetables as the basis of "Beauty Nutrition." 

From Chronicle Books:  Eat Pretty simplifies the latest science and presents a user-friendly program for gorgeous looks, at any age, that last a lifetime. Buzzwords like antioxidants, biotin, and omega-3s are explained alongside more than 85 everyday foods, each paired with their specific beauty-boosting benefit: walnuts for supple skin, radishes for strong nails. But healthful ingredients are just one aspect of beauty nutrition. Eat Pretty offers a full lifestyle makeover, exploring stress management, hormonal balancStraight from the Earth covere, and mindful living. Charts and lists, plus nearly 20 recipes, make for a delicious and infinitely useful package—in the kitchen, at the grocer, and on the go.

 Have you ever purchased packaged and fresh organic greens in a natural or conventional grocery storeMyra and Marea Goodman?  If so, you are probably familiar with our second author, Myra Goodman.  The company she founded in 1984, along with her husband Drew, is Earthbound Farm, the largest organic produce producer in North America.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with Myra because Earthbound Farm was one of the pioneering companies that helped make organic produce readily available to shoppers.  We had a good time talking, and I think you'll enjoy the different insights and tips she shared.

From Chronicle Books:  Using the freshest ingredients and offering intriguing flavor combinations, these 100 plant-based recipes are completely free of meat or dairy. As you gain insight on organics and essential components like nuts and seeds, soy, and coconut, you’ll also learn about the practical and personal reasons to go vegan.

“Each spice has a special day to it. For turmeric it is Sunday, when light drips fat and butter-colored into the bins to be soaked up glowing, when you pray to the nine planets for love and luck.”
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The Mistress of Spices

Claire CheneyClaire Cheney shares her love of spices wPeppercorns/Sri Lankaith GREAT TASTE listeners in the first part of this week's show.  Claire recently returned from another journey to Asia where she engaged in numerous intimate exchanges of information with sustainable spice growers.  Our visit with Claire will spice up your cooking adding new layers of flavor to favorites like guacamole and enhance your knowledge of cinnammon, saffron, star anise, and other exotic spices.

Her blog, Aromatum, is beautifully written, enchanting and transporting the reader to exotic locales perfumed with the essence of each particular spot.

Ernie HinkleDean GoodaleIt's outdoor Farmers' Market season and the Fairfield version is open from 3:00 pm-6:00 pm Wednesdays, and 8:00 am-1:00 pm on Saturdays at the corner of Court and Grimes in Howard Park.  Distinctive personalities and an amazing variety of food products abound there.  I chatted with a few folks, including 90 years young Ernie Hinkle, but there are plenty more farmers and artisans for you to enjoy. 

Sustainable Farms' Dean Goodale told me, "All the growers here are really excited to see so many spring items springing out of the soil.  I really encourage everyone who shops at the market to get to know all their farmers, ask questions, and tell us how you are using the different types of produce or other items."

For the Farmer's Market near you check out the Local Harvest site.

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A Chocolate Discussion with Matt Caputo

This is a special rebroadcast of one of our listeners' favorite shows. 

A few Salt Lake City update tidbits: Amano is still one of my favorite chocolates.  Pago, where Chef Phelix Gardner oversees the food, won best SLC restaurant 2014 from Salt Lake Magazine.  Tony Caputo's has a terrific website and it's easy to order from them

Next week: Claire Cheney on spices and a slice of the Fairfield Farmer's Market.

ONE MORE NOTE:  Showing at The Orpheum starting this Friday-The Lunch BoxThanks to Kristian Day for bringing this film to town!

It was a delicious experience being in Salt Lake City last week. I had excellent meals at the Copper Onion and Pago. More about those meals on the show.

Artisan ChocolatesI love chocolate so it was a treat to enjoy in SLC a brief Chocolate 101 session at Tony Caputo's Market and Deli. This "must" destination fine food shop downtown has its own cheese cave, an in-house salame maker, and a overwhelming number (more than 300) of cacao bean products including three types of rich chocolate drinks that should come with some type of government warning label.

The devil lurking behind these temptations is one of this week's guests, Matt Caputo. Here's how one website described him. "Matt Caputo is one of the world's most discerning connoisseur of fine chocolate bars. The award winning chocolate tasting classes he teaches at Tony Caputo's Market & Deli are highly recommended by many media outlets, chefs and even numerous international chocolate experts. His in-depth research is not limited to books and the internet, he has traveled the globe to meet and learn from the most respected chocolate makers in the world."

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