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Live Great Taste-March 1Don't worry!  If you missed the tasting on Tuesday, March 1 at Green Building Supply, you can catch the show broadcast Wednesday at 7:00 pm or Friday at 7:00 am on KRUU. 

CJ and Brett brought some awesome cheeses to Fairfield for us to taste, plus Brett provided a demo on how to make a superb grilled cheese sandwich. There are tricks.  One major tecnique to employ:  grate the cheese for a better, faster, more even melt.  We were fortunate that Aaron Hall, pizzaiolo at Lincoln Wine Bar, brought a loaf of his fresh-baked bread down for the demo.

Also, Brett passed on a technique for making sauerkraut that doubles as a method of taking your own inner anxiety out on a head of cabbage.

Thanks to CJ for passing along great information on artisan American cheeses and cheesemakers.  What a night.  

As always, THANKS to Green Building Supply, Everybody's Whole Foods, Jason Strong and Fairfield Media Center, and KRUU.


Waste Free Kitchen HandbookHow about changing the way we eat and positively impacting our pocketbooks as well as the environment?  The average household of four spends about $120/month on food that is not eaten.  We throw away tons of food each day in commercial establishments.  Countless products that are still edible, but past their sell or use by dates are tossed out recklessly.  Our society wastes more food/capita than any other country in the world.

Dana Gunders, a scientist from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), has written a simple, easy-to-use guide, the Waste Free Kitchen Handbook, and I'll talk with her during the first segment of this week's show.  

Also, a shout out to the folks at Organic Matters Cafe as they are working to not only reduce kitchen and consumer waste, but their lofty goal is to get as close as possible to zero waste.  If anyone knows of other restaurant efforts like this one locally, please tell me.

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Sabi's Cafe Featured on GREAT TASTE-Indian Breakfast Foods

Great Taste Live at Green Building Supply




at Green Bulding Supply 

If you missed our "DOSA" show at Green Building Supply on Tuesday, you can listen to the broadcast on Wednesday at 7:00 pm and again on Friday at 7:00 am.  

Chef Sabita Sawhney was my special guest chef.  She made amazing dosas, sambar, and coconut chutney, plus plain and potato paratha.  Make certain to have a pen or pencil nearby when you listen.  Sabita does not cook with recipes, but I tried to coax as much information out of her as possible.

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Sue Conley of Cowgirl Creamery featured rebroadcast

Classic Mac and Cheese

Sue Conley, one-half of the the amazing creative team responsible for Cowgirl Creamery cheeses along with her collaborator, Peggy Smith, talked with me about their recently published book, Cowgirl Creamery Cooks. It's much more than a cheese book as it is filled with entrancing recipes, kitchen tips, and the personal story of the Cowgirls.  Mac and Cheese lovers make certain you check out their recipe for this classic soul-warming dish.  You can find it at the end of the post. [Show originally aired 20160226.]

If you haven't experienced their organic cheeses made in Point Reyes, California, the Mt. Tam and Red Hawk are currently available at Whole Foods in Des Moines.  Gateway Market in Des Moines is expecting their next shipment of the same two cheeses the first week of March.  Both stores will have the seasonal special St. Pat cheese the first part of March.

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GREAT TASTE with the Crew of Organic Matters

Organic Matters Crew Live on GREAT TASTE


On this week's Great Taste Live show, half of the Organic Matters crew discussed their new venture, Organic Matters Cafe, opening in Everybody's on January 12.  If you missed the live show you can catch all their plans for the restaurant on  KRUU Wednesday evening and again on Friday morning.  Also, look for the video available soon at

Soup for SyriaSoup and pie, two of my favorite foods, are the topics on this week's GREAT TASTE show.  The opening segment features my convesation with well-known cookbook author and photographer, Barbara Abdeni Massad followed by Ms. American Pie, Beth Howard.

Living in Beirut, Lebanon, Barbara Abdeni Massad knows how challenging and stressful daily life is, however, her problems pale compared to the conditions in the Syrian refugee camps less than an hour from her home.  Her most recent project, the book, Soup for Syria provided a way for her to help, and allows anyone around the world to participate in the relief effort.  The cookbook features soup recipes in collaboration with over 80 chefs, and Barbara's photography,  All the profits from sales are donated to the UN Refugee Agency, which provides needed food for the Syrian refugees.  You can purchase the bookHERE, and aid the nearly eight million Syrians who have been displaced.


Beth Howard-GBSI never get tired of seeing someone make pie.  I recently watched Julia Child prepare a French pie crust, and longed to taste the end result-an apple pie with sliced apples on top and a thick apple sauce filling.  

If you were one of the lucky folks who came to Green Building Supply Tuesday evening you droolingly watched as Beth Howard created a sensual chocolate pudding pie, and, even better, got to taste it fresh out of the oven.  

For the radio portionBeth Howard-GBS of the show, Beth and I talked about her recent "World Piece" trip. That voyage took her all over the world including stops in India, Lebanon (where she stayed with Barbara), Greece, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.  At each stop, Beth did demos where she made American-style pies and learned how to prepare baked goods from her hosts.  

You can watch the entire hour of the show with Beth courtesy of Fairfield Media Center.  Click HERE.

You can purchase Beth's latest book, Ms. American Pie HERE. The At Home Store has copies of the book, and if you email Beth she'll send you her cut signature for easy placement within the book. Great idea for a holiday gift for yourself or someone special.
Mark on your calendars that GREAT TASTE is live the first Tuesday of every month at Green Building Supply.  Our next live show is Tuesday, January 5.  Many thanks to our sponsors, Green Building Supply and Everybody's, who help support KRUU FM.

“What’s it like to play in the same leagues as the big boys,” you might ask?  Or you might wonder, “What the heck is he talking about?”Lentil Soup

 Well, get your head out of the sand.  Donald Trump hosted Saturday night live on November 7, and NBC has granted “equal time” requests to four other GOP candidates.  No, they won’t be hosting SNL, but they will get prime time access to air their messages to voters.

 On KRUU’S Great Taste we provided a platform for Democratic senatorial candidate Tom Fiegen to communicate his views on family farms, GMO’s, climate change, and sustainable agriculture, and Rob Hogg, another Democrat running in the spring primary asked and presented his thoughts on the same issues.  This week, Iowa Senator Charles Grassley also weighs in on the same topics. 


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Tastemaker Supreme David Sax on GREAT TASTE with Steve Boss

Sax is great company, a writer of real and lasting charm.”—New York Times

Pomegranate juice is out. Kale is in. Greek yogurt is here to stay. Food trends are all around us—and they’re much more influential than we think. James Beard Award-winning writer David Sax is the author of The Tastemakers, a new book that examines how food trends have the power to change our culture—and the economy, marketing, business, and health—at a revolutionary pace.
“The most successful food trends reflect what’s going on in society at a given time. The cupcake trend reflected a desire for comfort and childhood simplicity in the years after 9/11. The fondue trend took off at a time when Americans were moving out to the suburbs and wanted something a little more sophisticated than, say, a Jell-O salad,” says David Sax, a food and business writer with an eye for the bigger picture. Food trends are not only a collection of photos on Instagram. They have an everlasting effect on our culture, workforce, economy, health, and day-to-day lives. Coffee, pizza, bacon: these are all former trends that sparked massive change in global trade, the food industry, and how we eat together as a family. This is the subject of Sax’s new book The Tastemakers: Why We’re Crazy for Cupcakes but Fed Up with Fondue: “a romp” through the food industry that will “leave readers wondering about how susceptible we are to the charms of any new food” (The New York Times).

Sax is also the author of Save the Deli: In Search of Perfect Pastrami, Crusty Rye, and the Heart of Jewish Delicatessen. His writing appears regularly in the The New York Times, Bloomberg, Businessweek, and Saveur. His next book, The Revenge of Analog, will examine the ways in which analog goods, ideas, and experiences are seeing growth and success in the so-called digital era.

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Sushi and Pizza-Two Iowa Boys

Complete Guide to Sushi and SashimiExcecutive Sushi Chef at Morimoto in NYC, Robby Cook, is my guest on GREAT TASTE tonight at 7:00 pm CT with a replay on Friday, November 13 at 7:00 am CT.  

Robby is an Iowa native, and actually worked at New Pioneer in Iowa City before he started his culinary career.  Amazing!

Robby's new book (cover left) is a perfect instruction manual for the sushi/sashimi beginner or a more advanced

Morel pizza-Lincoln Wine Bar


Also, Aaron Hall, pizzaiolo at Lincoln Wine Bar in Mount Vernon talks pizza in the second half of the show.  And does he ever know how to make pizza.  Worth at least a couple of hours drive, maybe more, depending on whether great pizza is available where you live. craftsperson.

Enjoy the show!

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Slow Money and Italian Fusion on Great Taste this Week!

Priyanka JayashankarOn the KRUU airwaves and streaming Wednesday, July 8 at 7 pm I talk with ISU's Priyanka Jayashankar, co-author of the paper, "Slow Money in an Age of Fiduciary Capitalism."  We'll discuss the nature of the slow money model, and how its investment principles are driven not only by traditional monetary goals, but the potential environmental and social benefits of the specific opportunity.  Can "slow money" spearhead the transformation of commercial agriculture to a more sustainable model?  Find out what Priyanka discovered, and its application to local and global food economies.   

Pete CiCicco-Green Building SupplyOur monthly live show at Green Building Supply took place Tuesday, July 7 with Pete DeCicco, presenting his own mash-up of ethnic cuisine-Italian mixed with a bit of ayurvedic seasonal influences-in a self-described abstract art experience full of spontaneity, chaos, and fun.

Harnessing his Italian DNA, Pete found some early local tomatoes for his summer tomato sauce-a gravy brimming with fresh garlic, basil, rosemary, oregano, fennel, the highly-prized fennel pollen, and other fresh ingredients, along with a unique addition of coriander seed.  Also, on the menu was a vegetarian stew with cannelini beans and mixed greens followed by a just-harvested combination of tender salad greens dressed with a tasty mix of olive oil, rice vinegar, dijon mustard, and nutritional yeast.  

Listen in to learn what drives Pete's cooking passion (you really missed tasting the love if you weren't there for the live show). Also, a big thanks to Everybody's Whole Foods for the terrific ingredients we use on every live show.

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