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Jeff Cox's "The Organic Cook's Bible"

If you missed Great Taste on Wednesday night here's some tasty morsels from the show:

Jeff Cox, author of The Organic Cook's Bible, clued us in on his favorite California olive oil-Lunigiana Estate ( Today he tasted Apollo Sierra Blend ( ) and declared it the best oil he has ever tasted. Check out all the important info on California extra virgin olive oils at Also, Jeff gave us an important cooking tip-never heat olive oil to the smoking point because that destroys all its good properties and actually it mutates into a trans fatty acid substance-not a good thing to ingest. 

Our second Kitchen Cupboard contest was announced-make us salivate in 25 words or less by describing how you use extra virgin olive oil on a dish created in your home. Send your entry to The winner will be announced on the February 28 show and enjoy a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil from the just completed California harvest. 

Don't forget the Great Taste contest. We don't have a winner yet. We started a new feature on the show-Kitchen Cupboard Staples-where we tell you all about an essential ingredient that MUST be on hand in your kitchen AT ALL TIMES! Our number 1 segment was about Extra Virgin Olive oil and number 2 will go into more depth on that subject.
The contest will feature a food question of some type with the prize being the featured cupboard ingredient. Here was the question and we are still looking for the correct answer:
What actor or actress debuted in a feature role in this 1988 film that has a type of food in the title? To win that bottle of olive oil be the first person to send an email to with the name of the actor or actress AND the name of the film. One more hint-this wasn't the actor or actress' FIRST role, but it was the first time the future star appeared on theater screens.

Last night we watched Dinner Rush again and a few days before that Tortilla Soup. They are both great movies and extra fun for foodies. Besides the food there are some interesting issues tackled and that started us talking about other excellent food movies. Some that come to mind are Big Night, Tampopo, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (the original Tortilla Soup), and Babette's Feast. There are plenty of others. If you have a favorite, drop me a note with your picks and why. We'll spend some time snacking and talking about these luscious films on Wednesday during part of the show.


Great Taste's upcoming show on January 17 will feature an interview with Jeff Benjamin of Vetri on the topic of tipping. Jeff gives his personal and insider (as restaurataur and sommelier) view on the topic. Weigh in with your comments (email: after the show and I'll post some of them in the blog.

Any questions, comments, or ideas for topics of discussion; we want to hear from you. Great restaurant experiences while traveling; tell us about them.

Great Taste airs every three weeks on Wednesday night from 7-8 pm as part of the Abundant Planet series of shows.

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