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Meet Shawn Askinosie, the guy pioneering amazing chocolate from his direct farm purchases of the raw materials. He is way more than fair-trade, actually forming a collaboration between the farmer and the end product. It's amazing. We aren't kidding. Oh, and Kathy is making a chocolate pie to go along with our chocolate tasting hour. We'll post a pic and the recipe in the next blog.

Tune in 7:00-8:00 PM Wednesday
or 7:00-8:00 AM on Friday if you miss the REAL thing!

We're going to make some friendly muscians sing for their supper on the upcoming hour of GREAT TASTE.

Join local artists David Calisle, Carol Carlisle, Steve Giacomini, and Meret Giacomini when they play LIVE in the KRUU studio while Kathy and Steve fix some vittles.

We're jammin' and cookin' this Wednesday live from 7-8 pm and catch us again on Friday morning's 7-8 am replay.


I found my thrill...

Local "foodie" Pam Whitworth joins us for a Blueberry festival. Pam fondly recalls family blueberry picking jaunts and treats us to her special blueberry cake.

Also, she'll share some thoughts and a recipe or two featuring one of her favorite condiments. You'll have to tune in to find out the secrets in her cupboard.

Great Taste
is aiming to make your listening experience a sensual delight!

Don't miss out-Wednesday 7-8 pm and Friday 7-8 am

The barrels you see resting in their attic home in San Prospero, Italy contain not only one of the most prized of Italian products, but represent a 1,000 year old tradition of food artistry.

Join us on Great Taste as we visit with one of the most respected makers of TRADITIONAL Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Erika Barbieri. Erika will explain how the grapes grown on her farm (pictured below from June, 2007) are transformed after many years of care into a complex and amazing elixir used to enhance special dishes.


It's Great Taste-Wednesday from 7-8 pm and again on Friday morning from 7-8 am.

This week's edition of Great Taste explores your most intimate daily experience-EATING. We'll talk with Steve Gagne, author of The Energetics of Food. For a little bacground information check out his Steve's understanding of food has paradigm shift potential so tune in!

Of course, Kathy is cooking and we can't wait for Steve to analyze her creation from his unique perspective.

7:00-8:00 pm on Wednesday!

From the website-Energetics of Food is the unique book of lost wisdom that goes beyond the conventional linear approach to nutrition—with its endless mire of calories, isolated nutritional components and politically-correct dietetics—and penetrates to the heart of food. Even though we live in a culture with sophisticated technology with seemingly unlimited resources for learning, we still don’t know how to eat or how to manage this most primary relationship.

Edible Iowa River Valley



We're talking Iowa cows and their sweet products tonight on Great Taste. Joining Kathy and Steve in the studio are Edible Iowa River Valley publisher, Wendy Wasserman and editor-in-chief, Kurt Friese. Exploring the amazing products from Iowa's regional dairies is the topic. Oh yes, Kathy's cooking dinner for our guests in the studio.

Tune in to hear what's on the menu!


Here's the recipe for the delicious dessert Kathy made on last Wednesday's three hour expanded edition of Great Taste in combo with Fringe Toast.

If you did not come by the studio to taste it, it's easy to make and guaranteed to wow!


Inspired by Gourmet Magazine 3/2008

Wednesday, April 23 7-10:00 PM

Join Andy "Fringe Toast" Bargerstock and Great Taste's Kathy Dubois and Steve Boss

as they combine forces for a musical/taste treat certain to delight the senses. The meal starts with mini toasts featuring a minimum of "32 Tastes" including arugula, asparagus, mint, lemon, and roasted tomato. We'll waltz into a different, but tradtional way to prepare pasta showing off some amazing herbs like "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme." Dessert hits a crescendo with Chocolate Fondue and Strawberries plus Rasberry Charlotte. So experience "Sweet Surrender" when you listen to this Wednesday night's Great Taste/Fringe Toast combo show. For a detailed rundown of the musical menu check out Andy's blog.

Great Taste is ALL about Oregon


Join Kathy while she is cooking up some delicious desserts, Steve who might get a few words out in-between bites and our special guests Harry Peterson-Nedry, founder, winemaker, and managing partner of Chehalem, one of Oregon's premier wineries and Elizabeth Aaroe, friend, ice climber, tango dancer, foodie, and amazing do-gooder.


Elizabeth ice climbingPearsHarry Peterson-Nedry

Barcelona tapasFood, Music, and More
Join Steve Boss & Kathy DuBois with special guests-
Samuel Melero-playing music with a Catalan accent
Rich Sims-star KRUU DJ and extraordinary home cook
the organizers of the upcoming annual MUM Eco-Fair:
Artisinal Foods and the Slow Food Movement.
"Savor the Flavor, Save the Earth."
We're cooking in the studio-typical tapas from Barcelona, cheese and olive dip Sims style, and Sims stovetop popcorn.
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