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Avi Pogel cooks on the next GREAT TASTE-Wednesday, June 23, 7-8 PM CDT

Avi Pogel started cooking in commercial kitchens when he was 12 years old.  He's never stopped pursuing great tastes, flavors and the art of turning simple elements into delicious dishes. Today, he focuses on combining what's local and fresh with the best artisanal products available. 

Potato Frittata/Amis

In our KRUU cooking studio Avi iAvi  Pogel/Mulberry Trees bringing fresh herbs from his garden and combining them with local eggs and potatoes (not local yet) to create his version of the classic Italian frittata or Spanish tortilla.  Also, he was busy picking mulberries last week so we'll try some of his jam.  Finally,  he's going to give us an on-air lesson in the three ways to create preserved foods-salting, canning, and live culture fermentation along with tastes of his labors. 

Avi's skills in the kitchen were honed under fire working a stage while in college at at the high-end Gold Lake Resort near Boulder and after college as a line cook for a year and a half under Eric Skokan of The Black Cat, a farm-to-table destination in Boulder.  From there he spent two years on a permaculture farm in Washington State where he was part of a communal kitchen effort.  Most days he and his mates could walk out of the kitchen with an empty basket and bring it back filled to overflowing with veggies from the garden.  Currently, besides cooking up great meals he teaches permaculture courses and is busy increasing the edible landscape around Fairfield.

Hard Eight smokersBBQ Joints



There's no better time than summertime for either making your own BBQ or enjoying someone else's.  David Gelin has written BBQ Joints, to tell us the stories of the people behind the Q.  It's a down-home tribute to folks maintaining traditions of BBQ diversity throughout 13 states.  So tune in for a show filled with David's favorite people and places as we explore a food topic that inspires a never-ending spate of opinions about methods of smoking and saucing.

David's book features recipes from many of the joints he's visited, and we're going to do our own little tasting of sauces and sides in the studio plus share some personal BBQ experiences.  Come along for the fun by joining the stream at  It's going to be a tasty experience!


Strawberry shortcakeStuffed shells

We're kicking off the NEW Great Taste weekly with two classics.  First, what can be better than a quintessential Italian-American dish of stuffed shells-local, organic ricotta, fresh basil, fresh oregano, dried thyme, salt, pepper, and a lot of love.  That love flows into the next showcase Spring dessert-strawberry short cake.  Another amazingly simple dish consisting of a biscuit, macerated strawberries, and Radiance whipped cream.

Kim Hendrickson

Savory Bites







Get ready for exceptional tasty tidbits on this week's GREAT TASTE.  Author Kim Hendrickson has created a series of three books that are all about bite-sized morsels.  Whether it's savory or sweet, dessert, appetizer or main course, Kim has it all covered.  Small is not only about party food, it's about having a fun and creative kitchen experience that turns out delicious morsels full of flavor.  We'll have some of Kim's creations in the studio care of co-host Kathy Dubois. 

Kim has a unique perspective as she not only is a cookbook author, but has worked in the publishing field for many years for both a large and small firm.  She's witnessed many changes in that industry and will share some insights on that topic as well.  Tune in for food, fun and a post-wedding food report on the next GREAT TASTE. 

Pasta with Basilpreparing pasta sauceFriday, June 4 is the annual "All Things Italian" Art Walk.  It's always one of the major events of the year in the Fairfield Town Square.  Dick DeAngelis, il capo, will fill us in on all the terrific events set to take place that evening, and we'll focus on the FOOD. 

cupcake corerrogue river blue

No, we haven't lost our collective kitchen minds.  We're not really making cheese cupcakes though it's a good idea.  What we'll discuss and enjoy on this week's GREAT TASTE are cupcakes and cheese-separately.

We're out of town so our treat is to serve up an archived version of a sweet GREAT TASTE.  This one left us feeling very satisfied and good despite indulging in several desserts.  Enjoy the rebroadcast.  We'll be back with a new show on May 5.

Ani's Raw Food Desserts

Eat some dinner, but leave room for dessert as GREAT TASTE features a "live" interview with raw food chef, Ani Phyo exploring her book, Ani's Raw Food Desserts-85 Easy, Delectable Sweets and Treats.  We'll find out how to create some simple and healthy final course magic PLUS several of our local home cooks will be in the studio with desserts they made from Ani's recipes.

Can gluten, dairy, processed-sugar, and cruelty-free really taste delicious? Is it easy to make nutrition-packed raw desserts? We're going to find out.

Wednesday 7-8 PM and the rebro from 7-8 AM on Friday.

Here's a few more things you might like to do:

Check out Ani's website.

Linda Watson


Want to improve your locavore score?  Listen to Cook for Good's Linda Watson as she explains how easy and inexpensive it is to cook from scratch at home if you have a PLAN.  She's on a mission to make certain home cooks have all the information they need to eat healthy, local and green while making efficient use of their time and money.  Linda says it's possible to cook "green" at home for less than the food stamp allowance/meal in North Carolina where she lives (based on a family of four).  That information should prove to be an eye-opener.  Practical tips, some recipes, and an intro to organizing your kitchen life, all that in the first part of our show. 

We're recreating the hip scene of the "beat generation" as GREAT TASTE  presents poetry, java and simple food with every element served up in the KRUU coffee house.  Drop into a couch to listen if you are close by or pour yourself a steaming cup in the confines of your own cozy quarters. 

Susie Niedermeyer will join us in the studio.  For many years Susie lived in rural Jefferson County on land sporting a large organic garden, a herd of Alpine dairy goats and a flock of egg-laying chickens.  Naturally, she developed recipes to use seasonal produce as well as her ample supply of goat’s milk and eggs.   Also, she developed an interest in growing beautiful flowers…roses, in particular.  Her signature recipe using these roses is that of an all organic rose petal conserve.  As an everything-from-scratch cook other standouts from her kitchen include sesame crackers, herbed panir spread and poetry. 
Susie in Flowers

Pasta with GreensGREAT TASTE presents four courses of Italian delights in a live broadcast from the At Home Store.  The show features one hour of a cooking class sponsored by SOFIA-the Society of Fairfield Italian Americans.

Here's a rundown of the menu:

Antipasto-Herbed fresh cheese balls in a roasted tomato sauce

Primo-Pasta with chard, kale, and beet greens

Insalata-Raw kale and braised beets with toasted pecans and orange segments

Dolce-Parmigiano Reggiano "gelato" with aged balsamic vinegar, apple slices, and toasted nuts

We may add a dish or two as the show goes along.  Catch us on the live stream if you aren't local by clicking in the "Playing On Air Now" box at the top left of the KRUU home page. 


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