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Join Hosts Special K and regular Guest PGK as they explore songs of america the usa , famous states & cities in the land of purple mountains.

Happy Presidents Day y'all!

Tonight Special K has Regular guest PGK and his irregular banter.An ecclectic mix of music , cooking tips, 2012 predictions, and shameless promotion.

  • Mon
    Jul 11
    8:00 pm -
    8:00 pm


Mick & KeithLet It Bleed Join Host Special K with two hours of music and trivia of the world's greatest rock and roll band THE ROLLING STONES! Tonight from 8-10pm we will play rare Stones music as well as the classic stuff you've grown to love, Sticky Fingers, Out of our Heads, Tattoo You, Let it Bleed, It's Only Rock and Roll, Exile on Main Street, Beggars' Banquet, Flowers, and Some Girls are just a few of the albums/CDs we will be offering. Set your dial, and stay awhile.

Tonight 8:00-10:00pm, Join host Special K and his irregular guest PGK as they explore THE THREE B's!  For 2 hours they will randomly choose between BOWIE / BECK / BUFFET. Thats right, along with their usual banter on all topics, they will spin a spinner to choose which of the 3 B's they will play next. You can bet your rubber baby buggy bumper it will be a fun show.
So set your dial, and stay awhile.

baby 1

baby 2

Tune in tonight at 8:00pm for 2 hours devoted to songs with BABY in the title or key part of the song.

Join Host Special K  and his irregular guest PGK as they chat about cooking / grilling /  colorado / summer and ofcourse their likes & dislikes. a grand mix of music to be sure and a delight to the eardrum. poetry included as well, as always, free of charge.

Set your dial and stay awhile.

  • Mon
    Jan 25
    9:00 pm -
    9:00 pm

Here Comes the SUN and Buddy Holly

Buddy HollyHere comes the...Enjoy your Hosts Special K and Irregular Guest PGK as they play tunage of the sunny flavor.

Bee Bop a Loola , for 2 hours of music that has sun in the title or a buddy holly song.

All the banter plus lots of finger snappin , and ear poppin for one low low price.

set your dial, and stay awhile.

Tonight from 8-10 pm on your radio station that puts the

unity in community.

Seth MillerTune in to Get To Know Your Neighbor Thursday Sept 3rd at 1:00pm. Host Ken Malloy sits down in the studio to chat with local winemaker Seth Miller.

Mr. Miller is part of a family team that produces some of Iowa's, if not the midwest's, most provacative wines. Sit back and listen as we hear of the ISU and Iowa grad talk about his childhood in Iowa on the farm with his family, his travels around the globe (including New Zealand and Cuba) as well as his no nonsense, simple, honest approach to making some satisfying fruits of the vine. Grab a glass and set your dial and stay awhile...

this Thursday Sept 3rd from 1pm-2pm as we uncork another fine program.

Hop in, man .....


Tune in Monday Aug 17th for 180 Degrees when host Special K and Irregular guest PGK play music inspired by the Highway. They will be discussing some of their favorite road songs as well as some of their favorite roadtrips.


Whether you are listening at home , or you are on the road again, you'll find a home at KRUU-LP 100.1 FM between 8-10pm tonight.


Set your dial... and stay awhile.

Michael Morgan



Thursday, July 16th on Get To Know Your Neighbor at 1:00 pm, host Ken Malloy interviews Iowa resident Michael Morgan.


Mr. Morgan talks of his successful work as a health practitioner and teacher of Cranial Sacral, as well as his days as a pioneer as a glass cutter using lasers. The hour flies by with stories of travels and early days in the TM movement. If you or someone suffers from migraines, autism, or alzheimers.... you may want to tune in.


So set your dial and stay awhile...


REBROADCAST Tuesday at 8am

Join host Special K and his Irregular Guest PGK tonight @ 8 -10pm for more of what they are known for crackin music and snappy banter. Tonight on 180 degrees they will explore music and all things Yellow.


So if you are wanting to stay inside and stay cozy,

tune in 100.1 FM, your friend in the radio biz.

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