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Fo' Immediate Release:

Ear Ye, Ear Ye!!


The Jukebox Boogaloo will now be getting your Saturday Night Soul Party started even earlier! 


Tune in at 8:00 pm (Central) for the rarest and rawest deep cuts of Soul, Funk, R & Beyond, with your host,


The Prince O'Wails,

keepin' it Surreal on the Wheels of Steel.


[SOUL PRODUCT moves to 10pm Saturdays]



Yet another all time great has passed away during our watch atop the KRUU-Soul Silo. Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. one of the greatest songwriters of the 60's Soul era and later an icon of 70's Funk, died at the age of 65 on August 10th. So tonight (Saturday, 8/16, 10pm - 12) The Prince O'Wails and the Jukebox Boogaloo Krew take on the sad but refunkifying task of paying tribute to the man who cowrote some of the most instantly recognizable songs of the fabled Stax/Volt studio (including "Soul Man") even before he secured immortality with the Mack Daddy toasting over hat-hight-and-wah-wah groove of "Shaft." We've made a special effort to track down and acquire Isaac's definitive long-groove LP's, "Hot Buttered Soul" and "Black Moses" just for this show. So join us for two hours of Hayes-----Isaac Hayes.

Can you dig it?



The Jukebox Boogaloo is back from its summer haitus and
ready to pour out an audio 40 oz for the life and legacy of the great
Ellas Otha Bates, AKA Bo Diddley, who ascended to the great T.A.M.I.
show in the sky on June 2nd.

The Prince O'Wails is locked and loaded with stacks of
classic Bo and Bo-influenced wax, most of it not often heard on
contemporary American radio, from impossibly-obscure Bo rarities like
"Bo Diddley's Dog" and "Hong Kong Mississippi" to the many boss
R&B, Garage Rock, and Glam platters which pummeled the kiddies'
ears with the BIG BO BEAT, from "I'm Cryin'" by the Animals to "I Want
Candy" by the Strangeloves.

So clear the beer bottles and yoga mats from the floor
and strap on the high heel sneakers for two solid hours of the old
Shave-and-a-haircut chunka-chunka-boom-boom!


Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley, one of the greatest icons in the history of American music, died today at the age of 79 due to complications from the stroke he suffered last August

Bo's aggressively african, riff-based,Bo Diddley & James Moore in Iowa City circa mid-90s drum-drenched, stylized boasting sound blew the doors off American radio right out of the box in 1955, with his first and greatest hit, the self-titled "Bo Diddley." Take a listen to that 2 minutes and 46 seconds of pure, propulsive, tremelo-saturated, echoey, one-chord bliss, with its surreal nursery-rhyme toasting and you will hear the next 40 years of popular music--from Buddy Holly to the Stones to James Brown to Jay-Z.


Attention all hep cats 'n kitties in the Pittsville, Doomstown, and Tri-Color area: The Jukebox Boogaloo is now locked and loaded for your funking convenience on two (count 'em) late nite slots!

Our live two-hour excursion to the psalm at the end of the mind leaves the station on Saturday nite at 10:00 pm. And now for those who were busy pimpin' and stylin' during the first show, or for masoChrists ready for another dose of the Prince O'Wails keepin' it surreal on the wheels of steal, the rebroadcast will funk up the KRUU airwaves every Tuesday nite, 11pm-1am.

Peace. Chicken Grease.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Soul Brothers and Soul Sisters, Funkateers of every race, creed, age, and color of the rainbow, may we have your attention please:

It is indeed our great privilege and pleasure to announce that The Jukebox Boogaloo with the Prince O'Wails will be your new weekend star-time source for the baddest, rarest, and crate-diggin'est deep cuts of Soul, Funk, R&B, Garage, Beat, Surf, Psych, Rockabilly, and the Palm at the End of the Mind.

That's right, we'll be gettin' it ON in between your ears and underneath your pants every Saturday nite, from 10 to midnite.

Lucky Santa

It's that time of year, children: Bill O'Reilly's bloviating about the War on Christmas again, that awkward office party is just on the horizon (easy on the bourbon balls, Chucko), and we're all in frenetic robot-shopping mode. In my hometown of Hackensack, NJ, neighbors who never speak are busy trying to shame each other with Vegas-like, 20 billion kilowatt displays of pure Xtian love and pagan Santa worship on their 100 foot by 100 foot front lawns.

Which means it's time for those in the DJ business to dust off the "Christmas/Holdiay" crate and subject our listeners to a whole show of seasonal novelty tunes. When I was a snot-nosed sprout, the Christmas tunes you heard in the department store (which started in those days after Thanksgiving) were mostly the Bing Crosby/Ray Conniff stuff. Nowadays Wal-Mart is hipper and more agressive, bringing the Jingle Noize starting about September 1st and mixing in a goodly amount of boomer faves (Darlene Love anyone?) along with contemporary Kenny Chesney chestnuts. This makes the DJ's job somewhat more of a challenge. But thanks to the miracle of MP3 CDR's, there's gobs of X-mas slop on tap and mostly unheard.

Ike Turner (1931-2007)


Tonight's Jukebox Boogaloo (10pm-12am) will be dedicated to one of the most influential and controversial musicians in American history---Ike Turner, who died today at the age of 76.

Ike's personal transgressions are well known---much more so, in fact, than similar sins committed by beloved stars whose failings we have somehow decided, collectively, to ignore or forgive.

What is less well known, is Ike's central role in virtually every important genre of African-American music in the 20th century. From R&B to Rock and Roll, to Soul, to Funk, to Hip-Hop, Ike Turner was either a founding artist or a massive inpsiration and influence to others.


The Jukebox Boogaloo, "your one-stop-shop for inter- and intra-species adult novelties and flame-retardant lingerie" (also, impossibly rare and strange FUNK, SOUL, R&B, GARAGE, GLAM, SURF, PSYCHOBILLY, and beyond) is moving just a dagnabbit closer to prime time, as The Prince O' Wails makes shift to keep it surreal on the wheels of steel Wednesday Nights from 10-11:59 PM.


Squaresville will flip and the octagon-heads will cry uncle as the Prince mercilessly pounds the airwaves with scratchy crate-diggin's from the likes of King Coleman, Bunker Hill, Spot and the Blotters, Andre Williams, Eddie Bo, and just about anything else---from Bessie Smith to Beck---that might make your evening sacrilicious and weird.


You better have you all a bar of brown carbolic soap and a good stiff scrub brush near the radio this Monday midnight, as the Jukebox Boogaloo scours the drip pan beneath the great American song-fridge for the sleaziest, sloppiest, googa-mooga-crusted muck-platters we can get our hoary little hands on.

Get set for non-stop moronic blasts about jail bait, whistle bait, switchin' in the kitchen, churnin' butter, and the great big ten inch-------record.

So unsnap those wig-flaps, why doncha, for two soiled hours of primieval sax and violence, featuring such lobotomized crud classics as "Strollie Bun" by the Blonde Bomber, "Chicken Grabber" by the Nighthawks, "Camel Walk" by the Saxons, "Beaver Shot" by the Periscopes, and "Bodacious" by the U.S. Rockets, and many more such epic lapses in taste, refinement, and bourgeois respectability.

Just be sure to run your radio throught the dishwasher in the morning---twice.

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