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Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Planet Erstwild invites to enjoy the musica!!!

Happy Cinco!! Enjoy a delicious medley of CINCO DE MAYO inspired music.
Apocalypso Tantric Noise Choir will be performing at the Depot Brewery tonight at 8pm. DJ G. Rod , host of Ambiente Latina [Mondays 8pm] will lead the dance floor from 10pm to close.


Enjoy learning about this weekend's ARBORFEST at the Arbor Bar April 28-29, 2017 featuring 10 fabulous Iowa bands. Impressario Nicholas Naoti fills us in on the haps.

Plus 2nd hour, it's Tony Ellis, poet, painter, and producer talking about Rishikesh, next year's 50 year anniversary of the Beatles magical mystery tour there, his role producing a George Harrison concert, and much, much more. Tune in!!

Coolzey was borne out of the cornfields of central Iowa and now travels the land from his home base in Los Angeles. A boy who for some unexplained reason grew up only being able to listen to roughneck east coast hip hop and Weird Al Yankovic began looping tapes and rhyming into boomboxes. After that there was Pavement, the Wu Tang Clan, mushrooms, sex, and America.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Coolzey blurb for San Francisco show – LOUDFARM:

“The samples this guy pulls out are incredible, and they make you feel like the first time you heard Big Daddy Kane or KRS-One. The redundant nature of radio hip hop these days makes the genre less than exciting, but Coolzey’s throwbacks to the days before auto-tune was the standard are a welcome break..”

Golden era hip-hop roots planted in black Iowa dirt, tempered by 90s alternative era rock influence, yields a juxtaposition of the dark, horrific nature of life paired with a slapstick and comedic view of the world, allowing for a wide, unpredictable arsenal of material ranging from soul-spilling indie bedroom rock to wise-cracking battle rap and on to radio pop.

Coolzey stepped into the public eye around 2005 with a demo album and a series of exploratory DIY tours with rapper/comedian and friend Schaffer the Darklord.

Is Trump's New Big Bombastic Resolve Tough Love or Strange Love?

Newsvandal JP Sottile
shoots the breeze with James Moore on this week's newsworthy footsteps and brambles.

RIP J GEILS [1946-2017]

Mike Ragogna's interview with Paul O'Neill from 2012. Mike was doing double duty for the Huffington Post and people-powered KRUU. I will be featuring the interview on my show PLANET ERSTWILD Friday April 7th 2-4pm CT, along with an interview with Diana Weishaar of THE HOST COUNTRY, who make their debut at the Depot Brewery this Saturday, and a tribute to Don Rickles, affectionately dubbed "Mr. Warmth" by Johnny Carson, in Don's own words.

THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

_____The US Strike on Syria Underscores Trump’s Media-Fueled Worldview

Is Assad to blame for the chemical weapons attack in Syria?

How the US destroyed Iraq: On Mosul's civilian deaths

Afghanistan War: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Jared Kushner hires ‘The Purge’ publicist for Office of American Innovation

Bannon’s Booting From NSC May Not Mean Much After All

Empty Seats at Regulators Hold Back Trump Bid to Undo Dodd-Frank

A Brief Fact Check of Trump’s Claim to Have Enjoyed 13 Weeks of Historic Success

THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

Trump's love of getting even comes to Washington

Things Go From Bad to Worse for Devin Nunes and Team Trump

Flynn’s Offer to Testify in Exchange for Immunity May Not Be As Explosive As It Sounds

Former FBI agent details how Trump and Russia team up to weaponize fake news

WikiLeaks Reveals "Marble": Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic...

Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem files lawsuit over alleged US 'kill list'

Trump sets himself on collision course with China ahead of Xi meeting

Will Trump's NAFTA revamp reflect all that tough talk on trade deals? Not exactly

Trump’s Administration Is Making It Easier for For-Profit Colleges to Screw Over More Students

1 in 3 voters give President Trump a grade F

James Moore talks with the Fairfield cultural creative enclave known as Cubits. Their new self-titled release is set for April 7th. An album release concert will take place at the Arbor on the same day with a bevy of topnotch support acts starting at 8pm including Jack Lion, Condor & Jaybird, The Vanilla Beans, and Shady Bug.

’ Nicholas Naioti, Michael Dugan and Parker DeMers went into their new project with a goal: To find the “balance between complexity and impulsiveness.” All three members come from previous projects (Naioti with MR NASTI and Annalibera, Dugan and DeMers with Captain Ascender), and in Cubits they seem to have found a vessel for both experimentation and self-expression.

“We’re interested in creating a framework from which we can improvise but still maintain attention to detail,” explains Naioti.  --Attwood Magazine

THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

White America is tops in the developed world when it comes to death by drugs, alcohol, and suicide

Many Americans are woefully unprepared for a surprise medical expense

White House Preparing to Blame Ryan If Health Bill Fails, Official Says

No, over there! Our case-by-case guide to the Trump distraction technique

Trump's early policy moves benefit the industries he knows best — his own

Congressman’s Trump Surveillance Claims Have an Obvious, Mundane Explanation

Aid Officials Beg Congress to Help Yemen, While Trump Sends More Bombs

'We are not afraid': Londoners defiant after parliament attack

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