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Jeremy Pelofsky of Reuters reports that on Wednesday President George W. Bush installed self-described conservative writer and producer Warren Bell on the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports public television and radio.

The Senate Commerce Committee had been scheduled to hold a confirmation hearing for Bell in September but he was dropped from the agenda because of concerns by both Republicans and Democrats. President Bush's recess appointment allows him to hold the board position until Congress adjourns next year.

The President has also recess appointed Mark McKinnon, of Texas, to be a Member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Mr McKinnon oversaw the advertising campaign for President Bush's 2004 re-election.

HEy Woh
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Woohoo, as they say on Basin Street
but let's not quibble.
Quibbles 'n' bits, quibbles 'n' bits...
But seriously folks,
it's good to be alive.
However, I must get back to the grindstone
at the corner of spanknasty and divine
where all roads lead to roam
and all God's chillen be willin'.
In other words,
welcome to the new website one and all.
Hats off to Sundar and Devin--
heads off to Caleb and Roland!!

November 16th 2006, is not only a historic day for these communities but for all of the country who are committed to media democratization and the realization of a three-tiered media structure--public, private and community; based on principles of equity and  inclusiveness.

During the 11 and half years of struggle the community radio movement witnessed several ups and downs before the November 16th endorsement by the government. In 2004, the ministry of Information and  Broadcasting initiated a consultative process to determine an enabling environment for community radio in the country. Through this process, a consensus document was ratified and taken up by the I & B ministry.

The group is making the trek in part to lay the foundation of the illumiNation Network a television network that will be a platform for all people around the world and from every walk of life to express themselves freely. They cover 15-20 miles a day as part of what they are calling The Walk and have been on the road for more than seven months.

Along the way the group, which is part of the United Souls of Awareness (http://www.theillumination.tv/about.html), meets and even collaborates with local artists, musicians and film makers, performs in various venues and at open mikes, visits art galleries, and gives presentations at colleges and schools.

July 3, 2006

A special thanks to all those who came out to “Join the KRUU (Crew)” this weekend to help up the ante for Fairfield’s new community radio station.

90-degree heat was no match for the cool crew that stepped up to the plate to assist Mighty Dwight Harris erect our 60-foot (plus antenna) radio tower as well as scrape, prime and paint the exterior of the Beatbox building on 2nd Street. Two-thirds of the tower is now fully skyward. She’s grounded, guide-wire bounded and ready to be antenna-mounted sometime tomorrow, if the weather holds out.

The Beatbox building on 2nd Street will house the station. We plan to paint the building and put our call letters in bold relief. Roland has access to a 60-foot tower that we hope to raise soon, both of which are great ways of publicizing the project. Some renovation will be done on the interior. Some broadcast mics will be required and a transmitter will need to be purchased and approved by the FCC.

At our last working lunch meeting, Steve Cooperman and Bill Jaxtheimer expressed an interest in helping shape an approach to financial accounting, budget planning and fundraising. Already we have a pool for matching funds of over $10,000.

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