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Stuart Tanner

Stuart Tanner on Planet Erstwild
Friday February 2nd at 2:30pm

Jimmy Moore will have BBC documentary filmmaker Stuart Tanner on his show to discuss the film Tanner will be hosting as part of the Fairfield Connection Film Festival this coming weekend. His film "Profits of Doom" will be shown at Morningstar Studio on Sunday afternoon February 4th at 2pm.

The film looks at the effects of the International Monetary Fund in Ghana. Tanner's documentaries have led him to Africa, China, Palestine, Iraq and the Amazon rainforest.

His work mines the depths of many of the world's most troublesome trouble spots. Mild-mannered, passionate about his calling, and an extraordinary storyteller, Tanner will share his experiences as a direct observer of the human condition.

If you have questions for Tanner, please email the station at live@kruufm.com or call 641 209-1083 during the show.

"Thanks to Steve and the staff at KRUU for setting up the arm wrestling
match with the Honorable Mayor Lyon--I wouldn't have done it with anyone
else. He is a stand up guy and a good friend.

"I was impressed at the written account of the match, but the venerable author missed an important detail. That wasn't just any black T shirt - it was a John Lennon T shirt with the immortal lyrics from Inagine on back of the shirt "you may say I'm a dreamer ..." you get the picture.

"Anyway thanks for a good time on the voice of Fairfield, Iowa."

No, no, Mayor. Thank both you and Mayor Lyon for being good sports and good sportsmen--not to mention the "Happy Hour" bunch for lassooing y'all into this.

Dude is easily worth his weight in gold.

Have to give a shout out to one of the true blue KRUU superheroes--Devin Wadsworth!

Nice, committed, consistent, bright, willing, able, a tremendous asset to the station, and good posture to boot. He puts the "I" in IT.

All I can say is thank the powers that be for delivering us such an effortlessly multi-tasking whizkid big bang no nonsense no problem master archivist plus.


Beatles Undercover agent Andy MacKenzie will premiere his new music show--lythely dubbed "The Intercranial Whizbang HOUR"--this Monday, January 15th at 8pm, just after Sonia Vera's Spanish-speaking show called "La Hora Latina" and leading up to the inimitable Special K's "180 Degrees" program which runs from 9pm to midnight.

Monday may be the start of a new work week but now you can finish the day off with a night of fun in the strum. Catch Andy's debut at 8pm and keep on sailing with Special K.

RadioheadHey Peeps du Jour,

It's Friday! Time to take a musical safari with Dee Jaymes Moore on Planet Erstwild.

This week we will trip the light fandago and let the muse play hopscotch on a pogo stick across the great divide. In other words, it's seat of the pants time as the week seeps into the weekend and the Green County Band wind up their magic box.

Today I'm going to feature some serious Beck and Radiohead, so if that's your cup of tea, pull up a chair, set back and groove like a Beasties' record.

Part of the Crew

A beautiful sunny January day outside Mission Control in lovely Fairfield, Iowa. How many volunteer deejays does it take to make a photo op?

And this is only 1/3rd of the gang!

Think about it - we have 85 active participants in our crew. This is a beautiful thing! Thank you all you beautiful, creative people!!!

And for all of you tuning in - thank you so much for your support!

To be played at maximum volume.

David Bowie These sets are brought to you by Lance Morrison who showed me the light on Ziggy Stardust. Outhaus drummer, orange hair and all, dear Lance, who put the meta in metaphor and the leap in leap of faith.

Josh Young was out of town last weekend, so Mr. Bowie has been tapped to fill in. So what if the president is getting rid of his generals on the ground in Iraq and putting an admiral in charge of two land wars. Reminds me of the old Roy Buchanan song "Drowning on Dry Land", written by Al Jackson, I believe. So much for his oft-repeated dictum about listening to his generals. Maybe if we dig a deep enough hole, all the missteps will be swallowed up, eh? Do you ever get the feeling you're in the belly of a whale?

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2007.

It has been a pleasure, privilege, pandemonium and pile of work getting the KRUU mothership off the ground but we are pleased to be up and running and looking forward to a whole slew of fun in the new year.

All the best from the whole KRUU!!!

James Brown passed away Christmas day at the age of 73.

KRUU-FM is playing a set of his greatest hits from 6-7pm and a live set from 8-9pm.

Tuesday at 9am there will also be a set of James Brown's funk and soul in lieu of Andy MacKenzie's BEATLES UNDERCOVER rebroadcast.

James Moore's PLANET ERSTWILD program from 2-5pm on Friday will also highlight the half century of work James Brown contributed to the field of popular music.

God rest ye funky gentleman--to the bridge!

We'd like to thank everyone for making Das Boom II a big bang. Kudos to Lisco, Frasier Jones, Roland, Sundar and Caleb for their technical support along with all the KRUU DJ's who performed, Count Spatula and Steve McLain & the JeffCo Green Band. Special thanks to Dezi and Ian for coordinating decorations, food and ticket sales. The live feed was up and running by about 10:15 pm and sounded great. Some 200 people joined us for our first party that went into the wee hours - 3:20 am. We raised some $1300 which is a good start towards chipping away at our operating expenses.

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