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Jerry Redington KRUUsin'THIS JUST IN FROM Jerry Redington, local KRUU hero extraordinaire

"Some of these attached pictures are a simulation of the thrilling ride I had coming down to Keosauqua on Sunday...

Just wanted to pass along an idea of how great that experience was
........AND .... how much YOU all have to look forward to in terms of directly experiencing this same "Crus'in --- top down " 
kind of jive feel'in...

Rock'in Right on
Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer

And finally, what can I say? Sometimes you just need a bigger hammer to do the job..."




James Moore will interview Stephanie for his Planet Erstwild show which airs every Friday 2pm-5pm CST. Nationally syndicated progressive talk show host Stephanie Miller is a rising superstar in talk radio. Stephanie Miller

Ranked 36th in the nation this year by Talkers Magazine, the Los Angeles-based  Miller recently did a three-day stint at MSNBC in the wake of Don Imus' unsightly demise. She is a part of the Jones Media Network, the nation's largest independent radio network. Her average weekly listenership is over 1.25 million.

Steve Young calls the Stephanie Miller Show "the most entertaining political show in morning radio." 

Miller's father was a Republican congressman who unsuccessfully ran for vice president on Barry Goldwater's ticket. She has gone toe to toe with the likes of G. Gordon Liddy and others on the far right .

Raised Catholic and blessed with great comedic timing, keen politcal insight, sassy wit and a tight support team, Miller is a boat-rocker show-stopper with a heart of gold whose secret is she does great radio. She lives with two Great Pyrenees, Puff and Max.

Special thanks to Brandon Nelson for putting this particular ball in motion.

The interview will rebroadcast will be Monday morning May 21st at 7am.


Dain Daller's No-Fi Field Guide 

Enjoy the organic found-sounds


from the golden earballs of an original's original.  

Saturday May 19 at 10am CST 

Coal Valley, Illinois - Dain mails in his first cassette from the road featuring the sound of a bike tire rubbing on the fender, dutch street organ, 'me & a chiken', andrew playing guitar with goats, ol' thunder & rain by the mighty mississippi, easy biscuits practicing his banjo, and 'me -while camping under a bridge near coppock, ia'

At the 5th Annual Women (& Men) for Women Gala Benefit fundraising Event for the Crisis Center & Women's ShelterRoland Wells flanked by accompllces sponsored by SEVA, held at the Morning Star Studio Saturday night, May 12th, KRUU founder Roland Wells was presented with a People to People Humanitarian Award. The People to People Award was created to acknowledge and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to promote well-being within our community.

Accepting the award, Roland thanked the Crisis Center and SEVA for the work they do and encouraged everyone to become directly involved volunteering time for non-profits. 

Also, receiving awards were Stacey Hurlin, founder of the ArtLife Society and First Fridays ArtWalk and Michael McBurnie, who has been on the forefront of the legslative battleground to confine Confined Animal Feeding Operations.

This morning on Local Yokels we highlight the talents of the Roches, who have just released their first record in 10 The Roches MOONSWEPTyears called Moonswept.


The Roches are a female vocal group of three songwriting sisters from New Jersey (Maggie, Terre and Suzzy Roche), known for their unusual and rich harmonies, quirky lyrics and casually comedic stage performances.


They will be performing in Fairfield at Cafe Paradiso on June 2nd.

ENjoy intelligent downbeat ambient music in the wee hours / OPEN SOURCE MUSIC HOUR every day 5am-6am


Joerg Huettner founded "Saros" back in 1998 together with DJ Jan Osh as a Goa/Ambient project.

After 8 months of work they already had their first live gig in front of an enthusiastic crowd in December of the same year.

In 1999 first CD compilation releases followed on the German based label "Zoomia".

After Joerg relocated in 1999 he went on solo with "Saros", focusing more and more on ambient and downbeat tracks.

During this time the first album "reaching out to the other world" was released solely on MP3 websites --including MP3.com and peoplesound.com-- garnering many of rave reviews.

In 2001 and 2002 further CD compilation releases followed on "Waldorf Records", the label of the world famous Germany synth company Waldorf, as well as on Ceiba Records, USA, in 2003.

Call your Congressperson today to ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 2060 -The Internet Radio Equality Act. The bill reverses a recent decision of the federal Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) to nearly triple the amount of royalties Internet radio broadcasters pay to copyright holders for playing a song.

To find the phone number for your Congressional representative, visit  http://capwiz.com/saveinternetradio/home/ and enter your zip code.

If you're in Iowa, our representatives, and their DC Phone numbers:


Support the station that supports the community

Enjoy the Happy Hour gang beneath the gazebo for the May ArtWalk this Friday, May 4th from 5-8pm. Kevin Riley, Tim Carey and friends (Steve McLain is away this weekend), will bring their speciFirst Fridays ArtWalkal brand of music and happy hour patter to the good denizens of Fairfield. They play a great blend of rock/blues/reggae/rock/novelty and mo re, and will wend their program through the live performances scheduled for the square.

At 8pm, Matt Mulleneaux and Michael Halley take the broadcast reigns for their show Reasonable Alternative, followed at 9pm by Alternative Dance Mix with Stevie Mix. Join the KRUU at the ArtWalk. Say hi to a few of the 100 show hosts and deejays who are producing some 75 shows a week for your listening pleasure.

It's KRUU-LP 100.1 FM The Voice of Fairfield!!!

Rumor has it there may even be some new KRUU T-shirts available!! 

 Linux Journal May 2007
"I listen to a lot of radio on-line and I don't know of a station that's more committed to free software and open-source values than this little station... I listen to it in Santa Barbara and it's already one of my faves."

--Doc Searls, senior editor of Linux Journal, from a short piece titled "KRUU Models Open-Source Radio" in the May 2007 issue


Thanks to Steve Eitelman in Virginia for pointing this out to us :)

CRB Postpones Deadline As Web Radio Marches In D.C.
May 2, 2007

The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) has officially posted its ruling on Internet royalty rates in the Federal Register. However, the organization has pushed back the due date for royalty payments to kick in, from May 15 to July 15. The publication of this information also allows the 30 day period for appeals to officially begin. NPR is slated to file an appeal in this time frame.

The SaveNetRadio organization calls the decision "welcome news for webcasters...artists...and listeners," and notes that it will "spend the next 45 days educating Members of Congress and their staffs about the incredible diversity of programming Internet radio offers us all. We will set the ticking clock back 45 days and continue the fight to free Internet radio from these devastating fee increases."

Yesterday (May 1), SaveNetRadio led a march on Washington, D.C., as webcasters, musicians and label representatives met with members of Congress to discuss the Internet Radio Equality Act. Further actions in the nation's capital are set for today.

The issues remain the same:

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