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The whole KRUU wants to wish Caroline Kilborn, mother of Monica Hadley, co-host ofHappy Birthday WRITERS VOICES and show host extraordinaire, a happy, happy birthday and many happy returns. Your experience as a deejay, velveteen radio voice and tradition of quotable quotes elevates KRUU every week. Thanks for all your great work and many blessings for blessing us and the community with your wit, wisdom, interviewing skills and mother-daughter repartee.

Ari Berman

This week's Politickin with Ari Berman will focus on:

1/ A review of the second Democratic debate in New Hampshire

2/ The impact of Republican hopeful Fred Thompson on the '08 race

3/ The affect of John McCain's attacks on Republicans over the issue of immigration

Ari Berman is a contributing writer for The Nation, Puffin Foundation writing fellow at the Nation Institute, Fairfield Native and has appeared on C-Span, MSNBC, and FOX as a political analyst.

Ari was interviewed this past Thursday by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now about his recent article for The Nation entitled "Hillary Inc", an expose of Hillary Clinton's corporate team of advisors.

Mysterious yet joyful and celebratory as well, the close harmonies of the Eastern European women's vocal music ensemble, Kitka, provide a moving and deeply satisfying listening experience.

features eighteen earthy and ethereal Balkan and Slavic folksongs including Kitka fan favorites such as "Shto Mi E Milo," "Dumai Zlato," "Tsintsharo," and "Hopp Ide Tiszt-n."
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Tonight on Saturday Nite Live,

following the BLUES CRUISE,

catch the Starlings

right here on KRUU-FM at 8pm.

Gravel Road's Dennis James

interviews Joy Mills, Tom Parker and Aimee Zoe Tubbs fresh off their tour bus across America's heartland. 

Also, the Apocalypso Tantric Boys Choir and the legendary OUThAUS.

No-Fi Field Guide Balck Magic

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GRC Radio Quilt

The Grassroots Radio Conference 2006 Quilt
Notice the top right hand corner...


T o n I G h t


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Be there & be on the square!!

Come and say "hey" to the Happy Hour Gang, A Reasonable Alternative & Alternative Dance Mix

A Lso, live on FPAC!!!! That's right, folks--you can listen listen to KRUU on TV 2nite! Seeing is be-hearing!!!



14 Days from Ian and Lara Plunkett—a world-class singer-songwriter team. Warm, melodic, and artfully crafted songs are in the best tradition of British Folk-Rock...a lovely cross between Nick Drake and Syd Barrett.

The overall feel here is acoustic, but with more sophisticated arrangements and deeper musicianship than most work in
this genre. Standout tracks include the starry-eyed "Picture" as well as "The River," "Up A Hill" and "Breathe." A highly poignant and engaging album.

Join the KRUU for this magnatune.com website band and come back day in, day out, every day from 5am to 6am for more creative commons-licensed music available on the web. 


Today KRUU radio presents the debut show of POLITICKIN with ARI BERMAN.Politickin' w/ Ari Berman

This half-hour program will focus on political events and news out of the nations's capitol and will be broadcast Mondays at 1pm.

Ari Berman, based in Washington, DC, is a contributing writer for The Nation, a contributor to The Notion and a Puffin Foundation writing fellow at The Nation Institute.

Today's topics will include Congressional votes on Iraq, immigration compromise, and the significance of the leaked memo advising Hillary Clinton to skip campaigning rigorously in Iowa.

Speaking Freely's Dennis Raimondi and Planet Erstwild's James Moore will also participate in the weekly discussions.

Berman's latest piece for The Nation is entitled Hillary Inc in the June 4th issue. 

The program will be rebroadcast on Wednesday at 7am.

 Mighty Mississippi

DAIN DALLER's fifth installment of gypsy kerouac NO-FI FIELD GUIDE is in the house from the shores of the Big Muddy. 

L   i   s   t   e   N    2    A   r   T

[Rebroadcast at 1am Saturday May 26]

*    *   *   *

11am-1pm Saturday it's JOSH YOUNG

deejay to the lawdy miss clawdy gawds


Aural Yoga for the emotionally replete 

[Rebroadcast Thursday nights at 1am]




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