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-Rebroadcast 1am Sunday-
Ari Berman of The Nation

contributing writer Ari Berman discusses two conferences he attended last week with Democratic presidential candidates--the Take Back America conference and the AFSCME Labor conference, as well as what's going on in Congress with energy and immigration.

Michael Bloomberg's potential run for president will also be discussed with Speaking Freely's Dennis Raimondi and Planet Erstwild's James Moore.


ian mooreian moore


James Moore


Ian Moore

from the road.


Moore will be playing

Cafe Paradiso

Monday night

at 8pm.

Mister Mississippi, Dain Daller, is preparing to set "sail" down the Ol' Muddy in an 80-foot raft with a bevy of Miss Rockaway sailors, then bike across the U.S. of A., all the while sending in his No-Fi field recordings for your listening pleasure.

Who said life isn't grand?

For some people, life is just an excuse to find art wherever they go, whether it's rain drumming on a tent, spokes spinning on a bicycle, thunder lashing out across the sky, goats, chickens, roosters, dogs, trains, violins, whispers, stories...


Miss Rockaway


Jenny Boneja

James Moore will be talking to Austin-born, Seattle-based Ian Moore at 2:30pm and German-born songstress Jenny Boneja at 3pm on Planet Erstwild this Friday June 22.

Boneja started her voyage of expression at 15 years of age with a ballet apprenticeship. At 18, she took professional voice lessons to prepare her for singing classical, opera and theater music. A half-year later Jenny joined the cover rock band Shine and toured all over Europe averaging 120 shows a year.

Boneja has played many different places in Europe with a mainstay of Galleries, Art Exhibitions, Vernissages, and culture festivals.

She will be performing live on stage at the Morning Star Studio on the evening of June 23rd at 7:30pm.

Ian Moore is God's gift to singer/songwriters. He will be playing Cafe Paradiso Monday June 25 at 8pm with Kullen Fuchs.

Special head's up: Next week James will be interviewing Josh Rushing, the former Marine who is now working for Al Jazeera English. You may have seen him in the movie Control Room about Al Jazeera.

At 11am, Turkish Sufi Dervish and master ud player Udi Erdogan of Istanbul, will talk with James Moore and perform some devotional Sufi and classical Turkish music on Ud and Ney, a Middle Eastern flute often referred to in Sufi poetry.

The Turkish Ud is similar to guitar, but looks like a mandolin, and has deep tones that fit the mood of devotion and the timeless traditions of the Middle East that touch the heart. In 1968, Udi Erdogan began teaching classical Turkish music, which is somewhat similar to western classical guitar, but with a distinctly Middle Eastern tone and flavor. He became a UDI or Master of the Ud and taught in several music schools in Turkey.

In 1999, he started playing mystical Sufi music, and was invited to the US where he performed in Washington DC, New York, and at Duke University in NC. He has performed all over India and Europe, including Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Udi Erdogan is a Sufi Dervish or devotee and a member of the Sufi Music Assembly. He has come to Fairfield for a short visit to spend time with friends and Sufi Dervishes who are creating a Sufi center here.

Christopher of the Wolves


Wander through the night


Christopher of the Wolves.


Open Source Music Hour

everyday of the week

5am to 6am.



Erin Gee



Rome is where the art is.

James Moore interviews Rome Prize recipient Erin Gee from her residence in Graz, Austria.

She will be working on a new opera that will feature her brother Colin, former principal clown for Cirque du Soleil, who helped create the work.

To read Moore's article in this month's Iowa Source on Gee, click here.

Update: Mouthpiece IX won "selected piece" ("1st prize") at the International Rostrum of Composers in Paris last weekend.

To listen to archive of this show, click here.

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