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Keelan Dimick in Action

Saturday Night Live

July 14th 8pm-10pm CST

The full concert from Cafe Paradiso featuring Keelan Dimick on keys, David Hurlin on drums, Bill Blackmore on bass, Joe Mandarino on sax, James Moore on guitar and Bill Blackmore's firend on flute.

Clarinet - No-Fi Field Guide #12

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Rebroadcast Sunday morning 1am CST

Senator Barack Obama D-Illinois
U.S. Senator Barack Obama of Illinois
Sworn into office January 4, 2005, Senator Obama serves on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which oversees our nation’s health care, schools, employment, and retirement programs.

He is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, which plays a vital role in shaping American policy around the world, including our policy in Iraq. Senator Obama serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, which is focused on providing our brave veterans with the care and services they deserve. In 2005 and 2006, he served on the Environment and Public Works Committee, which safeguards our environment and provides funding for our highways. Senator Obama is currently seeking the Democratic Nomination to run for President in 2008. [To watch a video of KRUU's interview with Senator Obama, click here.]
John DeAngelis & Rudy Giuliani
John DeAngelis
Sixteen year old, John DeAngelis is the Jefferson County Co-chairman of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee. He is the youngest county co-chairman in the state. John is a Junior Honors student at Maharishi School in Fairfield, IA and is also captain of the Pioneer golf team.
He owns and runs VHS2DVD, a picture and video digital conversion business and has served as a counselor at the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center at The University of Iowa. John will be participating in the Iowa caucus and voting for the first time in the 2008 general election.
Ari Berman discusses this past week's Iowa whirlwind appearances of Barack Obama in Fairfield and Hillary and Bill Clinton at the fairgrounds in Des Moines and elsewhere.
Also discussed was the growing disenchantment by the GOP with the president's Iraq strategy, especailly for Republicans facing elections in 2008, but others as well.
Senator Barack Obama visited Fairfield July 3rd. Before his public address from the townsquare which was broadcast live on CSPAN, he granted an exclusive interview to KRUU-FM. To watch a video of KRUU's interview with Senator Obama, click here.
Obama in Fairfield
That interview will be featured on Speaking Freely with Dennis Raimondi Tuesday July 10th at 1pm.
Keep it tuned to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM 'The Voice of Fairfield' for presidential primary coverage. We have our feelers out for the White House hopefuls from both parties.
For more politics, listen to Politickin' with Ari Berman every Monday at 1pm (rebroadcast Wednesdays at 7am) and Tanner & Moore Fridays at 3pm (rebroadcast Mondays at 7am) with BBC filmmaker Stuart Tanner from Oxford, England and station manager James Moore.
Fairfield native Ari Berman is based in Washington DC and writes for The Nation.
Award-winning pianist Keelan Dimick played a benefit concert for KRUU-FM Thursday July 5th at Cafe Paradiso.

$900 were raised to support the station that supports the community.

Joining Keelan were David Hurlin on drums, Bill Blackmore on bass, James Moore on guitar, and Joe Mandarino on sax.
David Bonior
Former US Congressman David Bonior from Michigan, currently serving as John Edwards' national campaign manager. Congressman Bonior was born in Detroit in 1945. He served in the United States Air Force, 1968-1972 and was a member of the Michigan state house of representatives, 1973-1977.
He was delegate to the Michigan state Democratic conventions, 1972-1977, and was elected as a Democrat to the Ninety-fifth and to the twelve succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1977-January 3, 2003). During that time he served as both majority and minority whip.

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Michael Moore in Sicko
Today's discussion will cover "Sicko", the new Michael Moore film about healthcare which our Washington DC correspondent and Nation contributing writer Ari Berman saw over the weekend.

Other topics include Dennis Raimondi's upcoming interview with former Congressman David Bonior who is now John Edwards' national campaign manager and Barack Obama's big money take for the 2nd quarter as well as his visit to Fairfield tomorrow.

Facilitating the discussion are Speaking Freely's Dennis Raimondi and Planet Erstwild's James Moore.

To review a BBC article James referred to on Bush modeling his Iraq strategy on Israel's, click here


James Moore will be talking with former Marine Lieutenant Josh Rushing today at 7am. He will discuss his new book Mission Al Jazeera and his journey from a small Texas town to a 14-year career in the Marines including acting as a liason for the military with Hollywood to his most recent stint with the Al Jazeera English network.

Rushing will appear on The Daily Show with John Stewart on July 16th.

"Al Jazeera is the most influential Arab voice outside of mosques. It is the largest shaper of ideology," Rushing explained in a Time magazine article shortly after he was hired in the fall of 2005. "I've dedicated my adult life to the health and security of the United States and to representing the best of American ideas. I will maintain my credibility by continuing to do that."

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