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Ace harmonica bluesman WESTSIDE ANDY has played over 10,000 gigs the past 45 years. He will be featured with Reverend Raven & the Chain-Smoking Altar Boys this weekend at the Best Western Inn hosted by the Southeast Iowa Blues Society. Special opening act the Jeffco Blues Explosion with Steve McLain and Kevin Riley. Doors open at 6:30pm. Co-sponosred by KRUU-FM.


Judyth Vary Baker has a compelling story to tell. Her boyfriend, Lee Harvey Oswald, is one of the most vilified characters in American history. Would you still feel that way if you knew he may have been set up, sacrificed for national security interests, a "patsy", as he claimed. Is it possible his long-time acquaintance Jack Ruby was also set up?

James Moore has a free range discussion with Judyth Baker, author of Me & Lee: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald, about Dallas, Mexico City, Cuba, Russia, her experience with American intelligence agencies, and much more. She will be keynoting this weekend's 5th Annual JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas,



Omaha-based TWINSMITH will be performing at the Arbor Bar on Friday, November 10th.

James Moore talks with Jordan Smith about the band's modus operandi, three records, including STAY COOL out this summer, their influences and some swell deets about their upcoming show in Fairfield.

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    Oct 06
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SOCIETY OF BROKEN SOULS: Lauryn Shapter & Dennis James



SOCIETY OF BROKEN SOULS: Lauryn Shapter & Dennis James

Jimmy Moore catches up with two of his favorite local artists who've been traveling the highways in their rolling camper van beethoven, so to speak.

They are doing a very special performance at Iowa Wesleyan in the University Chapel in Mt Pleasant Sat Oct 7th at 7:30pm, free to the public.


"He was cynical about human nature, including his own, and hysterically funny."
--Donald Fagen

WED 1pm | FRI 3pm | SAT 11am: Singer/songwriter, artist, activist and organizer JENNY SAMMONS talks with James Moore about music, love, standing up, making a difference, compassion, community building, and where she's coming from.

Jenny is holding a special gathering Wednesday August 16th at 5pm at the Phoenix Rising Hall in solidarity and to show support for those activists in Charlottsville who have suffered trauma and harm. The first half hour will be a meditation and then some song and witnessing.

She performs this Saturday at the Fairfield Farmers' Market and leads regular Sunday services at the Phoenix Rising Hall at 10am-noon. The first hour is a safe space, judgment-free, kind of spiritual variety show and the second hour is a livestream with Michael Beckwith and Agape.

RIP Glen Campbell

Newsvandal JP Sottile discusses (emphasis on cusses) this bizarro than thou week in politics with James Moore. Let's just say the Trump clan has made the movie "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" look like an after school special. Boy Scouts, Scaramucci, Priebus, Kelly, McCain, ACA repeal--NOT, police brutality, Sessions, Kushner, Manafort, North Korea, Lebanon, etc. Are things finally coming together or are the wheels falling off? You beat the judge. Join us for a dive into the wheel of misfortune. (Yes, that pesky Russian investigation is quietly continuing.) CLICK ON PIC.

WED 1pm | FRI 3pm | SAT 11am | Singer/songwriters Josie Overmyer & Luke Davids
speak with Jimmy Moore about their upcoming concert this weekend Sat July 29th at Cafe Paradiso.

You'll hear some of their music, some of their thoughts on their music, a bit of background and a lot more. Both are exquisite singer/songwriters. Don't take my word for it. Tune in!!

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2 Hour Tribute to Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell | RIP

RIP Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

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