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Earth, Wind and Fire's Maurice White has transitioned.

RIP to a shining star.


"Shining star for you to see,

what your life can truly be."


KRUUfm.com will be doing a musical tribute tonight Thu, Feb 4 at 7pm CT. Friday at 2pm I'll talk with KRUU's Duane Jones who grew up down the street from the Whites in Chicago and was inspired by Verdine White's amazing bass playing to take up the bass himself.

"Do you remem-bah?"

>>>Politics & Fleas
Editorial: Something smells in the Democratic Party
Branstad says Cruz employed ‘unethical and unfair’ tactics Monday night (AUDIO)

>>>The Great Re-Recession
Acquisitions Are Hitting a Wall
Toxic Loans Around the World Weigh on Global Growth

>>>Upon Further Review
Rams' late hit to St. Louis: $144 million in debt
Why Super Bowls can be super letdowns economically


Gov Martin O'Malley airs Monday

Martin Joseph O'Malley, the 61st Governor of Maryland, served from 2007 to 2015. Prior to being elected as governor, he served as the Mayor of Baltimore from 1999 to 2007 and was a Baltimore City Councilor from 1991 to 1999. He is running in the Democratic race for president.



People-powered solar KRUU 100.1 FM is pleased to announce a short phone interview with Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, on Saturday, January 30th at 11:05am.

Speaking Freely host Dennis Raimondi will check in with Secretary Clinton as the Iowa caucuses loom on the immediate horizon.

Former president Bill Clinton was in Fairfield Friday at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.

Tune in at kruufm.com.

MPaul Kantneran, It's a Jam-packed PLANET ERSTWILD

VEDA's new music releases "Montego" and "Aurora".

2:20pm: We'll air Mike Ragogna's interview with Paul Kantner, in honor of the passing of the founder of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.

Ben Terris2:45pm: It's Paul Krishnamurthy of politicalgambler.com, a professional gambler who plays the odds. The Manchester, England native is an interesting person with a fascinating story, whose predictions have been on the money, so to speak.

3pm: Jonathan Freeman, who's working on his doctorate in London and with the Pentagon as part of the reserves, talks with Dennis Raimondi about his life and political perspectives.

3:30pm: Dennis speaks with Ben Terris, national political writer for the Washington Post. His piece titled "The transcendental meditationists who turned an Iowa farm town into a Bernie base" appeared in today's Washington Post.

>>>Zika Goes Viral
Zika virus: Up to four million Zika cases predicted

>>>Hearts & Minds & Bombs
U.S. Plans to Replenish Saudi Missiles Used in Air Strikes on Yemen that U.N. Says May Constitute Crimes against Humanity

>>>Round-Up At The We're Not OK Corral
Oregon arrests reveal promise, and pitfalls, of FBI's handling of extremists (+video)


VEDA talks with James Moore about her fabulous new music just out January 28th. VEDA is also host of PLANET OF THE MIXTAPES [Fri 8pm CT/Tue 4pm] on people-powered solar KRUUfm.com.


Estelle LaughlinThursday 7pm CT Holocaust Remembrance Day Special

From Dennis Raimondi's Speaking Freely series on Survivors of the Holocaust, produced by solar-powered KRUU in collaboration with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.
Andrew Hollinger
Andrew Hollinger, Director of Communications at the United States Holocaust Museum, discusses the museum's founding and its mission.

Estelle Laughlin talks about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, when German forces, intending to liquidate the ghetto on April 19, 1943, were stunned by an armed uprising from Jewish fighters.

  • Fri
    Jan 22
    4:00 pm -
    5:00 pm
  • Sun
    Jan 24
    9:00 am -
    10:00 am

Inside the Headlines w/ Newsvandal JP Sottile & James Moore

Donald Trump Is The Price We Pay For Sarah Palin

>>>The Great Re-Recession
The U.S. Is At The Center Of The Global Economic Meltdown

America Loves Diverse Movies, So Why Isn't Hollywood Making Them?

>>>Meanwhile, Back On Planet Earth...
It’s Official: 2015 Was The Hottest Year Ever Recorded

(SONG) The Heat Is On - Glenn Frey

Enjoy this GREAT TASTE Exclusive Rebroadcast originally aired 20120314. It has been downloaded from the archives over 3000 times!

It was a delicious experience being in Salt Lake City last week. I had excellent meals at the Copper Onion and Pago. More about those meals on the show.

Artisan ChocolatesI love chocolate so it was a treat to enjoy in SLC a brief Chocolate 101 session at Tony Caputo's Market and Deli. This "must" destination fine food shop downtown has its own cheese cave, an in-house salame maker, and a overwhelming number (more than 300) of cacao bean products including three types of rich chocolate drinks that should come with some type of government warning label.

The devil lurking behind these temptations is one of this week's guests, Matt Caputo. Here's how one website described him. "Matt Caputo is one of the world's most discerning connoisseur of fine chocolate bars. The award winning chocolate tasting classes he teaches at Tony Caputo's Market & Deli are highly recommended by many media outlets, chefs and even numerous international chocolate experts. His in-depth research is not limited to books and the internet, he has traveled the globe to meet and learn from the most respected chocolate makers in the world."

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