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Cheryl Fusco Johnson, host of The StudioCheryl Fusco Johnson is our daily sponsor today and we are proud to present her as the host of THE STUDIO which you should tune in to every Monday at 1pm CT and rebroadcast Wednesdays at 7am CT.

Cheryl Fusco Johnson interviews authors, editors, and other creative professionals on the radio show “The Studio” for KRUU 100.1 FM. “For nurturing many writers who have gone on to success in children’s literature,” Cheryl received an Outstanding Service Award from Iowa’s Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She teaches at the University of Iowa’s Iowa Summer Writing Festival and via the Institute of Children’s Literature in Redding, Connecticut. Her students have won fiction contests, writing grants, and contracts from major book publishers. A contributing editor for The Iowa Source, Cheryl’s had work in Writer’s Handbook, The Writer, Cricket, Highlights for Children, and many other publications. Her website is http://cherylfuscojohnson.net/. Her twitter is CFuscoJohnson and facebook page The Studio with Cheryl.

Chris ChristieAuthor Lou Manzo Exposes Christie's Naked Ambition

In his searing tell-all, Ruthless Ambition: The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie, former New Jersey State Assemblyman Louis Manzo recounts an extraordinary tale of political ruthlessness, corruption, and greed while also telling the story of how he was caught in the center of one of the most egregious political scandals in modern-day history: the Bid Rig III sting operation, masterminded by the then United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey and soon-to-be Governor Chris Christie.

Manzo shows us how the blind ambitions of Christie and his staff centered on capturing a Paul Fauersogovernorship and the patronage jobs that accompany it, then parlaying that office into a shot at the presidency. Meticulous in backing things up with objective legal documentation, Manzo makes a convincing and disconcerting case for the governor as an unbridled and sinister political figure who made the most of a seriously flawed Department of Justice and overall dysfunctional judicial system to feed his megalomania and desire for power.

Paul Fauerso
talks about his career in music, experiences with Maharish Mahesh Yogi, and much more. We'll play his new jazzy version of "Spoonful". His band the Loading Zone performed in the Bay area back in the 60s, best known for supporting some of the biggest acts of the period including Cream, The Who, The Byrds, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Grateful Dead, Country Joe & The Fish, Howlin' Wolf, Sam & Dave, Chuck Berry and Buddy Miles.

He was in town to perform at the 25th anniversary of MSAE.

Welcome to another episode of INSIDE THE HEADLINES with Newsvandal JP Sottile and James Moore.

This week's three tiers include 'never remember', the economy doesn't suck, it just sucks for you', and 'you gotta have faith to save faith'.

Thirteen years into the global war on terror and it appears we all feel less safe now. Should we forget or remember what we've done or not done in the ensuing years? Well, we'll take you on a guided tour of that very issue.

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Hey all, it's the end of the week. That means it's time to go INSIDE THE HEADLINES with Newsvandal JP Sottile and station manager James Moore. We appreciate the feedback this week from a dear listener who says she and her father never miss the show!

This week's three tiers include NATOing the Line;  Playing Fast and Loose with Food; and Follow the Leader, i.e., monkey see, monkey doo doo, as it were.

As always, all headlines discussed can be referenced by clicking "Read more" below.

Giving Tree BandNext Friday's HARVESTfest Art Walk features the GIVING TREE BAND. James Moore talks with founder Todd Fink all about the band's unique approach to living and performing. Steve & Michaela McLain will also perform along with the Fairfield Square Dance Association. You do not want to miss this!!

Did you know that the Fairfield Square Dance Association is kicking up their heels and putting Fairfield on the map? Learn all about it from a few of the people most responsible for making it happen, Fairfield's internationally-acclaimed caller Jerry Story, who was the keynote speaker in Des Moines at the 65th Annual Square Dance Convention, and Ottumwa's Robin Ragan.

Plus an in depth discussion about a sensitive subject in Fairfield: suicide. Dr. Scott Terry, a psychologist who has worked for many years doing research and a practice based in Chicago, shares his views on the subject. Fairfield has twice the rate of comparable size towns and Dr. Terry is spearheading a community approach with groups on MUM campus and in town. Also, joining the discussion are the co-directors of FAIRFIELD CARES, Rob Hubler and Kathleen Casey. An open town meeting will be held at the Fairfield Public Library on Sunday, September 7th at 7:30pm with some special guest speakers.

JP Sottile, the Newsvandal, along with James Moore, bring you this week's INSIDE THE HEADLINES segment with three tiers looking at Chinese chess, Doctor Feelgood-ish, and our final category it's the poison, stupid.

A great opportunity to get caught up on global and domestic haps. All the headlines discussed are linked below. Just click on "Read more." Thanks for tuning in. Archives available each week.

Are we at Wolfowitz End or just another beginning?It's time for your weekly news fix with the Newsvandal, JP Sottile with James Moore for another edition of INSIDE THE HEADLINES. This week's three tiers include money for nothing and blank checks for free, food, inglorious food, and future tense, sunglasses not required.

Also, I want to highlight an incredible piece JP wrote for consortiumnews.com all about the Grim brothers' fairy tale known as The Neocon's Grim "Victory" in Iraq or Why Wolfowitz Declared Victory in Iraq. Fascinating read.

And remember you can follow all the links to stories we dicuss by clicking on th "Read more" tab below. Thanks for tuning in. Showa are archived as well.

Sherrie Taha


Interview airs Thu 6:30am; 12;30pm & 6:30pm

Sherrie Taha discusses her campaign for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. She is running against incumbent Bill Northey (Rep). Taha is a lifelong Democratic activist with over 15 years of experience serving on Boards & Commissions. Most recently she served as Recording Secretary/Treasurer for ATU Local 441 and on the Board of the League of Women Voters Metropolitan Des Moines.  She was elected and currently serves as a Commissioner for the Polk County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD).

Sherrie was born in Creston, Iowa and split her childhood between southwestern and central Iowa. She earned a degree in Art Education from the University of Minnesota, has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and received a Master of Public Administration degree from Drake University.  Sherrie has two adult daughters, Maggie & Annie.

Got a great show planned for you today, PLANET ERSTWILD lovers. Definitely spanning the topical and musical safari gamut.

First up, Dennis Kossow tells us about his love of geode hunting and the 19th Annual Rock & Gem Show coming up September 5-7 at the Convention Center. Sac & Fox Lapidary Club is putting on the gemstone ritz with 11 dealers and fun for the whole family.

Next up, James speaks with Steve Boss, the gifted host of KRUU's GREAT TASTE program [Wednesdays 7pm; rebro Fridays 7am], a weekly foray into all things delectable food, cooking, and cuisine enriching. Learn about his background and what's he's got cooking going forward.

In the second hour, I speak with Amanda Karg, tour manager of the Maietreya Loving Kindness Buddhist Relics Exhibit in Des Moines. This free public exhibition of the historical Buddha's relics will be on display in Des Moines August 15th to 24th at Hoyt Sherman Place. Most of the Relics in this collection resemble beautiful multi-colored pearl-like crystals and are over 2,600 years old. Several of the relics are on loan from the 14th Dalai Lama’s own personal collection. This non-sectarian public exhibition is multi-faith, multi-cultural and free to attend.

Ferguson, Missouri is not that far from Fairfield. After an unarmed black teenager was shot by a cop in broad daylight this past weekend in the St. Louis suburb, it has become a catalyst for a wider debate on race, poverty, and the efficacy of the militarization of our local police forces.

Join us for a look at the SWATification of America on INSIDE THE HEADLINES with Newsvandal JP Sottile and KRUU station manager James Moore. This week's three tiers include that police state of mind; oil & vinegar in the climate change game; and animals are people, too.

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