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Andrew TintAndrew Tint graduated from Kenyon College and wanted to pursue his passion for radio & media.Nomiki Konst When he came across a description of a solar-powered community radio station in southeast Iowa in an online publication called the Daily Yonder, he looked us up, liked what he saw, and gave KRUU a call. He asked if we'd consider an intern position for a year. Even though it was during the mad rush of preparing for the first annual FAIRfest, we were absolutely delighted to have Andrew join the KRUU.

Turns out, interviews he did for his KRUU show GENERATION whY led to the work he is now doing out in the Big Apple which you'll hear about if you tune in. James Moore caught up with Andrew and learn more about his position as executive producer for the Accountability Podcast with Nomiki Konst. Then we'll hear the latest program which I found absoilutely fascinating.

White males make up 31% of the population in the US but account for 65-70% of its 500,000 elected officials. Would more women in politics change the way we do politics and will they one day challenge the deeply entrenched 'old boy' network so prevalent today? Stay tuned and listen in...

Tony AbbottIt's Inside the Headlines' time once again with the insightful Newvandal JP Sottile and co-host James Moore.

This week's three tiers include have shovel, will dig, especially if you're down under with Tone E coal la (la); the economy sucks like a high end vacuum taking us all to the cleaners; and a need to know SOS.

As always, the headlines discussed may be referenced by clicking "Read more" below.

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Babette Pepaj & Sherri Brooks Vinton featured on Great Taste

Cookbook CafeFacebook and its IPO have been the center of social media attention over the past few weeks, but if you are a food lover BakeSpace.com is the spot to chat and exchange recipes and information with people who hang out in the kitchen. Babette Pepaj, the founder of BakeSpace joins us in the first half hour of the show.  Babette's latest venture is Cookbook Cafe, an app for the iPad featuring "the first DIY cookbook builder, marketplace & reader."  The app is built as a storefront where home cooks, non-profit organizations, food companies, and others can publish and market their cookbooks. Anyone who’s ever tried to geSherri Brooks Vintont a cookbook published knows how difficult the process is. Big name chefs get most of the attention from publishers, so Cookbook Café's mission is to democratize the food publishing industry. Many of the cookbooks available through the app are free, though some authors charge a minimal amount for the download.

Farmer's friend, Sherri Brooks Vinton, will pay a return visit to Great Taste.  She has some food writing tips to pass along in our second half hour, along with her special passion for local foods, canning, fermenting, freezing, and drying.  She's finishing up two new books, Put ‘em Up! Fruit, and The Put ‘em Up! Answer Book, both arriving on store shelves next year.  (Originally aired: 20120523)

Wenonah HauterWenonah Hauter is the founder and Executive Director of Food & Water Watch.

She has worked extensively on food, water, energy and environmental issues at the national, state and local level. Her book Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America examines the corporate consolidation and control over our food system and what it means for farmers and consumers. Experienced in developing policy positions and legislative strategies, she is also a skilled and accomplished organizer, having lobbied and developed grassroots field strategy and action plans.

She is currently writing Frackopoly: The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment due for publication in 2015. From 1997 to 2005 she served as Director of Public Citizen’s Energy and Environment Program, which focused on water, food and energy policy. From 1996 to 1997, she was environmental policy director for Citizen Action, where she worked with the organization’s 30 state-based groups. From 1989 to 1995 she was at the Union of Concerned Scientists where, as a senior organizer, she coordinated broad-based, grassroots sustainable energy campaigns in several states. She has an M.S. in applied anthropology from the University of Maryland.

Helluva romp lined up for you today.Don't miss a minute. Happy birthday Thelonius Monk. Yesterday John "Say You Want A Revolution" Lennon.

3:30pm -- A feature on one of the most maligned investigative journalists in American history, Gary Webb, whose disheartening life and death story is hitting the silver screen this weekend in a movie called KILL THE MESSENGER, starring Jereemy Renner. We have a clip of Gary describing the critial role of journalism that was made before he took his own life after being chased out of the profession he loved basically by being disgracefully hung out to dry by the jury of his peers at the New York Times, Washington Post & Los Angeles Times. Also, a Sacheen LittlefeatherDemocracy Now! report.

Webb's carefully compiled work uncovered the role the CIA wittingly played in looking the other way while Nicaraguan "freedom figters", lauded by Ronald Reagan, were allowed to sell a new, virulent form of cocaine known as crack, that would plague African-American communities and US cities to this day in order to generate funding for arms, bypassing Congressional approval. CIA and American leadership exhibiting the qualities of the most egregious banana republics. And this man dared reveal it. He thought he was just doing his job.

3pm -- JFAN's Annual Summit Wednesday, October 15th at 7:30pm is presenting Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch, is interviewed. Wenonah HauterPeople can make a difference, she says, if they come together. Her national organization & work is testimony to how it's done. Don't miss this discussion.

2:05pm -- Marlon Brando was an amazingly gifted and natural actor. But when he received an Academy Award in 1973 for his performance in "The Godfather", he did something almost unheard of. He said: No, thanks. But I will take this opportunity to put a spotlight on the plight of Native-Americans. Marlon Brando on Dick CavettAmerican Indian civil rights activist Sacheen Littlefeather made a statement on his behalf.It was while Wounded Knee was going on. And a profile in courage.

2:25pm -- Mark Deuitch, founder of PeopleClaim.com, a member-supported online dispute resolution service, designed to allow parties to come together in a neutral setting and solve problems—easily, quickly, and constructively, along with Jeff Kapek, marketing director, talk about their company's unique business model and successes in bringing parties together to resolve complaints.

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"Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile

Gidgets with gadgets.

Today JP Sottile, the Newsvandal, and James Moore invite you to tune in for another weekly dose of news at 4

pm CT when they go INSIDE THE HEADLINES.

This week's 3 tiers include Ebola! Ebola! Ebola! (not Ricola), the near-ish end is not a river in Egypt (Is that a whitleblower in your coalmine or a black canary?), and secrets & lies--so many secrets & lies.

As always, click "Read more" below for links to all the headline stories discussed on our program. Show is rebroadcast Sundays at 9am and archived Monday.

JOHN LENNON | 1940-1980 | October 9th



Join us for another weekly dose of INSIDE THE HEADLINES with Newsvandal JP Sottile and James Moore.

The three tiers today include banking on the incarcerated for fun & profit; the economy doesn't suck, it just sucks for you; and life's a beach--until it isn't.

As always, click on "Read more" below to reference any of the headlines discussed on the show. Thanks for tuning in. Rebro Sunday at 9am CT.


Mike Ragogna and Corey Hickenbottom talk with country legend Marty Stuart about his record TEAR THE WOODPILE DOWN.

Marty plays the Sondheim Center Thursday, October 2nd with his stellar band the Fabulous Superlatives.

Rebro Thu 6:30am & 12:30pm

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