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Coyote GraceRose petal moon
In the freckled indigo sky
My red, your white
Come bathe me in your light
Sing me to sleep tonight
~ Undertow, Coyote Grace

Coyote Grace is the Folk/Roots/Grass/Indie/Blues/Left/Love/Yes duo of Joe Stevens and Ingrid Elizabeth.  Energetic and engaging performers, the pair has the seasoned confidence that comes from years of touring, including one solid year back in 2007 on the road in an old RV named Harvey.

Fresh off a whirlwind tour with folk legends the Indigo Girls, Coyote Grace is headed East from their homebase in Northern California and will be arriving in Iowa mid-April for shows in Des Moines (4/17) and Fairfield (4/18).

Join me this Tuesday, April 6th for an interview with Miss Grace herself.  We'll start off the morning with some tunes and Ingrid will call in around 9:30am Central.

Lexi ShineThere's something there that's always on my mind
It hurts me right down to the core
Something that I just can't redescribe
Always there, can't close the door
~ Between You and Me, Lexie Shine

L.A. based singer-songwriter Lexie Shine does just that.  With a delivery that is passionate and raw, her songs glow from inside out.  Whether they are flirty or funny, romantic or rockin' there is always a familiar thread for the listener to find their way to relating to Lexie's song, and a catchy hook that will have you humming long after you press stop.

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of women in music!  Music for the first half, then Lexie will call in at around 9:30am. 


Jan SmithWe talked a long winding road
while I press my ear against the phone
to hear the changes in your face
as we spoke about songs
~ Honey, Jan Smith

Lyrical Venus welcomes back Jan Smith to talk about her upcoming album, as well as getting a sneak preview of some of the new tracks.  Her poetry is arresting, her assured guitar chugs and clickety-clacks like a steam engine, her voice lays bare the heart (hers and yours).  Tune in for this treat!   

Lyrical Venus starts at 9am Central, Jan will call in around 9:30am.


Sweet Talk RadioLoved my baby, ain't that enough?
Why'd you have to go and make a widow of
My Hallelujah
~ My Hallelujah, Sweet Talk Radio

Sweet Talk Radio is the husband and wife team of Kathrin Shorr and Tim Burlingame. With a sound that has been described as alt-folk or americana-pop, the seasoned musicians have that magic chemistry of two people who have each others backs, and are passionate about making music. As they seamlessly trade vocals, guitar riffs and even instruments, they always give their songs room to breathe. The metaphors and imagery in the lyrics paint characters and whole relationships with just a few well chosen words.

Sweet Talk Radio will be at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday March 20th at 8pm.  Previous Lyrical Venus guest Mary McAdams will open that show!

Tune in to Lyrical Venus this Tuesday, March 15th from 9-10am Central and get to know Sweet Talk Radio!  Interview at 9:30am.

True MargritA faulty device is marking time
On every Everest that I climb
Leading me back 10 years ago
Leading the track back to hello
~ Opposite Man, True Margrit

San Francisco based piano-pop trio True Margrit is fronted by singer-songwriter and piano-player Margrit Eichler.  Backed by Gary Hobish on bass and Andrew Bacon on drums, Margrit delivers her intelligent, upbeat songs with just enough pop flavor to be head-boppingly catchy, and just enough indie quirk to keep your ears on their toes.  Their newest album, The Juggler's Progress, is the fifth release for the band that has been described as "Aimee Mann & Ben Folds meet the Decemberists for speed Scrabble."

Laura MeyerThis morning I woke up grey
Just like this cloudy day
Still haven't made up my mind
Whether to shine or to rain
~ Between The Earth & The Sky, Laura Meyer

Laura Meyer lists New York City as her base, but between moving often while growing up and her extensive touring, it seems that this independent artist is also an independent spirit, able to find beauty wherever she lands.  Her latest album, Miles From Nowhere, supports that idea, capturing slices of the traveling life from New Orleans to Colorado, Carolina and back to New York.  Painting word pictures with a shimmering, smokey voice, Laura supports her little road vignettes with deft finger-picking and crunchy blues riffs in turn, providing as much of a trip for your ears as your imagination.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus Tuesday March 2nd from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of female singer-songwriters!  Laura will be calling around 9:30.


Bess RogersMaybe now
you'll stop pushing me
pushing me around
Maybe now
you'll stop holding me
holding me down
~ Bulldozer, Bess Rogers

You'll find New York singer-songwriter and multi-intrumentalist Bess Rogers' name on a lot of projects these days.  Whether it's for touring, backup, podcasting, YouTube shorts or television performances, her talents are in high demand!  Bess' Travel Back EP takes the listener on a trip through a rich, varied aural landscape. In less than 20 minutes you can go from rip-roarin', foot-stompin', hand-clappin' rockers to stripped down, bittersweet, vocal showcasers and back again.  I have a feeling Bess' name is going to keep popping up a lot more for years to come, I don't see how anything could hold her down!

Tune in to Lyrical Venus Tuesday morning from 9-10am Central for great music by female singer-songwriters!  Interview with Bess starts at 9:30.

EllisI'm coming home to you
Like a lighthouse in the dark
I reach for you whenever we're apart
~ Coming Home to You, Ellis

Minnesota-based singer-songwriter Ellis has been busy since her last visit to Fairfield, including working on a new album and showcasing at the Sundance Film Festival!  With her sweet voice, gigantic grin and heart-opening songs, I'm sure she made a whole bunch more new fans. 

New fans and longtime fans in the area can see her live at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday 2/13 at 8pm!

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday morning to catch up with Ellis. The show starts at 9:00 am central, Ellis will call in around 9:30.

Yael MeyerAs I walk above the pavement,
I can feel you walking with me carrying me
And I hear above the silence
all these voices screaming loudly at my ear
~ Shed Their Fear, Yael Meyer

A dancer and singer since childhood in her native Chile, Yael Meyer received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music at the age of 19.  It was there that she gained a deeper appreciation of the power of music and its ability to make a positive difference in the world.  Currently residing in L.A., Yael released her new Heartbeat EP just a couple months ago.  A beautiful blend of folk, pop and electronica, the delicate, delightful songs on Heartbeat will tickle your ears and put a smile on your heart. They are definitely making a positive difference in MY world! :)

Join me Tuesday February 2nd for an interview with Yael!  Tune in from 9-10am Central for the full hour of Lyrical Venus, Yael will be calling in at 9:30.


Allison WeissI got my fingers crossed
And my hopes are high
So I'll try to stay calm
Try to stay dry
~ Fingers Crossed, Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss' music is said to sound like “Your saddest memories sung to the tune of your happiest”, and I think that is a pretty apt description. If you separated the lyrics from the music you’d probably get a very different feeling from each. Put together as they are though, the bittersweet, upbeat pop gems have you tapping your feet while feeling that little tug on your heart that happens when you remember something sad or the longing that comes with a crush.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus Radio on Tuesday January 26th at 9am Central for a live interview with Allison! She will be calling in from about 9-9:30 Central Time and then we’ll have a half hour of more great music.  Check out LyricalVenus.com for more info and links on Allison!

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