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A Lyrical Venus Radio Hour (Almost) All About the Amys

To honor the passing of Amy Winehouse, for this episode of Lyrical Venus, we'll kick off with one of her songs, followed by a whole bunch of other songs by artists who share the same first name. Plus a few other songs of hope to round out the hour.  Check out the playlist here.

Amy Winehouse

Tune in from 9-10 am Central Tuesday morning for a full hour of music by women!

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Annie Dressner Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 7/19

Annie DressnerWhat if I climb a really tall tree
and what if the branch it breaks under me?
Then where will I go? The only place is down
And I'm scared that my world will be turned around
~ Fly, Annie Dressner

Strangers Who Knew Each Other's Names may be New York singer-songwriter's Annie Dressner's debut album, but her graceful, relaxed and assured delivery make it sound like she's got 4 or 5 releases behind her.  Evoking the likes of Jenny Lewis or Neko Case, Annie's confessional quirkiness hooks you in at first listen, and her sweet voice and the lush, layered production will have you pressing "repeat" and adding the album to your summer backyard BBQ soundtrack.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am Central for your weekly concentrated dose of music by female singer-songwriters.  Interview with Annie starts at 9am.

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Lizzy Lehman Interview on Lyrical Venus!

Lizzy LehmanOh I just wanna fly
'cause I know the feeling would be right
Let's do it, I say tonight
Tonight would be just fine
I've worked it out
I've got my shoes laced up tight
And the temperature's alright
~ September Sky, Lizzy Lehman

With a soul, sound and subject matter that belie her years, listening to Lizzy Lehman gives the impression of a folk artist with several albums and several tours of the national coffee-house circuit already under her belt.  Currently an Austinite by way of Portland, OR and Evanston, IL, Lizzy could easily hold her own in a round-robin song circle with the likes of Amber Rubarth, Ana Egge, Catie Curtis and Meg Hutchinson.

Tune in from 9-10 Central for an interview with Lizzy followed by 30 more minutes of music by wonderful women songwriters! 

Amy ZamarripaViolet dreams racing through my mind
Kaleidoscope of wishes lighting up the night
Bright, bright, bright

~ Violet Dreams, Amy Zamarripa

Generous, hard-working and talented to boot, Amy Zamarripa is a major player in the Austin Open Mic scene, hosting her own on Fridays at Fair Bean Coffee and you can find her playing out at others around town almost any other night of the week!  

With a rich, bluesy voice and lush, poetic lyrics, Amy's music mixes the soulfulness of Janis Joplin, the spark of Bonnie Raitt and the mystery of Tori Amos. With one album under her belt and another one in the works, she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am Central to get to know Amy, hear a few songs celebrating the 4th and more!  Amy will be on the air at 9am.

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Little Grey Girlfriend - Featured Artist on Lyrical Venus 6/28!

Little Grey GirlfriendBroken wanderer, open to it all
Happy in your soul
If it is not written in the stars
Write what you know
~ Lovesick for the World, Little Grey Girlfriend

Mash up a foundation of classical training with years of honing a pop sensibility, mix in a generous portion of creative originality, a splash of quirk and top it off with the liquid silver of Erika Lloyd's voice and you get one of Brooklyn's more unique indie bands - Little Grey Girlfriend.
Bringing to mind other stylistic trailblazers like Regina Spektor, Bjork and Joanna Newsom, more for a sympatico of fearless approach and extensive range than a similarity in sound, Little Grey Girlfriend is ready to take their show on the road this summer.

Tune in at 9am to hear a feature set of music by Little Grey Girlfriend and stick around for the rest of the hour for more great music by women from all over the map. Check out Lyrical Venus for a full blog interview with Erika.

Emily ZuzikYou hit my eyes like a shot of light
Thoughts of you keep me up at night
No one else comes close to this
~ You Want to Go Out Tonight, Emily Zuzik

A versatile and sought-after co-writer, New York singer-songwriter Emily Zuzik narrows her focus to pure, high-octane rock for her seventh studio album, The Wild Joys of Living. Quick to point out that the release is by the Emily Zuzik Band, the lead singer is proud of the full production and collaborative efforts that truly reflect where she is and how she wants to live her life as a musician. Released just in time for summer, The Wild Joys of Living will have you cranking up the volume, rolling down the windows and singing along at the top of your lungs.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus from 9-10am Central US for your weekly concentrated dose of music by female singer-songwriters.  Interview with Emily at 9:30.

Bedrooms & Basements FeatureThis week on Lyrical Venus we start with a set of music by the talented ladies on the newly released Beauty Shop compilation album Bedrooms and Basements.  If you haven't yet heard the album, you'll be impressed with the variety and skill of these young Fairfield artists.  We will also play an unreleased track by a brand new project in Austin, TX called Les RAV.

Tune in from 9-10am Central Time US for your weekly concentrated dose of music by female singer-songwriters and hear some of the freshest tunes out there!

Check out the songs and artist websites from the playlist.

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Lyrical Venus Full Music Morning: Pins & Needles, Razors & Rust

Lyrical Venus Pins and Needles etcSometimes following a random road leads to a new idea, like when I press shuffle on my music library and suddenly see a bit of a theme emerging.  This week the hint of a theme came together from something to do with pins, needles, razors, rust, guns, coal and diamonds.  A sort of sharp, metallic morning mix for you, but balanced with a healthy scoop of angelic sweetness and an occasional touch of sass.  

Tune in Tuesday morning from 9-10am Central to hear women like Sara Bareilles, Jennings, Teresa Storch, Boca Chica, Neko Case, Tori Sparks, Pieta Brown, Susan Gibson and more. Click here for the playlist.

Atoosa GreyOnly when the cardinals come
Do I ask the night if she'd fold her wings and sleep some
If she'd fold like a rose over its stars
~ When The Cardinals Come, Atoosa Grey

Iranian-born and New Jersey-raised Atoosa Grey’s fourth album, When the Cardinals Come, balances lush poetry and soundscapes with clear, simple and straightforward delivery. Filled with imagery of the natural world and the journeys of the heart, Atoosa’s songs capture the articulate sweetness of Lucy Kaplansky crossed with the twangy quirk of Neko Case.

Sarah SampleWhen they lay me down in a box
Please sail me out to sea
I’ve spent all my life being tied to this land
Please don’t bury me.
~ Don't Bury Me, Sarah Sample

Like an angelfood cake soaked in whiskey, the music of Sarah Sample is a delicate dessert that packs a pleasant punch. Her voice will stop you in your tracks and her megawatt grin will light up a smile across your own face. Radiating grace, yet brave enough to share raw honesty, her easy and genuine connection with audiences appears effortless. Combine that with her polished collection of song gems and it's easy to see why Sarah is a fast favorite wherever she goes. She will be returning to perform at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday, March 26th.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday morning for your weekly dose of great music by female singer-songwriters. Show starts at 9am Central, Sarah will be calling at 9:30am Central.

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