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"I'm here, loving you, drowning in you
between photos and notebooks
between things and memories
that I can't understand.
I'm driving myself crazy.
Mixing up my foot and my face,
the night and the day.
There's nothing I can do."
~ Shakira, Estoy Aqui (I'm Here)

Kina Grannis
The Subject Tonight
(ahem, Tuesday morning) is Love

The subject tonight is Love
And for tomorrow night as well,
As a matter of fact
I know of no better topic
For us to discuss
Until we all
~ Hafiz

Boy, choosing the songs for the Valentine show was HARD, because there are sooo many good love songs! This week on the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour you'll find a range of happy love songs, sad ones, songs about longing for love, love stories, and even a couple about how hard it can be to write a love song. I'll also take a quick break mid-way to read a few short love poems by Hafiz. Whatever your status is, you can have 14 lovely ladies sing to you for an hour if you tune in on Tuesday at 9am! Happy Valentine's! See the complete playlist.

Ellis"How would it be if you really created your life?
Stories you told, the good and bad, that they come alive?"
Ellis, How Would It Be

Minnesota based singer-songwriter Ellis is coming to Cafe Paradiso Saturday, February 9th as part of her CD release tour for her 6th album - Break the Spell.

Join us on the Lyrical Venus Radio hour for an interview with this inspiring and engaging artist and to hear tracks from the new CD!

“With a voice as strong as thunder and a message as powerful as a surge of lightning, Ellis pours out her heart and soul into every single word.” — Independent Songwriter Magazine- National

Guitar and Toes
"I have this fear of falling

Even though I hear it calling

I'd rather stay right here

it's safer anyway"

- Fear of Falling, Jennifer Kravassi


If the singing, songwriting ladies this week on Lyrical Venus have any Fear of Falling, they Never Give Up, and they Don't Cry over a Wasted Word, they just Slowly Slowly look for The Easy Way to get Down The Mountain. Even if they Never Meant to let their Feelings Show, and it seems like they're Learning Too Slow, they Can't Stop until all the Loose Ends are tied up. Tune in Starting Now (well, Tuesday at 9AM) for some Easy Pearls of sweet music, and to hear the songs behind the titles.

Sharon Bousquet

This week on Lyrical Venus, singer-songwriter Sharon Bousquet will stop by to talk about her recent trip to California for the premiere of the film Cosmic Radio. Three of Sharon's songs plus instrumental background music can be heard in the film!

"Whether she's playing the smoldering blues, soulful rock or country-tinged folk, Sharon Bousquet does everything with sultry grace. She's a woman with so much music inside her, it's as if she can't help but let it bubble out all steamy-like across a wide range of genres.... She has
considerable prowess on the acoustic guitar, yet she puts her instrument down occasionally to belt out an a cappella tune like the gospel-tinged "Temple".... Bousquet has the substance to rise to the top." - The Metro (Santa Cruz) - RP

This week's theme: Birdsong(s)
Erin McKeown We Will Become Like Birds Album Cover
"air! in my bones where the marrow should be
but what i lack for guts and blood
i make up for in dreams"
Air, Erin McKeown, We Will Become Like Birds

Many a female singer-songwriter has been called a songbird by way of description. This week the songbirds on Lyrical Venus will sing about birds.

Whether it's blackbirds, white birds, birds on wires, or even imagining life without birds, those fine feathered friends have definitely inspired many a song for lovely ladies like The Be Good Tanyas, Melissa Ferrick, Leela and Ellie Grace, Rachel Ries, KT Tunstall, Sharon Bousquet, and more, so come have a listen Tuesday at 9 AM! Your heart just might fly away...

"Sometimes leaving is a joyful sign" - Girlyman, Joyful Signgirlyman

This week's dose of girl-power on Lyrical Venus is inspired by a "cheer up" mix I created for my former co-workers to combat the post-downsizing blues. Whether you've got the post-holiday blues, post-caucus blues, or a bit of the winter blahs, songs like The World's Not Falling Apart, Hold On, Looking Forward, I'll Be Alright, and Better Things let you know you are not alone, sometimes moving on is the best thing you can do, and whatever happens, things are going to get better!

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