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Melissa FerrickGoodbye youth, goodbye lust,
Welcome to the rest of your life,
Hey girl, say hello to the good stuff
~ Melissa Ferrick, Goodbye Youth

When I was at the Song School in August I had the pleasure of taking a creative writing class with performing singer-songwriter Melissa Ferrick.  The next day she sat down with me for a quick interview where she talked about the artists she was excited to see at the Folks Festival, staying ahead in the indie music industry, plus all about her new album Goodbye Youth.  The album is released online and at concerts only starting today, with an "official street date" in January. Tune in Tuesday at 9am for the interview and some tracks off Melissa's new album, plus more Lyrical Venus-y goodness!

Amy KuneyIt’s a beautiful morning
Beautiful morning
Dressed up in summer and tied with a bow
Let’s be courageous and face tiny dangers
Let’s climb those fences
With signs that say “don’t”
~ Simple Things, Amy Kuney

This week I'll be interviewing singer-songwriter Amy Kuney. She's currently based out of Los Angeles and her album Bird's Eye View just came out last month. Amy has come a long way from the cinder-block home in Honduras she grew up in as a teen with her missionary parents - the quiet and simple life she lived there provided a fertile ground for her musical creativity. Amy's talents are the kind that catch the eye of established performers and inspire them to take her on tour with them. (She recently got back from a tour in Iceland with Damien Rice.) I personally love how her quirky/clever lyrics always catch me by surprise.
Tune in Tuesday at 9am
and we'll kick off with some tunes by great female singer-songwriters before Amy calls in!

Beaucoup ShaktiBeaucoup Shakti (Boo-Coo/ Shock-Tee) is Fairfield's newest musical ensemble and we'll get to hear from them live in the studio on Lyrical Venus this Tuesday! Beaucoup Shakti means "lots of creative energy/life force" and they are aptly named. With singer-songwriter Sharon Bousquet, multi-instrumentalist Eric Hurlin and vocalist Heather Love as the core members, this group sure packs a punch! (Vocalist Gemma Cohen often adds her beautiful harmonies to the mix.)

Tune in Tuesday at 9am for a taste, plus a few new tracks from more of the amazing gals I met out at Planet Bluegrass.

Planet Bluegrass Mainstage


Apologies for the last minute blog, but I've just returned from Song School and Folks Fest in Colorado where my mind was blown away from all the awesomeness, and I haven't quite gotten it back yet. In any case, I'm playing a few songs from people I met or saw perform, and there's going to be a whole lot more of that in the next few weeks. Probably some cool interviews too! Stay tuned on Tuesdays from 9-10 am!


The first two days of the festival it rained, thus the umbrellas and ponchos. Still a beautiful setting for a weekend of concerts though, right?


Leela and Ellie Grace by Steph Barr

And if we’re lost, well we can circle back around
To the well, to the strength, to the home
To the love and to our common ground
~ Ellie Grace, Common Ground

Ok, I admit it, I have a thing for banjos. There's just something about that rich twangy sound that gets me every time. So this week I've gathered up a collection of songs by female singer-songwriters that feature banjos! We'll finish up the hour with an extended set of songs by Leela and Ellie Grace, the singing, dancing, harmonizing sisters extraordinare who many of you may remember from their past live Fairfield shows!

Join me from 9-10 am Tuesday for an hour of banjo babes - it'll be finger-pickin' good!


Last week in the mail I got three, count 'em, three pre-released albums
of great music, so that means a special sneak preview of new stuff for
Lyrical Venus listeners!

Alison Harris Joan Baez Dar Williams

Alison Harris is a newcomer to the scene, but she is already being compared to greats such as Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. Tune in to hear a few from her debut album Smoke Rings in the Sky. Speaking of Joan Baez, I've got a few tracks off her new album Day After Tomorrow, (produced by Steve Earle) on the list. Joan Baez took Dar Williams under her wing back when Dar was just starting out, so it's appropriate that both of these ladies have albums coming out in September. Dar's new one is called Promised Land, and yes I'll play a few from that one too! Plus a few more good ones by female singer-songwriters to round out the hour. Tune in 9am Tuesday!

The Rescues
break me out tonight i wanna see the
sun rising anywhere but here
come with me, this could be
the only chance we get, we gotta take it
don't do it now we'll never make it
lose this crowd, break me out
~ The Rescues, Break Me Out

The Rescues have been described as an Indie Supergroup - three talented singer-songwriters and friends with solo careers, brought together to perform at another friend's wedding only to discover that the whole was more than the sum of the parts. And when you've got good parts to begin with, well - get ready to have your socks rocked! I'm betting you'll love the soaring harmonies, driving beats and heart-swelling ballads these three pump out time and again on their album Crazy Ever After as much as I do!

Join me on Tuesday at 9am for an interview with the two female thirds of The Rescues - Adrianne and Kyler. (Love you too Gabe!)

Lauren E. DavisSo remember how last week I mentioned that Claire Wellin plays the narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on alternating performances? Well, I got lucky and got the other narrator (who is ALSO a talented songwriter) Lauren Davis, to come in for an interview this week! I can see why both of these gals got cast, they are both so good it's impossible to choose one or the other. In any case, it's too bad we don't have a piano in the broadcasting room, because this girl from Ohio can seriously tickle some ivories.

Tune in Tuesday at 9am to hear Lauren sing and talk about her songwriting and acting experiences.

Plus, as always, there will be some great music by female singer-songwriters, including a brand new one by Imogen Heap!

Claire WellinFor the past two and a half weeks I've been rehearsing like mad with a bunch of super-talented interns at the Sondheim Center for the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, so I've got colors on the brain!

Lucky for me there are a bunch of great songs by female singer-songwriters that have to do with color. Lucky for you it turns out that one of those interns I just mentioned is also a songwriter, and she's agreed to come on the show and sing us a song! Claire Wellin plays the part of the Narrator (on alternating performances) so you'll get to hear a preview of her gorgeous voice before you come see the show this weekend. Because you're coming right? :)

Either way, tune in Tuesday at 9am for some great tunes about color!


Katja Graduation Day
I have a universe inside me
Where I can go and spirit guides me
There I can ask oh any question
I get the answers if I listen

~ Sinéad O'Connor, The Healing Room

Last week I was off in Seattle with some of my college pals to
celebrate the graduation of our friend Katja from Naturopathic medical
school. It was a sweet time staying up late in a cabin on the lake with trips into the city for fun adventures. I manage to get together with this group of friends about once a year, and one thing I always look forward to is sharing what kind of music we've been listening to lately. We thought it would be fun for us to do a show together, so guest DJ's Megan and Karuna introduced me to some new artists and we all picked out some songs to celebrate the occasion (like The Healing Room by Sinéad O'Connor), plus some all around good stuff by Ellis, Lori McKenna, Edie Brickell, Beth Orton and more!

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