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Ellis and Terri
After a fabulous concert this past February, many Fairfielders are looking forward to the return of Ellis for a concert this weekend.  What many may not know is she is also bringing booking agent/artist Terri Mazurek, and the two of them will be presenting a workshop on Sunday entitled "Making a Living Making Music in the 21st Century."  Topics include: how to set direction for your music career, how to find an audience for your music, promotion and marketing ideas, and how to plan/book your own tours. All levels of performing musicians are welcome, from those just starting out to touring musicians.

I met Ellis and Terri in person at the Rocky Mountain Song School and they are both the kind of vibrant, funny, sweet and down-to-earth people you just want to hang out with!

Join me on Lyrical Venus for great music and an interview with Ellis and Terri to hear about their most recent projects and current great ideas!

Well I'm not sure what stars aligned but somehow I'm lucky enough to have three great artists calling in this week!

Rachel Ries and Anais MitchellAnaïs Mitchell and Rachel Ries are returning to Fairfield this weekend as part of their tour in support of their duo project - Country EP.  The sweet little gem of a record was put out on vinyl by Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records.  The gals harmonize on a handpicked few ofRachael Sage each other's songs plus one by their friend Louis Ledford to make up a low-fi, honey jangly, down-home, vintage sounding collection.

After that we'll hear from New York's award-winning, quirky folk-pop diva Rachael Sage.  Her 8th solo album Chandelier was released this summer and it's as sparking as they say, with glam guitars, twinkling piano and a bright horn section.  My only disappointment is that I didn't discover her music earlier!

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10 am to hear from all these amazing ladies!

Marykate O'NeilNow you live in New Jersey
You have 3 kids and you're busy
fighting the gridlock off of 95
and I live back in the Village
where there's no more any signs of Dylan
I burn a candle by wearing stripes all the time
~ Green Street, Marykate O'Neil

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Marykate O'Neil just released her third solo project, mkULTRA, at the end of October. Marykate's brand of city-smart retro-pop will land in your ears like a square of dark chocolate melts on your tongue - with just the right balance of bitter and sweet. Yum.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am for a live interview with Marykate and to hear tracks from her new EP mkULTRA, plus other Lyrical Venus-y goodness.

Flags on the Fairfield SquareIt's November 4th. 

Polls are open from 7am-9pm.  As long as you're in line by 9pm you're good to go.  But here's hoping this playlist inspires you to get out there earlier than that.  (And if you already voted in Jefferson County, I'll be helping count your ballot as part of the Absentee/Early Ballot Board today.)

Tune in from 9-10am for songs about our country, independence, and the power of a single person to make a difference. 

And as always on Lyrical Venus, all the songs are by fabulous female singer-songwriters!

Brooke Brown Saracino Ok meet me in the back of this smokeless bar
With the ghosts of cigarrettes midnight brawls
I'll breathe you in and I'll fight you out
~ Smokeless Bar, Brooke Brown Saracino

Brooke describes her sophomore release Stranger’s Story as minimal and melancholy with a playful sound. While her debut album Treading Water included trumpet, accordion and drums on some tracks, Stranger’s Story is stripped down to just Brooke and her guitar, with the occasional ukulele, xylophone, fiddle and kazoo layered in.

A truly independent artist, Brooke did all the recording, editing, mixing
and production on the album herself. Her music has won her honors in
the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Singer/Songwriter showcase every year
since 2005, and she was selected to perform at this year’s Falcon Ridge
Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase.

Jen FosterAnd there you go again spinning all your wheels
You never know what you’ve got until you lose it
And here I am still waiting after all these years

~ Jen Foster, Venice Beach

Award winning Nashville singer-songwriter Jen Foster has a wide range of styles in her songs - from sweet, down-tempo melodies to all out rockers.  And she's a busy bee!  Besides writing and recording songs, she's winning contests right and left, getting song placements in TV shows and movies, making music videos and more.  And all that is on her own label Fosterchild Records! 

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am for great music by female singer-songwriters, an interview with Jen and to hear tracks from her new EP - Songs from Thirty Nine

Jana PochopTook an offer for a ride to Amarillo
It was 23 miles by a drunken crow
Be careful who you talk to when you roll down your window
And you can't call home
~ Paper Rock Scissors, Jana Pochop

My fellow musician, blogger and internet buddy Jana Pochop (that'd be with a silent “h”) has just released her new EP The Early Year. The Austin based history major turned singer-songwriter has had a jam packed year, from going to Folk Music Grad school to putting out the EP (which includes playing all the instruments you hear on the album!) to touring as a Merch girl with the Grammy winning Susan Gibson and more.

Join me Tuesday from 9-10 am for great music by female singer-songwriters, an interview with Jana and to hear tracks from her new EP!

Sarah SamplePieta BrownYou were on the run from your parents and the law
I didn't see it then but I was your get-away car
I didn't have a bottle yet you drank down all my love
But to you the edge was never close enough
~ Never Close Enough, Sarah Sample

Just a few minutes listening to Sarah Sample's latest album Never Close Enough and it's easy to see why she was the winner of the 2007 Rocky Mountain Folks Showcase. Intelligent writing, memorable melodies and a super sweet voice come together for something worth listening to over and over again.

If that weren't enough, Pieta Brown & Bo Ramsey will be playing Cafe Paradiso this Saturday October 11. Pieta will be calling in to discuss her new EP Flight Time!

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am for interviews with Pieta & Sarah!

Driftwood FireHold me close while sun drips like sap through our veins

Slowly coursing despite the pressure of planetary strains

The earth spins the clocks tick the ceiling fan ignores

~Blown Asunder, Driftwood Fire

Mixing singer-songwriter, jazz and Appalachian flavors into their sound, Driftwood Fire (Lynn Scharf, Charlotte Formichella and Jennifer "JJ" Jones) has been compared to artists like Vienna Teng,
Cowboy Junkies, The Ditty Bops and Gillian Welch. But their name alone evokes the feeling of their music - a late and quiet night on the beach with friends, a slight chill on your back off the waves, and barefoot toes toasty in the sand around a fire where everyone takes turns passing a guitar and sharing their stories. They'll be in Des Moines Oct 3.

Tune in Tuesday at 9am to hear from the band!


I've been getting a bunch of new albums in to the station these days and there's so much good music to share!  So tune in and meet some of my new musical friends like Lynette Diaz, Rebecca Folsom, Sarah Sample and more!

Lynette Diaz Rebecca Folsom Sarah Sample 

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