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Lisa BiancoWe communicate, we appreciate
That we are in contact some way
We forget that we are the living ones
Bound by chips and soldiered wires
~ Post Data/We Communicate, Lisa Bianco

I fell in love with Lisa Bianco's music right away for the rockin', catchy, crunchy wall of sound on the title track of her album Post Data.  Then on a trip back from the airport I was listening to her CD in the car and I was able to catch more of the lyrics than on my previous listens and I started liking the songs even better!  Fun and introspective?  Loud and intimate? Yes, Lisa's music is all that and more. 

Find out for yourself - Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am Central for Lyrical Venus-y goodness plus an interview with Lisa at 9:30!

Raining JaneAt the end of the day
It's just a game that we play
And a fistful of paper tickets
Will get you nothing but a plastic ring

~ Pinball, Raining Jane


The all-women California band Raining Jane has had a lot of good stuff going on lately, like touring with Sara Bareilles and Willy Porter, and having a song featured on Grey's Anatomy! Right now they are in the midst of their month-long residency at The Hotel Cafe and working on writing some new songs to add to their already amazing catalogue of eclectic folk-rock.

Tune in Tuesday for an interview with (at least one member of) Raining Jane! I'll play some new arrivals/previews of coming interviews music starts at 9am, and the Raining Jane interview starts at 9:30.

Ember Swift - Lentic

So what does moonlight represent when it disappears?
Even if I can't see it is the light still here?
~ Eclipse, Ember Swift

Independent Canadian artist Ember Swift has been touring internationally since 1996, and has released 9 albums plus a DVD project in that time. In 2007 she finally realized a goal of traveling to China and has been splitting her time between Canada and China ever since. Her new project, Lentic, is a musical expression of her experiences in merging East and West - everything from the lyrics to the packaging to the instrumentation is a beautiful merging of languages and cultures, allowing the two to learn from, inform and celebrate each other.

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am for the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour, including songs from Ember's new project Lentic, plus an interview with Ember!

Singer-songwriter Allie MossWhat if I knew your name?
What if we had the same home room?
What if the things that tie us are stronger than we knew?
~ Passerby, Allie Moss

I've been looking forward to this album for almost 2 years now and it was worth the wait!  The lovely and talented Allie Moss does not disappoint with her new EP Passerby, featuring her beautiful voice, gorgeous melodies and relatable, relevant lyrics.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am Central for the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour, where I shine the spotlight on female singer-songwriters from around the globe! Allie will be calling in around 9:30am.

Flowering Spring TreeI don't know about anyone else, but I've sure been enjoying all the flowering trees around town the past weeks.  Spring always seems to manage that brief but mindblowingly beautiful reward for sticking out the winter, and then the cloudy, rainy spring.  And you know what they say: "April showers bring May Flowers."  It's May now, so it's the perfect time for a show with songs by female singer-songwriters all about flowers!  I've picked a fresh musical bouquet with everything from roses to buttercups to gardenias, just for you.  :-)

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am to hear it!

The Lovell Sisters

Don't look at me that way,
I gotta head on down this road
Take your broken heart back home
I don't know where I'm gonna go,
but that don't mean I should stay
I keep these boots a walkin' till I reach my grave
I gotta take it slow
This heart just needs some time to grow

~ Time to Grow, The Lovell Sisters

Jessica (23), Megan (19) and Rebecca (18) Lovell are so passionate about bluegrass and Americana music, it may come as a shock to some how young they are to be playing in genre that many consider Old Time. But what they may lack in years they more than make up for in talent, devotion and enthusiasm! (Besides which, here at KRUU we know that good music is timeless and there's no age limit on enjoyment.) Both their playing and harmonies are tight in that way that only comes from years of a family living and performing together.

Jessica will be calling in at 9:30am to talk about their brand new release, Time to Grow, which came out digitally just last week.

Be sure to tune in for the first half of the show starting at 9am, I'll be playing some also brand new Ember Swift songs from her new folktronica project Lentic!

The Lovell Sisters
Yes, it's that time again - time for your weekly dose of music by female singer songwriters! I was recently sent an advance copy of the new album by the Lovell Sisters, a talented young trio who are winning songwriting awards right and left with their Americana style songs. They will be calling in for an interview in a couple of weeks, but I'll play you some songs off the album as a preview - before the album is even released!

Also listen for a couple from Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan who used to back up Damien Rice and is now stepping out into her own solo career.

I may even slip in a few songs with Easter references in honor of this weekend! :)  Tune in from 9-10am Tuesday morning to find out!

Lyrical Venus Album Cover Mosaic

It's always good for me to mix things up every once in while and look at them from a different angle.  Gets the idea juices going!

I was listening to my music library set to random on my laptop the other day and kept hearing songs by female singer-songwriters that I wanted to share for this week.  Sometimes the random setting reminds me of stuff I haven't played in a while, or makes me hear a song in a new light because it's set between two others I wouldn't choose on my own.  Lots of "Oh my goodness, I LOVE this song." moments sprinkled with, "Whoa, I didn't even remember I had this but I like it!"

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday from 9-10 am and discover some new and old favorites for yourself!

Jessie FryeMaybe you'll go to Chicago and get a little peace of mind
and maybe you'll find
memories pieced together, people come undone
your heart is heavy with time
you sit and watch the world walk by
~ Birthmark, Jessie Frye

Singer-songwriter Jessie Frye hails from Texas, but don't expect a lot of twang from her. There are touches of it here and there, but much of the music is lush, piano driven pop, infused with soul and a bit of blues. One description of her music says it sounds like "if Oscar Wilde crawled inside of a piano and then drank a lot of espresso." Nice.

Tune in to the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour from 9-10 am Tuesday and hear for yourself! As always, we'll have some good tunes by female singer-songwriters and then the interview with Jessie, including some of her songs!

Wendy WallThere's a quiet and a still
It's nothing like you've ever seen
The way they lights cast on the hill
The light I'm seeing in a dream

~ Road to Paradise, Wendy Wall

The first thing that hits you on listening to Wendy Wall's music is her voice - rich and textured like a tapestry.  But if you keep listening you realize that the words are as beautifully woven as the vocal elements. Wendy's new album Road to Paradise charts a course full of "heartbreak, inner demons, deferred dreams and the sometimes seemingly unforgiving terms of life as an artist" in a way that pulls out the the lessons learned and emphasizes the transformations, in a way that everyone can relate.

Tune in Tuesday for an interview with Wendy!  The usual great dose of songs by female singer-songwriters starts at 9 am and the interview at 9:30.

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