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DJ Hum With Nose WarmerTwo years ago I had my first radio show on
KRUU! I confess, I was so nervous I just played an hour of music with breaks on the quarter hours to read off the song listings and the station ID. In 2009 I interviewed 31 artists live and over the phone. 

Join me as I play songs from the artists interviewed in 2009 - a look back at the great music from the show last year!

Here's to a music-filled new decade!  Every Tuesday from 9-10am Central!

Kristi MartelHere I can be myself
Here I can look right at you
Here I can sing the song of my soul
and I will be heard by you.
~ Blessed Community, Kristi Martel

Avant-garde songwriter and piano diva Kristi Martel has recently recorded demos for her next full-length CD, Sacred Whore. From her website: "The work is more jazz and soul, and focuses on the universal in our human experience and our need for inner and world peace."  The stripped-down demos certainly don't feel like anything is missing - Kristi's beautiful voice and vibrant piano fill the space of the stories perfectly.

Join me Tuesday from 9-10 am Central for the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour.  We'll kick off with some seasonal songs and the interview with Kristi will start around 9:30am!

Cheryl BranzI'm sliding, gliding, skating from here
From the clouds in my life to a goal that is clear
I'm on the edge of a dream with the wind in my hair
As I skate

~ Skating, Cheryl Branz

When I first saw Cheryl Branz on stage, she had a twinkle in her eye similar to the one many people attribute to the "Jolly Old Elf". That twinkle shines through her Christmas album, The Christmas Gift. Cheryl's crystalline voice shines equally bright on all the songs from silly to sweet to serious.  The album is like the best kind of gift - some parts familiar, some parts surprising, all parts delightful.

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am for a holiday edition of Lyrical Venus!  Cheryl will be calling around 9:30.

Emily DunbarShe traded away
Fields of corn & hay
For gold lamé
~ Gold Lamé, Emily Dunbar

When I first met Emily Dunbar two years ago at Rocky Mountain Song School, I was immediately impressed with her insightful and quirky lyrics, her optimistic attitude and her generous heart. So I was overjoyed to find out a few months ago that she had finally made an album including those songs I first heard around the campfire and wanted to hear again! As it says in the album description, Catch It When You Can "... is slick enough for the big time, but homespun enough to imagine Dunbar strumming just for you from across the room."

Join me Tues Dec 1st for an interview with Emily about her debut album! Lyrical Venus is every Tuesday from 9-10 am.

Recording WinterbloomI'll see you as you are this Christmas
I'll see you as you are right now

~ I'll See You As You Are, Anne Heaton

Earlier this year, Anne Heaton, Antje Duvekot, Meg Hutchinson & Natalia Zukerman joined forces to record an 8 song EP of both new and traditional holiday songs called Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged. Each artist wrote one original and put their twist on a traditional, and the other three joined in on harmonies and instruments. The girls are now touring as a group this season in support of the album, kicking off at CSPS in Cedar Rapids.

Join me Tuesday, November 24th from 9-10am for an interview with Anne Heaton about the making of Winterbloom, plus hear non-holiday songs from each of these talented songwriters!


The Shells

It's a new day
And my time's not expired
Just want to reach the point
Where worrying becomes a desire
~ A New Day, The Shells

Carrie Welling from Colorado Springs, CO, Melanie Klaja from Buffalo, NY, and Jessica Rae Waltz from Nashville, TN met in New York City in 2005 and formed The Shells. After spending a while trying to use a long line of descriptions for their sound (like pop-rock-folk-alternative-country) they decided to coin their own term - “Cosmo Country”.  Released this October, their debut album Written Roads has a little bit of everything that is captured so well in the words Cosmo Country - a little twang, a little edge, a little grit, a little sweetness and a whole lot of honesty. 

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday 11/17 for an interview with The Shells plus other great music by female singer-songwriters.  The Shells will call at 9:30am Central.  Read more about The Shells on LyricalVenus.com

Boh Runga photo byMelanie Nissen Lie to me
I listen even though I know
you're bad for me
Oh Evelyn
~ Evelyn, Boh Runga

New Zealand rock royalty Boh Runga spent several successful years fronting her band Stellar.  When she decided to record her next album in Los Angeles, she also decide to step out under her own name.  The resulting Right Here is full of catchy hooks, rich rock, all threaded through with Boh's pop-perfect voice.

Join me Tues at 9am for a set of tunes from Boh's new album, plus more of the usual Lyrical Venus type of tunes the rest of the hour.  I was also able to get an email interview with Boh, click here to read it.

Sue KrehbielDusty Cleveland doesn't seem that long ago
to four boys in grade school running down that dusty road
to find the precious oriole.
~ Sue Krehbiel, Dusty Cleveland

Music has been of Colorado songwriter Sue Krehbiel's life for as long as she can remember, starting out harmonizing with her dad at neighborhood sing-alongs as a kid.  It has only been in the more recent times though that Sue has stepped forward to perform on her own, thanks to the coaxing and encouragement of her friends.  You wouldn't know it - from her assured presence and beautiful guitar work on stage and in her debut CD, Dusty Cleveland, Sue seems like a pro who has been performing for years.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday 10/20 for an interview with Sue plus other great music by female singer-songwriters.  Sue will call at 9:30am.

Singer-songwriter Kait BerreckmanWell I guess I stole his heart
Cause when I got into his car
he asked me how do you feel?
And I said, I'm a theif not a liar
I'd rather just keep my mouth shut
~ Kait Berreckman, Theif

I can't remember if it was first on the open stage or around one of the song circles that Kait Berreckman first wowed me out at Rocky Mountain Song School in Colorado, but boy did she ever! I loved the way she told her stories through songs - simple little jewels that cut through with flashes of sharp insight into human nature.

A native of Nebraska, Kait is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and playing at local venues like Club Passim where she recorded her newly released live EP called Without A Bullet.

Hallie Pritts with Boca Chica It's double dose of musical goodness on Lyrical Venus this week! 

First off we'll talk with Hallie Pritts, frontwoman of the indie-folk group Boca Chica from Pittsburgh.  Their second full-length CD, Lace Up Your Workboots, finds the band expanding to add more lush layers of sound while maintaining that hip-yet-vintage flavor so unique to Boca Chica. 

Dejha ColantuonoNext we'll talk to New York rocker Dejha Colantuono about her first solo album, Tea and Vodka.  No stranger to the music scene, Dejha has fronted a number of Seattle bands, including 3DS&M, the Pin-Ups, Rotten Apples, and Ragazza.  Her solo album is informed by a variety of influences, but is all tied together with her amazing voice. 

Tune in Tues 10/6 from 9-10 am for the interviews with Hallie Pritts and Dejha Colantuono!

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