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Chris Jordan on Eden's Hour Radio

When internationally acclaimed photographer Chris Jordan appeared as a guest on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert joked that Chris resembled Clark Kent. Indeed Chris Jordan has led an unusual path transforming his career from Lawyer to full-time artist and educator to become somewhat of an environmental hero. His photographic collages (see one example below & visit his website for more!) take sobering statistics of human consumption and presents them in a format that is both aesthetically pleasing and shockingly eye-opening. I had a chance to sit down with Chris last week to discuss his photographic roots and how the message of his work gets integrated into
his own home life and how he feels the weight and irony of the impact that producing his work has on the environment.

the gramsAdmittedly, I can be a little slow sometimes. Especially when it comes to getting through all of the many projects on my plate. This is also true for radio because I tend to get a lot of amazing music submissions so it can take me a really long time to get around to listening to them. I have a whole box of CDs at my office that I have yet to sift through.

Tonight I came across a couple nifty gems in that box. One CD was from The Grams, pictured left, who probably mailed me their music several months ago. Upon hearing their track Via Katalin I was pretty intrigued. I have learned not to have expectations with bands, but I just can't help it some times. The folksy persian sound coming out of that song was not at all what I expected and it was a delightful surprise. Not surprising is that The Grams have been nominated a few times for Best Americana act in San Diego and won the title in 2006 & 2007.

Garrett Hobba on Eden's Hour Radio Photo by Erin Skipper



This weekend I'll be playing two pre-recorded interviews. The first is with Garrett Hobba (pictured left) who represented his fairly new Seattle band, The Soft Hills. His band mates include Drew Dresman, Caleb Heinrich, and Brittan Drake. In addition sharing some of the band's approach to writing music together, Garrett revealed some juicy details about the more ethereal and extraterrestrial influences from which he draws upon when writing the dreamy, psychedellic, indie-folk songs that The Soft Hills play.

The second interview is with Malaki Stahl (pictured below) Malaki and I go way back ...almost 20 years back to when he and my brother were high school buddies. In more recent years, Malaki has become one of the many forces of nature in the burgeoning all-ages Seattle DIY scene.

green heart leaf by Erin SkipperWhat good is a man who won't take a stand

What good is a cynic with no better plan

I believe in a better way

--Ben Harper

I'll starting out tonight's show with some tunes by a few of the artists performing at the upcoming Change Begins Within David Lynch Foundation benefit concert. Plus I'm gonna sneak in some previews of a few Seattle based bands who will be making a live appearance on Eden's Hour soon. And we'll just see where it goes from there, but I think it'll be good ;-)

Mashed In Plastic on Eden's Hour Radio



"It's Strange, so strange

...what love does"

~Ghost of Love by David Lynch



Click here for a complete description of the Eden's Hour Valentine's Day special, featuring songs from the Mashed In Plastic compilation and a few not-so-sappy love songs.

Rebroadcasting Sunday night 7pm CT

Sarah Weathers for Eden's Hour Radio hosted by Erin Skipper

Eden's Hour - Saturdays at 9pm CST

Sarah June's hauntingly beautiful voice is soft, sweet and childlike, yet they breath life into songs that are no mere child's play. Sarah has been playing music most of her life and for the past couple years has been holed up in her bedroom and yes, her bathroom, recording songs to be released on her latest solo album.

Sarah will be calling in for a brief interview sometime during our show this evening, so tune in at 9pm to be sure to catch it!

  The complete playlist here

eden's hour flyer by erin skipperTonight I'll be doing a special year end show featuring some of the musical highlights from this past year. This re-cap could easily be two or three hour show because a lot of good stuff came out in 08', but I decided to keep it simple and relevant to what I have focused on since starting to do my show for KRUU which is feature music that is out of the mainstream spotlight.

It's been a year of great discovery for me as I have received a lot of great music from artists around the world. Every song that I'll play tonight was submitted to Eden's Hour via the DLF, and there have been some real gems.

We have also had some GREAT in-studio guests this year many of which you can hear in the archives and I was very tempted to include some live tracks from Vivid Sound Studio where Bill Wolford and I do the show from in Seattle, but it would be impossible to air all my faves in one hour and as it is, it will be a jam packed hour of music.

The full playlist is here.

Polka Dot Dot Dot by Erin SkipperPolka Dot Dot Dot's Colleen and Onyx super charged their musical instruments before their in studio performance on Eden's Hour so you're in for an enchanted passionflower-infused evening.

This Bicycle Records trio draws on a range of inspirations from ancient midieval harmonies to modern day barbershop quartets, Olympia based Polka Dot Dot Dot have been brewing a batch of folk music that is whimsical and beautiful, sometimes hauntingly so. They describe their sound as"tectonic plates swaying their hips (and clapping their hands)"... and you will most likely find yourself doing both when you listen to them.

the solvents, emily and jarrod, promo for eden's hour Emily and Jarrod of the Solvents stop by Eden's Hour this weekend!!!

Having recently returned from a West Coast tour which they have blogged in detail here, these Port Townsend natives have their sights set on a new recording and another trip down south! But you don't have to go far to warm up with this adorable duo this Saturday evening.

bill wolford by erin skipper


Just what is inside Bill Wolford's Head? I'm not so sure myself sometimes ...but don't be scared.

The Eden's Hour sound engineer extraordinaire, Bill, will take you on a musical journey inside his mysterious and musical mind.

Thanks to Bill for filling in for me tonight because during the normal Eden's Hour time slot,

I will be recording a live broadcast of the Dolomites show in Seattle which I will share with you in the next few weeks.


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