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David Hawtorne is interviewed by Elsa Backstrom on "A Taste of Fairfield" talking about how to interpret jyotish charts and their signficance in understanding your life and life karma.

David Hawthorne earned his Master's degree and his Professorship, along with the title: "Jyotish Bhanu" (one who radiates the light of Vedic Astrology), through the Systems' Institute of Vedic Astrology, Gurgaon, India. David Hawthorne along with his 20 years of experience has written a book called Astrology for Life in which he emphasises the importance of people becaoming acquainted with their own jyotish Charts.

This is the last show of "A Taste of Fairfield" but promises to be one of the most memorable.

Sarah Brooks


Sarah Brooks is on the menu with "A Taste of Fairfield"

Elsa Backstrom will be interviewing her about starting one day a week at the Jefferson County Hospital. The Iowa hospital is starting to promote acupuncture and include it in what they offer.

Sarah is in the Physical Therapy department and still has her practice at home, but this is a really amazing opportunity to offer acupuncture to a crowd who may not already know about it.


Diane Denbaum



Elsa Backstrom and Diane Denbaum talk about life coaching on

A Taste of Fairfield

discussing inspiration, accountability, and all the tools that have helped her lead a balanced life.

Ken Roseboro




Ken Roseboro and Elsa Backstrom discuss organic and non-GMO food, small businesses, and life in Fairfield.


A Taste of Fairfield focuses on the details of his work, what inspires him, and what motivates him.

Lisa Stickels



Lisa Stickels
talks with host Elsa Backstrom about traveling, living in Fairfield, raising kids, working with the David Lynch Foundation and life changes in general.




Rustin Lippincott



Host Elsa Backstrom interviews Rustin Lippincott, the Executive Director of the Fairfield Arts and Visitors Bureau about what drew him to Fairfield and his life before and since the move.

Jeffrey Backstrom




Jeffrey Backstrom talks about what brought him to Fairfield, what his experiences were like running World Design Center, and shares his stories of raising a family.

Loni and Alexis

Join us on "A taste Of Fairfield" as Loni discusses being a parent and running a store.

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Music junkie, internet geek and sometimes poet with a taste for indie girl-folk.


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Heather Miller-Rodriguez

Ruth in Italy



Mothers Day Treat:

Hear Ruth talk about life in and out of Fairfield; the joys and challenges of raising kids in Fairfield and the recent excitment of traveling to Europe, Equador, and New Zealand.


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