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Yesterday Chris Poole, my good friend and neighbor, and I got together, listened to a bunch of music, and came up with a swell batch of swell songs.  Some that he brought and some that I had.  We'll be in the studio tomorrow morning at 11 to play 'em for you.   Its Folkabillyrockblues with a Chris Poole twist.  Songs from Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Burnette Trio, Starlight Mints, Gang of Four, Daniel Johnston, and Tom Waits will be played, just to name a few.  It'll be a good time, so I reccomend tuning in! 


Folkabillyrockblues!  Tuesday mornings from 11-12.

Rebroadcast Friday mornings from 7-8.


Hey!  Don't forget to tune into Folkabillyrockblues March 13 at 11:00 AM!  Erin and Tim Duffy will be performing live in the studio.  Don't miss it!  My great friend Jed Miller may or may not make it, but he did hand me some music to play.

Plus don't miss an upcoming show when rock n roll star of stage and screen, Chris Poole is back Folkabillyrockbluesin' it up!  If I were you, I'd make sure to tune in!  Folkabillyrockblues airs every Tuesday morning from 11-12 and every Friday morning from 7-8.

Hey Everybody,

Corey Hickenbottom here. Using my new blog to wish you a Merry Christmas(if you're into that kind of thing) and to check out my show, The Folkabillyrockblues Hour, Tuesday mornings from 11-12. Playing folk, rockabilly, rock n roll, and blues.

Next Tuesday(aka the day after Christmas) will be my second show, first live show and last show of the year. Chris Poole will be in the studio with me providing some tunes he likes. I guarantee a good time!

I don't know what you'll be doing the day after Christmas, whether going back to work or just chilling out enjoying your new stuff, but I recommend tuning into The Folkabillyrockblues Hour!

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