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Return to the thrilling days of yesteryear! The early days of low-power independent community radio! Hear two men harness the powerful medium of radio to bring truth and justice to a town that so desperately needs it! This is their story! TRUTH...OVER THE AIRWAVES!
Tune in tonight, at 10:15 PM, to hear more of this powerful saga of truth, justice and friendship. Offering greater excitement, thrills, and drama than ever before!
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Ladies and gentlemen,

Tonight at 10:15 PM, we will be presenting the much anticipated premiere of The P5K Radio Workshop, an open space for YOU, the listener, to experience a wide range of adventure tales, mystery stories, bone-chilling thrillers, and much more. Airing Every Friday Night At 10:15 PM. It is sure to become a treasured entertainment institution that you and your family will return to week after week. We hope that you have already marked your calenders and have made a point to tune in tonight. However, if you have not, we would strongly encourage you to make the effort. This is a moment you will not want to miss. A moment of great cultural significance and truly, a memory that you will treasure and pass down to future generations!

Please Join Us, tonight and every Friday night for THE P5K RADIO WORKSHOP



Join Jonnie Kidd and Friends Next FridaySpecial note from the producers of the P5K Radio Workshop:
Ladies and gentlemen, in recent weeks you may have heard a promotional advertisement broadcast on KRUU LP. However, due to conflicting schedules inside our tight-knit staff of professional actors, we unfortunately are unable to perform our previously scheduled live radio drama broadcast this evening on the P5K.
We sincerely regret any problems we may have caused you or your family in your evening plans. We can, however, promise you that this broadcast will take place at 10:15 pm next Friday, February 27th, 2009.

DwightLyle Lovett

Steve EarleRandy Travis


1986 was a great year. Top Gun was the most popular film. Alf made its debut on TV. It was the year I was born. And it was the year that brought some life back to the unbelievably dismal country music scene of the early '80s. 1986 was the year that brought us the debuts of Steve Earle, Randy Travis, Lyle Lovett, and Dwight Yoakam.

Roadhouse Riot

The Gin Palace Jesters, that swell honky tonk band out of Chicago, have released a new cd, Roadhouse Riot...and other songs with words. The Jesters' acoustic rythm guitar player, Ken Mottet, is going to call in tomorrow morning around 10:45am and give us the low-down on this new recording. Ken Mottet also happens to be a Fairfield native, but you probably knew that already.

Besides the interview, the show will feature the great country, bluegrass, western swing, and rockabilly music you've come to expect from Folkabillyrockblues.

So tune in, won't you?


every Tuesday from 10 - noon CST

ersel hickeyHey there - Corey Hickenbottom here inviting you to wake up New Years morning(that'd be tomorrow) to the rockin' sounds of Folkabillyrockblues! Since most of you shouldn't have to work tomorrow, it'll allow plenty of time for you to get your cat clothes on, slip on your blue suede shoes, and get ready to rock 2008 for all its worth! I'm a-gonna keep it jumpin'!

I'll also be spinning some brand new music from The Gin Palace Jester's new cd.


Tuesday morning, 10 AM



Porter Wagoner


As many may know, on Sunday October 28, the great Porter Wagoner passed away. He was an incredible writer, singer, and all around entertainer, hosting his own tv show for 21 years and being a member of the Grand Ole Opry for 50! He epitomized everything that first made me fall in love with country music.
On Folkabillyrockblues (Tues. 10 - NOON), in honor of the late great Mr. Wagoner, I'll be playing plenty of great Porter songs along with lots of other mighty fine country tunes by the likes of Little Jimmy Dickens, Charley Pride, Johnny Paycheck, Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Robbie Fulks, and many more.
Hope you can tune in.


Ken Mottet

Hey folks, Corey Hickenbottom here. Let me tell you about this fella Ken Mottet.

Ken Mottet lives in Chicago and is known as the Mayor of Rockabilly. Ken is the host of The Otherside, a music video show out of Chicago. He plays acoustic rythm guitar for the great honky-tonk, country boogie, western swing band, Gin Palace Jesters. He emcees rockabilly events all across the country. He's a former stand-up comic. He's a very cool cat. He is also from Fairfield.

On this Saturday's Local Yokels, I will be live in the studio with Ken Mottet. Ken will be performing live on the air. He's also bringing a copy of the nearly finished new album by Gin Palace Jesters! It's going to be a blast and I would recommend not missing it!

Further interview with Ken may appear on my regular show, Folkabillyrockblues.



That's right, folks! Tomorrow morning's Folkabillyrockblues Hour is dedicated to the wonderful, lovely, and talented Dolly Parton. It's the show we've all been waiting for! Spanning most of her career including a bunch of the great duets she did with Porter Wagoner. If you love Dolly, you'll love tomorrow's show! Don't miss it!


Tuesday, Aug. 7, 11 AM


The King


We're going to be playing all Elvis and nothing but the King on tomorrow's Folkabillyrockblues Hour.  He didn't quite create rock n roll, but he sure as heck created a sensation and some none too shabby music as well.  My good friend Kent Miller is a huge Elvis fan with an astounding Elvis music collection.  He's picked out a few of his favorites to play on the show(and not just the same ol same ol songs you always hear neither).  Plus lots of Elvis trivia. 


So make sure to tune in tomorrow and listen to one of the legends.  

Folkabillyrockblues! Tuesday Mornings 11-12
Re-broadcast Friday Morning 7-8.



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