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In observance of the 833rd and the rest of the troops going back to Iraq, we will be playing songs about war and shady politics this saturday morning. You'll hear from bands such as Black Sabbath, Lamb Of God, Megadeth, System Of A Down, Avenge Sevenfold and many others so check us out Saturday morning at 7am.


w.a.s.p.w.a.s.p.After many requests, it's time to devote one night to an era often laughed at when looking back on it. It's an era of men with makeup, long hair and spandex pants.

Tonight on Metal health we will be playing our 80's-only show.

We're going to start off slowly with the likes of Dokken, Queensryche, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Guns-N-Roses, Twisted Sister and work our way up to Wasp, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Sepultura, etc....

So if you've got a nostalgic yearning to hear something from the past then check out tonight's show from 11pm-1am right here on KRUU.

For Father's Day I was given a copy of one of the greatest books of all time, John Milton's classic masterpiece,Paradise Lost. Now I don't plan on reading this epic piece of history to you,I have done something better.
Just as when you're friends tell you about a great book and you say that you'll wait for the movie well how about the cd instead. I'll give you some brief insight as to what the topic on hand is and then I have two different bands doing their versions of Paradise Lost in the form of concept albums.The first being Cradle Of Filth.They had an entire album devoted to this book.They even brought in a full orchestra to accompany them.You'll get to hear the album in it's entirety including the ever popular "Better To Reign In Hell Than Serve In Heavan"

After that we will be playing Glenn Danzig's version of Paradise Lost with the entirely instrumental album Black Aria. This album is not like anything Danzig has ever done before so if you're looking for something different to listen to than you should really check this one out.

The show starts Tuesday night at 11pm so get to church early and then prepare to hear how the Overture Of Rebel Angels really went down.

Tonight on Metal Health we are playing one of the top bands of the Black Metal Genre, England's

Cradle Of Filth.

At the top of the food chain, they have been dominant for a number of years.

We will be playing a variety of tracks spanning from the Midian album until Nymphetamine. 

So if you're looking for something unusual and different than the normal recycled radio schlock then check out tonight's show at 11pm CST on KRUU.


It was bSamhainound to happen sooner or later.Samhain

We did the Danzig catalog. We also played the anthology of his first band, The Misfits. Well, most people don't know that Glenn Danzig had a little known band in between the two of them known as Samhain, in observance of another unknown pagan holiday exactly six months away. We will be playing material from this darker experimental band on Tuesday night's version at 11 pm.

We also want to wish everyone a good Walpurgis and for those that don't know we will educate you on the meaning of this unholy holiday tomorrow night. People often wonder why Columbine and Hitler's death happened on April 30th. There was a connection and it's not even close to what you think but we will have the answers for you tomorrow night so check out Metal Health.

Once there was a place when people actually played music on their instruments as opposed to the electric bumping you hear on the majority of today's radio stations. There was a time when people actually enjoyyed listenning to musically ability. Randy RhoadsGuns'n'Roses

For those that enjoyyed the triple guitar frenzy of Freebird, the drive in Paradise City, the melody of Home Sweet Home or the  constant assault of the musical outro of, etc... then check out Metal Health tomorrow morning where our focus will be bands that focussed on putting some heart into the classic "Guitar solo".

You'll hear from old classics such as Freebird and The Sultans of Swing to some 80's solos from Motley Crue and Guns-N-Roses to some neural assaults from bands such as Testament, Megadeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb Of God. and, of course, no show of guitar solo work would be true without some classic Randy Rhoades... We may even play some Eddie Van Halen if time allows but I hope it doesn't.


At first the show was called Midnight Metal but it was changed after advice from our station manager to Metal Health in homage to the classic Quiet Riot hit of the mid 80's.Well, it was a good thing we went with Mr Moore's idea because we are now no longer at midnight. Due to the late night time constraints my good fellow DJ Wrath(love that name)is no longer to find the time to do his show Little Seattle so we are being bumped forward an hour and from now on Metal Health will find home in our new timeslot on tuesday nights from 11pm until midnight. For those of you unfamiliar with the show we play a heavy mix of bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb Of God, Devildriver and Cradle Of Filth as well as an occasional break in pace from bands like His Infernal Majesty and Stone Sour and then on occasion a throwback from the 70's and 80's with such bands as Black Sabbath and the Misfits so tune in on tuesday nights and check out our new slot.

On March 19,1982 Ozzy osbourne's guitarist (and in my opinion possibly the greatest ever) Randy Rhoades died when his airplane crashed in the early morning hours. In our first segment we played the best material that Rhoades had played while he was with Ozzy from the albums Blizzard of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman.After this period in his career Ozzy had brought on Jake E Lee on guitar.Lee had talent but I'll admit he was no Randy Rhoades.However he was with Ozzy for the next two albums which were the classic Bark At The Moon and the commercially successful album The Ultimate Sin.This week we will be coverring the best tracks from these two albums on Metal Health right here on KRUU wednesday morning from midnight to 1am.Rock On until then

After playing our series on songs about the darker things in life, I had gotten a lot of requests and comments about the Danzig material I had been playing for our Saturday morning segments. So to keep fueling the fires that be, we will be playing a huge selection of Danzig-only material for the next couple of weekends. 


We will be coverring the entire discography of Danzig from the self titled debut to the more recent "Circle Of Snakes". We will be playing songs from Danzig, Lucifuge, How The Gods Kill and Thrall/Demonsweatlive this weekend and the rest for next weekend.

So be sure to get up early on Saturday and check out such uplifting tracks such as Am I Demon?, Twist Of Cain,Soul On Fire, End Of Time, Long Way Back From Hell and of Course the classic track Mother on KRUU saturday morning.

We've been getting a lot of people asking for it lately for the next two wednesday morning spots we will be playing nothing but Ozzy.This week we will be playing Ozzy in the Randy Rhoades years and then the next week will be the Jake E Lee/Zack Wylde years so Bark At The Moon or Go After the Rails on the Crazy Train or whatever it is you do these days and check out Metal Health on wednesday mornings from midnight to 1am on KRUU.


And if you don't think that's crazy enough than wait until you see who we're going to be showcasing on our saturday morning spots 

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