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Kurt Cobain


This week on Metal Health we will be playing two hours of Nirvana. It's been 14 years since the death of Kurt Cobain as of last weekend, so even though we're a week late, we're doing our tribute to Kurt Cobain. Plus if time allows we will also be doing some Nirvana covers and might throw in some post-Nirvana music from Dave Grohl (ie: Foo Fighters).

So check us out Saturday morning from 7am to 9am

right here on KRUU-LP 'the voice of Fairfield, Iowa'


This week on Metal Health we will be playing songs having to do with nature and wildlife in the title. So just as a small example, we will be playing Guns-N-Roses' Welcome To The Jungle, The Scorpions 'The Zoo, Ozzy's Bark At The Moon, Megadeth's She Wolf, and many others along this line. So get up early Saturday and check us out from 7am to 9 am right here on kruu.

Last week we ran out of time and finished halfway through Master Of Puppets.This week we will finish that up and play some of the best tracks from ...And Justice For All,that awful black album and everything that follows. So tune in saturdauy morning at 7 am for one of the greatest metal bands of all time.It'll be more fun than a barrell of dead babies

MetallicaThis week's edition of Metal Health will be part one of two which will be devoted to the pioneers of what was known in the 80's as thrash metal. We're talking about a legendary band from Cali known as Metallica.

This week we will be covering the early days of the band when Cliff Burton was still alive, Dave Mustaine was still writing their music, and they hadn't sold out yet.

We will be covering the first three albums this week which include Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lighting and Master Of Puppets. Next week we will be covering the later years. So check us out this Saturday morning from 7am to 9 right here on Kruu.

des moines native corey taylorThis tuesday night on metal health we will be playing a tribute to one of Iowa's most successful musicians.

This week's show will be on Corey Taylor the lead singer for both Stone Sour and Slipknot. Somehow Corey Taylor manages to balance his time between the two bands at the same time so we will be playing tracks off of all three Slipknot albums as well as tracks from both Stone Sour releases as well.

So check out tuesday night's show for a taste of two of our cornfed bands that actually made it to the bigtime right here on KRUU tuesday night at 11pm.

Black SabbathOn tonight's episode of Metal Health we willSabbath be covering the career of Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath were the pioneers of metal in the early years with their classic heavy guitar riffs and occult themes from the late 60's and early 70's.

Over the years they have released classics such as the obvious Iron Man and Paranoid and many others. They also helped introduce the world to many great vocalists who later had great solo success such as Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy Osbourne.

So check us out tonight from 11 pm to 1 am on KRUU

and we'll take a trip back to when metal was born.

After taking a brief vacation over the holiday months, Metal Health is back to doing a Judas Priestlive show and has revamped it's format. We are now doing artist profiles on our tuesday spot and playing a more mainstream approach for the early morning crowd on saturday.
The first of our bands to be featured on our artist profile is the classic british metal band Judas Priest.Tonight we will be covering the albums from the bands most successful years including Screaming For Vengeance, Hell Bent For Leather, Defenders Of the Faith, Painkiller and Turbo. We will be covering such classic tracks such as Sinner, Love Bites, Turbo Lover, The Sentinel and many others. So as usual check us out tonight at 11pm for some of the best tracks that the metal scene has to offer. And if you don't think this show is going to rock then "You've Got Another Thing Coming".

There comes a time of year that every DJ loves the most and for me Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.For tomorrow night's show since,All Hallow's Eve actually start in the middle of our show,we will be playing some classic Halloween songs from bands such as The Misfits,Cradle Of Filth and a couple of other classic bands.Then to make matters worse since it is Halloween otherwise known as Samhain(pronounced sowween) we will be taking a reading from the black book and playing selections from Glenn Danzig's second band Samhain which he formed between his days with The Misfits and before his solo band Danzig.So trick or treat with the kids tonight but tomorrow put them in early and enjoy our darkest show of the year starting at 11pm Tuesday right here on KRUU fm,the voice of Fairfield,Iowa.

MegadethTonight on Metal Health we will be covering one of the pioneers of speed metal in a band called Megadeth. Megadeth were fronted by a great guitarist and vocalist named Dave Mustaine who was also a member and wrote most of the great music in another band called Metallica(when they were still a metal band). I always said Metallica went downhill when Cliff Burton died and they ran out of Mustaine's material (the first three albums). Tonight we will be coverring Megadeth's debut album "Killing Is My Business and Business Is Good" to "The World Needs a Hero" and everything in between so check us out tonight at 11pm right here on KRUU 100.1FM,the voice of Fairfield,Iowa

Black Sabbath

Alice Cooper

Well maybe not as you would expect.

But last week I did songs with "hell" in the title, so I figured it was only fair to play the other side of the fence this weekend.

We're not going to be playing Stryper this weekend, so calm down. What we're doing is playing anything with a Christian like word in the title. For example, you'll be hearing things like Type O Negative's "Christian Woman", Guns-N-Roses's "Oh My God", Stone Sour's "Your God", Alice Cooper's "Second Coming", Ozzy's "Miracle Man", and of course what would a theme like his be without a sabbath... Black Sabbath, that is.

So Saturday morning get out of bed a little early and join the
Metal Health Congregation from 7am to 9am on KRUU

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