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KaleidaBased on a text message from my daughter in Hawaii, I was alerted last week to the rising young English female duo named KALEIDA (photo left). This week we feature several tracks released in the past year across two EPs. The ladies are vocalist Christina Wood in pink shirt and Cicely Goulder who plays synthesizer, electro-beats, and produces the tracks.  

In the second-hour Chill Session, your ears will be soothed by the electro-acoustic performances of Yppah, Sohn, Cosmo's Midnight, Purity Ring, Vallis Alps, The Egg... and additional tracks from Kaleida.

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first aid kitRising Fairfield-based vocalist Tara DeSantis (photo below) garners the early spotlight with her debut tracks in collaboration with electronic dance composer Saxton. Watch for article about her in March issue of Iowa Source Magazine. The Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit (photo left) joins the first set with their haunting vocals on "My Silver Lining." Building on introduction last week, DJ Andy shares more tracks from UK actor/singer Johnny Flynn reflecting his Nick Drake style.  Twin spins on this program come from Laura Veirs, Cary Brothers, Chris Thile, Peter Bradley tara desantisAdams, and School of the Seven Bells.  

Second-hour Chill Session will lead to healthy brain chemistry due to endorphin boost stimulated by soothing electro-acoustic tracks from The Soul's Release, Alex Rich, Foals, and Rosi Golan.

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"... The best music you never hear, unless you're tuned to Fringe Toast."

SiaWith spotlight this week on Australian singer Sia Furler (former lead for Zero 7 shown left) and UK's actor/musician Johnny Flynn (right) who starred with Anne Hathaway in the movie Song One, DJ Andy Bargerstock unveils another playlist of cool tunes never played on Fringe Toast.... except for the final set of choice sublime electro-acoustic tracks from UK's Younger Brother and the extremely rare music from Witchcraft.  AnJohnny Flynn outstandingly beautiful final 15 minutes!

Listen for multiple tracks from Brian Jonestown Massacre, Chris Smither, Johnny Flynn and Lucinda Williams. Invite friends anywhere worldwide to join the live stream at every Wednesday at 8pm CENTRAL US TIME.  Click here for playlist

The best music you never hear ... unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast.

Great Lake Swimmers(See link to playlist below). DJ Andy Bargerstock offers a splendid sonic journey of 30 newly discovered tracks never played before on Fringe Toast with spotlight on classical violinist turned composer/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird (photo right) and melodic Canadian folk band Great Lake Swimmers (photo left).  New groups to this series include King Gizzard aAndrew Birdnd the Lizard Wizard, Ethan Johns & The Black Eyed Dogs, and Sonny Smith

The second-hour Chill Session is packed with endorphin-stimulating delights with your mind in miind.  

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Bob MosesWant to get caught up on what has been kicking around in Andy Bargerstock's brain during 2015??  Well, here is the time to do it!  On this once per year program, DJ Andy shares his Crispy Awards playlist of 27 songs selected from over 400 new releases played on Fringe Toast during 2015.  The spotlight shines on the Brooklyn, NY based duo Bob Moses (originally from Canada; image left) with their splendid tracks on our Album of the Year called Days Gone By. Check out the Crispy Award's article published in the Laura Marling smilingIowa Source February issue.

In the second hour Chill Session, you will hear why so many ears are turning towards 25 year old UK singer-songwriter Laura Marling (photo right).  Spread the word to others who seek the "best source of new music available anywhere."   Click here for playlist... print and plunder it abundantly. 

"The best music you never hear ... unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast."



rising appalachiaAfter opening obscure underground tracks from early 1970s, DJ Andy Bargerstock offers another program of contemporary music from off-the-beaten path with spotlight shining brightly in the first hour on Asheville-based sister duo Rising Appalachia (photo right) and Austin indie band Shearwater (photo left) with a bonus twin-spin from new grass singer-songwriter Aoife O'Donovan.  In the second hour Chill Zone, savor the electro-acoustic sounds of a variety of artists including Big Low, Tripswitch, and Sounds from the Ground.shearwater

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Enjoy the best music you never hear .... unless your tuned to Fringe Toast!!

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A FINE FRENZY & THE STAVES Wed. Jan 20 at 8pm CT

Alison SudolAnother LIVE program with DJ Andy Bargerstock with spotlight on the ladies featuring Seattle singer Alison Sudol (photo left) and her band A Fine Frenzy and the English folk-rock sister trio The StavesDouble-spins in the first hour from T Bone Burnett and Hiss Golden Messenger. First-timers to Fringe Toast include Jesse Iaquinto and the Fireside Collective and Ray Bonneville.

In the epic second-hour Chill Session, your ears will delight with endorphin-producing tracks from a variety of international electro-acoustic artists including Emou (Germany), Darkside (Chile), Adham Shaikh (Canada; photo right), Blue Adham ShaikhFoundation (Denmark), and Sand (UK).  The swirling swoon is sure to bring a smile.

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The best music you never hear... unless you're tuned to Fringe Toast!

Sea StarsKurt Baumann and Katie Gray have been performing under the duo name of Sea Stars since 2008.  Earlier Baumann played with rock group Kan'Nal and contributed an epic CD The Burned (2010) from which DJ Andy Bargerstock extracted one of the Fringe Toast theme songs "Where Are We Now?".  Katie contributed vocals on this CD. Having just discovered Sea Stars, DJ Andy lays out in this program the beautiful harmonies and solo vocals of these two exquisite performers.  

Additional fine tracks from Zero 7, Air, Mozez, and Hiss Golden Messenger add cool, chill-zone flavors in the second hour.   Tell your friends about the best music you never hear... unless you are dialed to Fringe Toast.  Click here for playlist.

Finding religion in music in this holiday season, DJ Andy Bargerstock invites Father John and Moses to preach on the pulpit of Fringe Toast.  More specifically, Father John Misty, formerly with Fleet Foxes, brings his humor filled lyrics.  House music duo known as Bob Moses offers an intriguing mix of beats, electronica, and vocals.  When the ladies take the stage, you will hear more tracks from the first CD from Fairfield's Dagmar female duo, Shook Twins, and Honeyroot.  

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Fringe Toast - DAGMAR & Erykah Badu on Wed., 12/16 at 8pm CT

DJ Andy Bargerstock lays down another cool interstellar songlist featuring Fairfield's own Dagmar (Miranda Mallard and Gemma Cohen). Erykah Badu adds her exotic twisting soul rap taps.   More good music every week and monthly music reviews in Iowa Source Magazine.    Click here for playlist.

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