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paul mccartney(play list link at bottom of this article).   Dear Friends:  As host of Fringe Toast, I write this article in first person tonight because it is important that you plan carefully to hear this remarkable collection of fine tunes... rarely heard and delightful music! david LaFlammePaul McCartney (photo) takes center stage with tracks from his 1997 CD, Flaming Pie. You will also hear an extremely rare version of the '60s classic, "White Bird" recorded in 2003 by David LaFlamme Band.  David (photo) was the composer and electric violinist in the original recording by It's a Beautiful Day.  This version reveals new delicious flavors. You don't want to miss this track early in the first hour.

kottke09(See link to play list at bottom of article.) Collecting tracks across the USA and around the globe, DJ Andy Bargerstock  presents some of his most recent delightful finds of compellingly beautiful folk/rock bands.  The program begins with a set of fringe-group performances of famous cover songs originally done by The Beatles, aidan hawkenEverly Brothers, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, and Rolling Stones. Imagine Leo Kottke (photo), acoustic guitar virtuoso doing Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotions"! Leo played last year at Englert Theater in Iowa City. Yeah, really, he wants to come to Fairfield! 

Then, late in the program, you'll hear from Aidan Hawken (photo right) with his moving eulogy to his marriage breakup on 2005 CD, Pillows and Records.  Prepare to settle in for the entire show.  Invite a friend, a favorite libation, and lower the lights.  You'll be glad you did.

lisa hanniganSee PLAYLIST at bottom of article. This week's show features the music of Ohio-based jam band, Ekoostik Hookah (photo) and a recent single release from Fringe Toast favorite, Lisa Hannigan (photo).  Is she adorable?  You'll also hear an extremelyekoostik hookah rare track, "Granny on the Gramophone" from Natural Food (1972) with band member links to Fairfield.  Tune in to discover more....about the best music you've never heard before.

steve winwood(See link to playlist at bottom). When DJ Andy Bargerstock first heard Steve Winwood (photo) and his band Traffic LIVE in 1970, they had just released the classic album,kate havnevik John Barleycorn Must Die. Listen early for the title track followed by same-era artists Pentangle featuring John Renbourn and guitar wizard, Robin Trower.  Hold tight for Norwegian singer, Kate Havnevik (photo), with her Imogen Heap influenced vocals and fashion proclivities.  Close your eyes and you will swear its Imogen.  Are you listening David H, loyal IH fan? You don't want to miss this performance.

eddie turner(See link to play list at bottom). In July, Eddie "Devil Boy" Turner (photo) will play at the Fairfield Sondheim Civic Center.  You don't want to miss this event.  And, DJ Andy Bargerstock will educate your ears on this subject with two marvelous tracks that show the influences of his years in the Chicago music scene where he collaborated with legends including Otis Taylor who will also be heard in this opening set of blues.  The first track of the night by Ian and Sylvia melody gardot(1966) with "Catfish Blues" reveals a different side of their music.  Melody Gardot (photo) sings the jazz/blues  will such nuance and subtlety.

Blind FaithBLIND FAITH Jam #3 will be the featured track of the evening.  Recorded originally in BLIND FAITH 1970 by Clapton, Baker, Winwood and Grech under the band name, Blind Faith, this unreleased 12 minute jam session was unavailable until the 2002 remastering of the classic album.  
The Doors will contribute this week with three fringe tracks from three different albums.  You'll also hear from the Dave's, i.e., Dave Mason and David Crosby.  But, the treats of the night may be Ben Harper's, "Another Lonely Day," or Pieta Brown's, "Tears Won't Do Any Good," or Zero 7's, "Red Dust."  
Just when you think you have landed again on Earth, your host, Andy Bargerstock, will take you on another ride ending the show with extended set of music by Enigma and Fripp & Eno.
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FRINGE TOAST - Lost in the '70s PART 2

Originally broadcast on 4/25/07, Andy Bargerstock will present Part 2 of "Lost in the 1970s", a special edition of Fringe Toast that takes you back to the experience of deep tracks FM radio from around 1975.  The Fringe Toast man will lead you through seldom heard songs and instrumentals of that golden era of rock music. Click here for playlist.

SpiritYou will hear music from Dave Mason, Brian Prothroe, Keef Hartley Band, HP Lovecraft, Quicksilver Messenger Service, RenaissKeef Hartleyance, Grand Funk Railroad, Spirit, The Moody Blues, Blind Faith and more.... Most of these tunes are not classic in the sense of the TOP 40 List.  But, they are classics in the most sublime, biochemical, endorphin-producing ways.   Mark your calendar and spread the word about this special program.

jon anderson(See link to play list at bottom.) The evening kicks off with two tracks from the Irish-Indian male duo, Unseen Guest who play a curious twigsblend of American blues flavored with East Indian percussion, banjo, accordion, and mandolin. In the second hour chillout session, you will meet Linda Good (The Twigs photo on right), singer-songwriter, film composer, keyboardist and former member of The Twigs with twin sister, Laura. We will hear two tracks from her 2009 CD, Love is a Curious Thing.  She was also former keyboardist for the band, Jane's Addiction.  But, the highlight of the evening will come from a 1982 recording by Jon Anderson (photo as lead singer for Yes) and Vangelis who collaborate on the magical 12-minute tribute to 1940s detective films, "Friends of Mr Cairo".

joan armatradingAfter Joan Armatrading (photo left) sets the stage with her haunting classic, "In These Times" from Songs for Tibet CD,  Emiliana emiliana torriniTorrini (photo right), exciting young singer-songwriter from Iceland and member of group, GusGus, gains the spotlight with two tracks from her 2008 CD, Armini and Me.  Then, hold tight for the haunting, ethereal music of Fringe Toast first-timer duet, O+S (Alabama-based Orenda Fink and Scalpelist, a.k.a., Cedric Lemoyne), from their self-titled 2009 CD.  Their MySpace site describes the music as "a combination of a David Lynch movie soundtrack and the art-pop sound of band, 10cc."  Now, that's an intriguing stretch!  Orenda's signature "Azure Ray" sound is truly a delight to th

(Find link to play list at bottom of article). Still sizzling from Mark Knopfler's pete drogeRiverside Theater concert in Milwaukee last weekend, DJ Andy Bargerstock starts the program with MK's rachel yamagata"Marbletown" and "You Don't Know You Are Born." Tune early and let the hooks sink deeply.  Then, American folk-alternative musician, Pete Droge (photo), from Puget Sound area of Washington State shares tracks from his fabulous 2006 CD, Under the Waves. Listen closely for Fringe Toast debut of Japanese American singer-songwriter and pianist, Rachel Yamagata (photo), with vocal talents rivaling Sarah McLachlan's.

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