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cat powerThe UK's Moody Blues anchor the first set of this week's radio show with tracks from their classic 1969 LP, To Our Children's Children's Children.  Atlanta singer-songwriter, Cat Power (photo left), leads the ladies to the stage.  You will see her influences on Fairfield's Josie Overmyer, who contributes another song from her recently released CD, Little BirdJoey Del Re offers "Haunted". More songs from Sarah Jarosz and Missy Higgins (photo missy higginsright).  In the second-hour Chill Session, get settled early for a delicious encounter with various World musicians including Chicago's "Zero 7 flavored", Roommate, (who played the Iowa City pedmall last weekend), Nawal (Comoros), Razoof (Germany), Bahramji & Mashti (Sufi-influenced), Irina Mikhailova & Govinda (Kazakhstan/India), Madeleine Peyroux (reincarnation of Billy Holiday), and the mysterious MusicPool Wavesurfers.  Turn the lights low and enjoy the cool night air.... with UndergroundMan's "best music you never hear."  Click here for play list.

Tedeschi Trucks... more best music you never hear! Fairfield's own Josie Overmyer makes her debut on Fringe Toast with tracks from her newly released CD, Little Bird.  The spotlight shines brightly on Mia Doi Todd (photo) and Tedeschi Trucks Band (photo). Mia Doi has been on the Fringe Toast radar for some time, but now you'll see the resonance between her music and Josie Overmyer.  Guitar prodigy, Derek Trucks, and UndergroundMan's daughter, Caroline, enjoyed common friends during high mia doi toddschool days in western NC. Derek's wife, Susan Tedeschi, leads with her confident vocals.

In a stab from the past, Mickey Hart and Jerry Garcia glow with their instrumental genius on a rare 1976 recording from Diga Rhythm Band. Sarah Jarosz returns with more magic from her 2011 CD, Follow Me Down.  In the second-hour Chill Session, you will hear the cosmic sounds of artists such as Sheila Chandra, Emou, The Wooden Birds, Potlatch, Hem and The Rescues.  It will be a good night to open the windows, turn the lights down low, and cuddle with your cherished soul mate.  Click here for play list.

sarah jaroszTHE BEST MUSIC YOU NEVER HEAR!  (playlist link at bottom). 20-year-old bluegrass prodigy, Sarah Jarosz (photo) grabs the spotlight with her unique pioneering blend of bluegrass, old-time, blues and contemporary singer-songwriter styles.  Influenced from her studies in improvisational music at New England's Conservatory of Music, we hear the future of music unfold with tracks from her recently released 2011 CD, Follow Me Down. Even if you don't think you like bluegrass, you must listen to this remarkable performer. Your brain chemistry is guaranteed to be enriched. In the second hour, the featured groups continue to flow from DJ UndergroundMan's recent forays into the best parts of the German electronic music scene. You will hear new tracks from groups including Orbient, Emou, Naomi, and Pochill.

Notable contributors on this night include Eddie Vedder from his newly released Ukulele Songs CD, Ben Harper from Give It Til It's Gone, Willy Porter, Jevette, and Eliza Gilkyson.  There will be so many more fine tunes.  Mark your calendar and turn the lights down low....   Click here for play list.

pegah(Link to play list at bottom). This week's program comes as the result of DJ Andy Bargerstock's late-night "down the rabbit-hole" encounters with avant-garde German and English electronic bands.  Oh, it is so schweet!  Regular visitors to UndergroundMan's Fringe Toast Radio Show will enjoy this extended-sets, "best music you never hear" session highlighted by sophisticated German electronic duo, Naomi (guys named Bernd and Nico) featuring exotic male and female vocal leads, and outer fringe band, Eva Be, featuring vocals of Turkish singer, Pegah Ferydoni (photo).  You will be amazed in many wonderful ways.   Mario Reinsch is the mastermind of several groups including Emou and Haldolium.  UK band Fridge takes the stage with tracks from their 2001 CD, Happiness. Greek band, Loopa Scava meets Cayetano, returns with another track from 2008 CD, Up and Down.  Recent visitors to Fairfield, Benson Ramsey with his bandmate from The Pines shares blues, Americana tracks. Keep the lights down low and go with the flow...

Invite your friends world-wide to join us to stream the program LIVE at or listen in Fairfield at 100.1 FM.  Click here for playlist.

elizabeth and catapultsElizabeth & the Catapult is a USA Brooklyn-based band (photo) featuring Elizabeth Ziman, Dan Molad, and Pete Lalish leads this week's show with two tracks from 2010 CD The Other Side of Zero. Then, singer-songwriter Alexi Murdoch (photo) takes the stage with 2006 track, alexi murdoch"Breathe."  Murdoch was born in London to Scottish father and Greek-French mother, raised in Greece, and now lives in Germany.  What a polished performer!  You will hear two songs named "Blackbird" -- Sarah McLachlan covers the Beatles tune while Ellis sings her own composition.  Late in the show, Ror-shak returns with more outstanding chill-out swoon songs from the epic CD, Deep (2007).

First-time artists to the Fringe Toast program include Teitur Lassen (from Faroe Islands with Paul Simon influences), Dead Rock West (LA-based band with tight vocal harmonies in folk, Americana, blues roots), MooseKnuckle (Iowa-based band) , Plej (Swedish electronic duo), Ikon (Australian darkwave band), Loopa Scava (Greek trip-hop surrealism), Emou (German electronic duo), Pochill (Italian guitarist and producer), and Ekala (German house electronic).  Encourage your friends worldwide to join us.  Click for play list.

hot tunaOkay, so we digress somewhat early this week by spotlighting artists who reside more in the mainstream: Paul Simon and Christina Perri, both who recently released CDs.  But, the music is worthy of our ears!  And then, the liberal dose of music from the outer edges follows.  You will hear new material from Jorma Kaukonen's reunited '70s jam band, Hot Tuna (photo), and from France, the exotic electronic band, Air.  Rock band, Parachute, stands as a FT first timer with recent single, "Something to Believe In".  Some never before played Harry supreme beingsManx, too.

In the second hour, by popular request, tracks by our DJ host's recent revelations of electro-acoustic world bands: Ror-shak, Velours Perfect, Supreme Beings of Leisure (photo), Cargo Cult, and the extremely obscure As I Hide (CD) by Witchcraft. Click for play list.

andy bargerstockA new KRUU feature for you. Since March 2010, DJ Underground Man (a.k.a., Andy Bargerstock) has been writing a monthly music review column for the Iowa Source Magazine.  Now, DJ-UM has recorded these reviews and enhanced them with music samples. We encourage you to explore this new URL at:

When you go to this link, you can choose to "listen" or "download" the MP3 files of each of the 6-8 minute reviews.   Exception: Erick Hovey's 18-minute interview includes three complete tracks (approved by him).  Share with your friends and return each month to hear the latest reviews of artists/groups from the outer edges of the music scene.  For the original articles in The Source, go to:

fringe toast(Link to play list at bottom). ... Originally broadcast on April 20, 2011, fans of Fringe Toast claim this program as "one of the best". Another excursion into DJ Andy Bargerstock's world music selections revealed through a 4X3 matrix (four bands each playing three tracks). Smoke Fairies (photo) is a UK female duo who blends American blues and English folk ballads in splendid compositionsmoke fairiess. Aidan Hawken with his former band, Highwater Rising, takes the lead on tracks from their 2003 CD, The In Between. The Woods is an LA-based trio featuring the singing and songwriting talents of Brad Cohen. Swedish electronica brother-duo, Velours Perfect, proves why their 2006 CD is rightly titled, King Size Brothers. Other FT first-timers on this week's show include film composer Paul Leonard-Morgan, North Carolina instrumental band Songs of Water, Ror-Shak featuring Iowa's own Julee Cruise, and Maui's Eric Stroeve.  Play list.

widespread panic(See link to play list at bottom). Fresh from three weeks of vacation in Vermont, DJ Andy Bargerstock shares his latest musical discoveries.  Highlighted group, Widespread Panic (photo left), elite American jam band from Athens, GA is known for changing set lists for every concert. On this night, you will hear two tracks from recently released CD, Dirty Side Down. Tune early! You don't want to miss the opening set with some obscure and worthy blues tracks from Tab Benoit, Miller Anderson, and Harry Manx & Kevin Breit.

edie brickell(see link to playlist at bottom). The spotlight shines brightly on singer-songwriter and wife of Paul Simon, Edie Brickell (photo) who sings "Two O'Clock in the Morning" from her recent CD release.  Harry Manx of Vancouver, Canada offers a four-trackharry manx set from his Dog My Cat CD.  First timers to the Fringe Toast soundstage include The Gaddabouts, Ravens & Chimes, The Band of Heathens, Pete Yorn, and Human Response.  In the second hour, DJ Underground Man (Andy B) debutes his mix of two electronic music pieces from the early 1970s composed by former University of Wisconsin music professor Don Voegeli and Tonto's Expanding Head Band (Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil).  Then, listen closely for Emancipator's subsequent electro-acoustic tracks from his CD Safe in the Steep Cliffs (2010).  CLICK for PLAYLIST.

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