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The program begins with 11-minute “Raja Khan” (1972) by Renaissance, a progressive UK classical-folk-rock band featuring the vocals of Annie Haslam.  After nearly four-year absence fValerie Junerom the music scene, UK electro-chill duo Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns (a.k.a, Zero 7) released two single tracks in 2013.  DJ Andy Bargerstock shares track called “Don’t Call It Love” followed by “Peripheral Visionaries” by Canada’s band Young Galaxy.  Additional first hour contributions by Brown Bird (David Lamb and Morgan Eve Swain), Harry Manx (Canadian acoustic blues on veena), Valerie June (photo showing soul singer) and Laura Veirs (Portland-based singer-songwriter). Listen closely for Americana and blue grass contributions from Gillian Welch and New England's Crooked Still.

The second hour Chill Session features down-tempo electro-acoustic tracks from Spiral System, OuterSect, Soma Sonic, Indigo Jam Unit, and Massive Attack.  A good way to enjoy the cool summer nights, Fringe Toast offers the best music you never hear! 

CLICK HERE for Play List.  Join live stream at  Program broadcast originally 8/28/13.

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Fringe Toast Music - OLLABELLE & RACES - Wed., 1/29/14 at 8pm CT

OllabelleAfter the fringe Underground 1976 track from Klaatu (UK) called "Little Neutrino," DJ Andy Bargerstock launches another live program with 100% new tracks from off-the-beaten-track. Fantastic young and beautiful vocalist Hannah Reid with her band London Grammar returns with "Wasting My Young Years."  Amy Helms (Leon's daughter second from left in photo) with her band Ollabelle offersraces - year of witch live version of "Soul of a Man." Canadian Celtic singer Mary Jane Lamond sings in Gaelic language.

In the second-hour Chill Session, southern California band Races performs from their 2012 CD Year of the Witch. Fringe Toast first-timers include ethereal US slow jazz improv band Margaret Explosion, Danish duo Blue Foundation, Scottish singer Steve Mason, classically-trained UK electronic composer Tom Middleton, and US singer Kelly Flint covering "Story in Your Eyes", a song made famous by the Moody Blues.  So many good reasons to check out the play list and join the live stream at Okay, so here it is: Click here for play list.

London GrammarThe program spotlight shine brightly on two rising talents in the music scene: (a) Hannah Reid (photo), the amazing 23-year old voice of the new English band called London Grammar and, (b) Ian Lubar (photo) lead songwriter with Mt. Thelonious, an eclectic American band from St. Louis that will play at Cafe Paradiso in Fairfield on Friday, Jan. 31.  DJ Andy Bargerstock interviews Ian about the band's Ian Lubarcreative processes and shares three tracks from their new self-titled CD.

In the second-hour Chill Session, you will hear from a variety of dreamy Fringe Toast first-timers including Chinmaya Dunster, Karsh Kale, Jef Stott, Cub Sport, Newton, and Races.

then play on(Active play list link below). The program begins with rare bonus tracks from the 2013 remastered release of the original 1969 LP Then Play On by Fleetwood Mac featuring guitarists Danny Kirwan and Peter Green on his last album with them.  This is the era before the ladies joined the band.  Some think it was their most artistically creative period.  The program offers music mostly from 2011-2013 and all but two tracks never played before on Fringe Toast. anais mitchellMore great music from Ian Moore, Jagwar Ma, and Laura Marling who covers Neil Young's "The Needle and the Damage Done." Guitar virtuoso Joe Bonomassa shares lives blues performances.  New duo tracks from singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell (photo right) who performs at Cafe Paradiso on Feb. 1.

In the second hour Chill Session, DJ Andy Bargerstock carefully selects down-tempo, electro-accoustic instrumentals and alternative singer-songwriter tracks for your delectation and edification.  Check out the play list. Invite friends to join the worldwide streaming of this program. The best music you never hear... unless you are dialed into FT.

Love over GoldDJ Andy Bargerstock kicks off the new year with 100% of tracks never played before on Fringe Toast. This program opens with Mama Cass, former lead singer with the Mamas and Papas, with her 1963 trio called the Big 3. During the first hour, you will hear the new duo, Love Over Gold (photo left), featuring Iowa's Pieta Brown and Australia's Lucie Thorne.  Soon thereafter, Australia's Jagwar Ma (photo right) present their intriguing Beach Boy style singing and contemporary electronicJagwar Ma touches. Ian Moore offers a twin-spin from his newly released EP, Aerie.

In the Chill Zone during the second hour, listeners will be treated to The Time and Space Machine featuring the brilliance of Richard Norris who quite obviously has been influenced by the psychedelic late-'60s era. Pink Floyd fans should be delighted with his music! New tracks from Nightmares on Wax and Darkside. So many other good treats in store for you.  

Click here for play list. Discover why people say Fringe Toast Music offers the best music you never hear!  Invite friends to join the live stream at

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Tonight!! 2013 CRISPY AWARDS - Best New Releases

fringe toast

crispy award

(Play list link below now active). It's time for DJ Andy Bargerstock's annual selection of best new music releases from emerging artists for the 2013 Crispy Awards

It is a rare event to land on this choice Fringe Toast Music list. It is exceedingly rare to garner recognition for two tracks in the same year.  This year, twin-spin honors go to NY jam band Assembly of Dust, singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz and multi-instrumentalist/singer Arthur Lee Land (with kudos to his lyricist wife).  We also tip the hat to Ian Moore and Ian Lubar and his band Mt. Thelonious who are expected to play in Fairfield during first half of 2014.

Click here for play list.  Spread the word about this delightful special event where you will hear some of the best music you will every hear!

gary bAfter the opening set with rare Eric Clapton track (circa 1974) to open the show, DJ Andy Bargerstock lets the spotlight shine on UK's Gary Butcher (a.k.a. Gary B photo right) now living in Ibiza, Spain producing some of the most sublime chillout music with warm acoustics and mellow electronics often enhahced by vocals from long-time collaborator Julie Harrington.  This week, we hear tracks from 2013 CD called Safe PlaceIan Moore launches a new CD Aerie with a twin-spin; Fairfielders may get a visit from Ian in Spring 2014.

In the extended Chill Session, you will hear dub musicians playing a genre of mostly instrumental music derived from reggae beats, electronic keyboards, and ghostly guitars. Argentina's Juana Molina joins the fun along with Yasmine Hamdan (photo below) with her Lebanese band, Soap Kills playing tracks from Putumayu - Sahara Lounge. Other bands include Australia's Grey Area and USA's Desert Dwellers, a high desert collaborative from the Southwest.

yasmine hamdanEncourage your friends to join the Fringe Toast Music experience.  It is the best music you never hear.... unless your dialed right here every Wednesday evening. Click here for play list.

"Fringe" because it is not mainstream. "Toast" because we hope you will be crispy around the edges by the end of the program.

mindy smith(See link to play list below).  Abundantly flowing international talent sweeps across this week's play list.  From Australia, you will hear former frontman for Men At Work, Colin Hay, offer tracks off his 2011 CD and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd.  From North Africa, you will discover blues guitarist Omar "Bombino" Moctar (photo below left).  From Nashville (USA), music collaborative Inland Sky teamsgary b with singer Mindy Smith (photo left) on tracks from soon-to-be-released CD. From Canada, Michael Timmons and the Cowboy Junkies release the new CD, The Kennedy Suite. And new tracks from bombinoMorcheeba (UK) from their Head Up High CD. Additional 1st-hour treats from Richie Havens.

Epic second-hour Chill Session centered on triple-spin from Ibiza-based Luminous, aka DJ Gary-B (photo right) and Canada's electronic band Delerium. Louisiana swamp-blues player Tony Joe White returns with twin-spin from his new CD. Spread the word to your social network. Invite friends to join the Fringe Toast experience. Click here for play list.

the pines(See link for play list below). DJ Andy Bargerstock returns with a live program featuring Bo Ramsey's sons whose group The Pines (photo left of David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey) will play at Cafe Paradiso on Dec. 7 in Fairfield. Discover Tim tim roseRose (photo), American singer-songwriter who lived in UK during the 1960s and inspired Jimi Hendrix to record "Hey Joe." You will hear a remixed version of Tim's 1966 recording, two years before Jimi released his version. Special treat in the first set is "In Dulce Decorum (Dub)" by The Damned remixed from the 1986 version.  Listen closely for super-rare unreleased Paul Kantner, David Crosby,and Jerry Garcia practice sessions circa 1970. 

The second-hour Chill Session celebrates a remix of Alt-J's "Tesselate" by Ben Devries. Your ears will resonate with delight from additional confections with new music from Tony Joe White (remember his '60s song, "Poke Salad Annie"?), The Desert Dwellers and Death Cab for Cutie.  Oh, it will be another fabulous journey into the FRINGE.  Invite friends worldwide to join the live stream at Click here for play list.

Shuggie Otis(See link to playlist below).  Shuggie Otis (photo left) begins the program with the "Underground Classic of the Week" with his 1971 song "Sweet Thang" from his LP Freedom Flight. Then, DJ UndergroundMan shines the spotlight on the extraordinary talents of Vancouver's acoustic blues master, Harry Manx (photo right), who specializes in playing the 20-string Indian instrument called the Mohan Veena.   harry manx

Tracks in the first-hour from Pinback, The Cowboy Junkies, and Andrew Bird

The second-hour Chill Session benefits from All India Radio (actually, an Australian band), UK's Porcupine Tree, Belgium's Monte La Rue, Portland, OR duo Mackintosh Braun, and UK electronic wave collaboration known as Kaya Project

Stay tuned for the swoon!  Click here for playlist

Share with friends on the worldwide social media scene. The best music you never hear.... unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast! Program originally aired 11/21/12.

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