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The program begins with tracks from Swedish electronic brother-sister duo, The Knife, featuring track "Marble House."  See photo of singer Karin Elizabeth Dreijer Andersson (left).  Later, Moroccan-French singer Hindi Zahra (photo right) shares world music with jazz influences.  Jazz violinist Natalie Brown from Cedar Rapids, IA contributes a rough mix from Hindi Zahraher upcoming CD inspired by the great Jean Luc Ponty. Listen closely for 3 tracks from Jesse Harris and the Fernandos' 2003 album Secret Sun.

This week's Chill Session in the second hour kicks off with DJ Andy Bargerstock's "Breathe Mix", an 8-song blend of music about pulling in prana. You won't hear Faith Hill or Pink Floyd.  Instead, prepare for rare tracks from artists like Bliss, Sia, Anna Nalick, Urban Myth Club, Telepopmusik, Alexi Murdoch, and Blue Stone.

Some of the best music you never hear... unless your dialed to Fringe Toast. Invite friends to join the live stream at  Click here for playlist.

London GrammarThis program shines spotlights on Tinariwen (group photo), a collaborative of Berber desert musicians from Mali  AND Hannah Reid and her band London Grammar (trio photo) that is currently playing SOLD OUT concert dates across USA.   If you think you won't like desert music from West Africa, think again. 

The Shins, Phildel, and Purity Ring offer twin-spins.  TinariwenJose Gonzalez contributes "Far Away" from the soundtrack to the film, Red Dead Redemption.  Fringe Toast first-timers include Blackmill, and Badmarsh & Shri. Many other curious and delightful songs for your enjoyment.  Let the cool of the Spring air chill your night.

Click here for play list.  Invite friends to join the live stream at  

sheila chandra


Back from snowboarding adventures in Colorado, DJ Andy Bargerstock rediscovers his almost forgotten CD collection with rare tracks from 1980s and 90s. 


Listen for rare music, e.g., UK/Indian songwriter Sheila Chandra (photo), Canterbury lads known as Caravan, The Call, Alphaville, Cocteau Twins, Canada's Delerium, Thompson Twins reformulated as Babble, and French acoustic guitar master, Pierre Bensusan. 


So, mark your calendar and invite friends to join the live stream at

The playlist will emerge during the program.  Okay, here it is: The Playlist.

leigh nash(See play list link below). George Harrison provides the opening underground classic "Deep Blue" (1973) followed by Guy Lee's tribute to the same song. Highlight of the first hour is Leigh Nash (photo), lead singer forSixpence None the Richer covering Crowded House's epic song, "Don't Dream It's Over."  More than 90% of the play list has never been played before on Fringe Toast, the best place to find music from "off-the-beaten path".

Stay tuned for the second hour Chill Session with terra firmacooling tracks from mysterious Korean electronic musician, Potlatch, assisted by singer Ann Yang from CD Terra Firma (2012) on the Cosmicleaf record label.  You will also hear an extremely rare 7-minute live recording of the exotic German husband/wife duo, Opera to Relax, with their unique stylizing of soft jazz, subtle percussion, sax, and ethereal female vocals. Go try to find information on these groups... very obscure stuff!  This week someone told us that "Fringe Toast is like Pandora but with even better variety."

Invite your friends to join us via live streaming from or listen locally in Fairfield at 100.1 FM.   Print the play list and follow along during the show. Program originally broadcast 4/03/13.

regina spektor(See playlist link below). Continuing a tradition of twin-spins (two tracks by same artist) by exotic international artists, DJ Andy Bargerstock offers several on this program after shining a spotlight early on Russian-born singer-songwriter Regina Spektor (photo) and USA's Aidan Hawken (photo).  You will hear newly released music from UK alternative band Elbow, more tracks from San Francisco-based psychedelic-folk group Asteroid #4, Germany'saidan hawken Emou, Mali's Ali Farka Touré , French composer René Aubry, and Greek trip-hop sounds from Loopa Scava meets Cayetano.   Join this unique bliss-enducing glide through the night air. Mark your calendar.

Special second-hour treats in the Chill Zone from Pink Martini & The Von Trapps, Deep-Dive-Corp., and Chocolate Tannoy.  Give your friends a treat by inviting them to join the live stream at  Click here for playlist.  Discover again why people say "it is the best music you never hear... unless your dialed into Fringe Toast."

Corrine Bailey Rae(See link to play list below). American alternative music genius Beck offers more melifluous tracks from his Morning Phase CD introduced last week. Jeff Kelly and his Seattle band Green Pajamas (photo) contribute a twin-spin. DJ Andy Bargerstock prepares the local Fairfield audience for the upcoming May concert with Ian Moore by playing "Abilene."green pajamas

The 2nd-hour Chill Session leads off with Texas-based vocal group Pentatonix "Say Something."  The ladies take the stage featuring Deb Talan of The Weepies and beautiful Corrine Bailey Rae (photo above) with a slow-jazz interpretation of Led Zeppelin's song "Since I've Been Loving You."  The bliss will flow ethereally.  Click here for play list

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Fringe Toast Music - BECK & BRAZZ TREE on Wed., 3/5/14 at 8pm CT

beck morning phase(See play list link below). Pink Floyd leads off with track "Pillows of Clouds" from the remastered Meddle album from 1971, a delicious drift into the ether. The spotlight shines brightly on the new CD from Beck called Morning Phase (cover photo).  Beck is considered by many as one of the most inventive, eclectic musicians in alternative music. In this album he hits the Fringe Toast sweet spot of beautiful blends of melodies and instrumentation. Listen for three tracks in the second hour.  Sharing the limelight is Brazz Tree (photo below), a NYC-based violin-guitar duo and Julie Ann Bee (a.ka. Sea Bees).

On this program, you will hear twin-spins from Bethbrazz tree Orton (UK folk singer), Akon (R&B vocalist), Bruce Kaplan (pedal steel slide guitar virtuoso), and Mike Mains & the Branches (Michigan-based indie band).  And, the second-hour Chill Session is guaranteed to boost your natural brain bliss chemistry. 

Click here for play list.  Invite friends to join us via live streaming at  Discover why people say, "Fringe Toast Music is the best music you never hear!"  Watch for DJ Andy Bargerstock's latest music review in the Iowa Source Magazine.

lucy schwartz(Link to play list below). DJ Andy Bargerstock continues with his tribute on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles debut in the USA. In the first hour, you will hear original tracks of Beatlesque music from Emmit Rhodes, Fraternal Order of All, Lucy Schwartz (photo), and the Green Pajamas.   If you enjoyed last week's music, you'll have another great experience.

In the second hour Chill Session, listen to Suzanne Vega (photo below) and her new track "Laying on of Hands / Stoic 2", three more songs from recently FT discovery Nashville singer-songwriter Angel Snow, and an extended set of nujazz and lounge music compiled by Brigetta Dunson (a.k.a. Bria suzanne vegaProject) on Vibe Boutique Records.  Listen for twin spins from guitarist Steven "Golden" Gunn (USA) and Brazilian influenced S-Tone Inc. (Italy).

Click here for play list.  Mark your calendar and join the live stream at  Discover again why people say Fringe Toast is the best source of music from off-the-beaten path.  Thanks for your support!

hannah reid(See link to play list below). On this week's program, DJ Andy Bargerstock offers a first-hour tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' explosion onto the American music scene.... not in the typical way, but rather in Fringe Toastian language.  Don't expect any Beatles cover songs!  No, no, instead we will explore original compositions of non-Beatles songwriters that reflect similar chord structures and/or instrumentation of the late-Beatles era circa 1967-70.  Most of the music you will have never heard before!  Andy MacKenzie will offer a few Beatlesque Station IDs.  You will hear bands such as Klaatu and Emitt Rhodes ('70s), Utopia ('80s), Green Pajamas, Cotton Mather, Fraternal Order of Now, Siouxsie & the brand new heaviesBanshees ('90s), and more contemporary artists such as Nick Nicely, Shadow Kabinet, and Edwyn Collins. Oh, you do not want to miss this delightful journey.

In the second hour Chill Session, band Temples lead with their own 2014 release "Shelter Song" from Sun Structures with its distinctive George-Harrison-like guitar intro. Then, we move into contemporary alternative electro-chill with London Grammar's Hannah Reid (photo above), Peter Bradley Adams, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, and S-Tone. Oh, yeah, listen closely for the funky sound of The Brand New Heavies (photo) too.

Click here for play list.  Invite friends worldwide to join the live stream and discover the best music you never hear.

broken bells(See link to play list below). Leading off this program, Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green plays "Rattlesnack Shake" from 1971.  Soon, thereafter, we hear from James Mercer and Dangermouse (a.k.a., Broken Bells and photo left) from their recent CD release and David Crosby with "What's Broken" from his new CD.  Nashville singer-songwriter, Angel Snow (photo below) makes her Fringe Toast debut with tracks from her self-titled CD from 2012. angel snow

In the second hour Chill Session, we hear from Beck's new album, FT first-timers including the obscure electronic band Alpha Stone, The Jayhawks (American alternative band from Twin Cities), and electronic composer Ray Lynch. More good tracks from Scotland's Steve Mason, UK's Above & Beyond, and English sarod player Chinmaya Dunster.

Join the live stream at and click on Listen Live.  Find here the play list for this live program with DJ Andy Bargerstock.

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