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Kristina Priceman(See playlist link below). DJ Andy Bargerstock unveils a plethora of new artists never-before heard on Fringe Toast Music.  The spotlight shines in the first hour on musical duo Dickie featuring the classically-trained violin talents of Kristina Priceman (photo left) and the second spotlight goes to Georgia-born acoustic and lap-steel guitarist Kaki King (photo right) with her virtuoso compositions and playing. First-timeKaki King players include Max Manie, Gem Club, Volcano Choir, Anthelix, Robben Ford, Mike Posner, Seeb, and Zero Cult. 

 In the second-hour Chill Zone, listen closely to new tracks from Spoon, Depeche Mode, London Grammar.  But, the classic obscure Underground Track of the program goes to “Hayling” by FC Kahuna.   The program closes deliciously through Austria’s Parov Stelar and UK’s Zero 7.  So, mark your calendar, turn the lights down, and let the river flow.  Invite friends to join the live stream at on Wednesday at 8pm CT and Saturdays at 8am CT.     Click here for playlist.

Imogen HeapDJ Andy Bargerstock returns to Fairfield with another live original show featuring 100% new tracks never played before on Fringe Toast Music. Otis Taylor leads off the program with his roots blues talents. The first-hour spotlight shines on R&B-simmered singer Valerie June (photo right) and UK's creative songwriter with Valerie Juneelectronic touches, Imogen Heap (photo left). UK's Laura Marling offers two tracks from her new CD. Another twin-spin comes from Georgia singer Liza Anne. Norway's AURORA rounds out the ladies spotlight in the first hour.  Other contributors include John Mayer, Ray LaMontagne, and Father John Misty.

Click here for playlist!  In the second-hour Chill Zone, be prepared for the charming talents of Shawn Mendes, Woods, Nouvelle Vague, Tsewer Beta, Zero 7, Apparat, and Rodg.  It's the best music you never hear .... unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast on KRUU-FM. 

Spread the word to allow friends to join the live stream at Click on LISTEN LIVE. The Wednesday 8pm program now replays on Saturdays at 8am. Mark your calendar.



Aurora(See link to playlist below.) DJ Andy Bargerstock shares new tracks from his foray into the outer edges of the music stream. The spotlight shines on Norway's exotic singer AURORA (photo left) and the little-known but highly regarding American producer/DJ known as LISTENBEE. Be prepared to dip into the ether in this program of first time Fringe Toast artists including Max Manie, Fakear, Tinariwen, Flo Morrissey with Matthew White, and Up, Bustle & Out.

The Second Hour Chill Session will send you into the outer realms by contributors Velours Perfect, Thievery Corporation, Moodorama, Maribou State, and Nadaka.   Oooh. It will be so good!

Save and plunder the playlist.  Fringe Toast offers the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM.

Andy BargerstockThis is the program to hear the very best of 2016 musical discoveries by DJ Andy Bargerstock (photo left) from rising artists who don't get mainstream music attention. You will delight in the endorphin-rich 30 tracks from artists highlighted on Fringe Toast Music such as Iceland's Kaleo, Canada's Elephant Stone, Denmark's Agnes Obel, France's Mome, Scotland's Steve Mason, Ireland's Lisa Hannigan, and Fairfield's Society of Broken SoulsClick here for playlist.  Read DJ Andy's comments about these artists from the February issue of Iowa Source magazine's Fringe Toast Crispy Awards article.

The second-hour Chill Session will deliver the expected swoon to settle into the evening that will feature Christine & the Queens, Elephant Revival, Justin Johnson, Zayde Wolf with Ruelle, and Adia Victoria.  Turn the lights down low and let the waves consume you.  It's the best music you never hear!

Saint PrivatMany new tracks never before played on Fringe Toast Music including featured female vocalists Valerie Sajdik (photo left of Austrian electronica band Saint Privat) and linguist Lottie Child (photo right below associated with UK's Spiral System).  New artists with first-time FT performances include Maya Jane Coles, Brothers Behind the Light, Mandrillus Sphynx, Wrabel, and Howie Gelb.  This program takes the listener all over the globe geographically while spanning the following genres: folk, alternative, singer-songwriter, blues, country, Lottie Childdance, electronic, world and rock. 

The second-hour Chill Zone will take you down easy through the electronic swoon of Spiral System, Emancipator, Thievery Corporation, Nadaka, and London Grammar. Turn the lights down low and let it flow.... Click here for playlist!

SPECIAL NOTE: Mark your calendar for DJ Andy Bargerstock's 2016 Crispy Awards next week on Wednesday, Feb 15 and Saturday, Feb. 18 that will showcase his favorite new releases from off-the-beaten-path rising artists. Read the Crispy Awards column from February issue of Iowa Source Magazine for details.

The ArgumentThe highlight of this program is the first-hour interview and music tracks from Seattle-based musical duo The Argument consisting of Daniel Spils and Brangien Davis (photo left). DJ Andy Bargerstock explores their musical roots and offers three tracks from their self-titled CD. Listen for twin spins from folksinger and string virtuoso Sam Moss, English songwriter Piers Faccini, and the sensual beauty of Hannah Reid with her band London Grammar (photo right below). 

London GrammarThe second-hour Chill Session brings more music from recently introduced artists including Shy Girls (US), Federico Aubele (Argentina), Potlatch (Korea), Naomi (Germany) as well as Fringe Toast first-timers Akotcha, and Sanjiva and the epic electronic music master known as Magic Sound Fabric (3 tracks late in show).

Click here for playlist. Share with friends. Fringe Toast brings the best music you never hear!.... unless your tuned to KRUU-FM at 100.1 FM or via live streaming at

Offer musical suggestions to DJ Andy via email at Indicate if you want to receive weekly alerts and playlists of Fringe Toast shows before they air.  Watch for Fringe Toast Music reviews in Iowa Source Magazine.

Marian HillDJ Andy Bargerstock lays down another near 100% new tracks program from off-the-beaten path featuring Philadelphia's slectro-pop duo MARIAN HILL (photo left) and North Carolina's new grass folk duo MANDOLIN ORANGE (photo below right).  Fringe Toast Music first-timers include Jaffa, Natalie Hemby, Marian Hill, Penny & Sparrow, Angel Olsen, Nadaka, and Ulrich Mandolin OrangeSchnauss & Jonas Munk.

The second-hour Chill Zone offers the complete endorphin chillin' swoon perfect to invite the dusk of the evening and early Saturday morning light. Remember this program is now available Saturday mornings from 8am -10am.

It is the best music you never hear.... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM at 100.1 or live streaming at  Click for playlist.

Send music suggestions and ask for weekly program updates to DJ Andy:

Desert DwellersDJ Andy Bargerstock returns for another series of 100% LIVE programs with new tracks from off-the-beaten-path. Program features the beauty and incredible voice of Hannah Reid (photo below) of the band London Grammar with Chris Issak cover song, "Wicked Game." And to end the program an extended version of the sonic magic from Southwest World Music collective known as Desert Dwellers (photo left).

Hannah Reid

First timers to Fringe Toast Music this week include 3hattrio, Piers Faccini, Niall Horan, Gramatik, Moss, Evolve, Pressure Drop, Ian Pooley, and The Lushlife Project. It's the best music you never hear unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast on KRUU-FM at 100.1 FM in Fairfield, IA or via live stream on  

Click here for playlist.  Share the good news with friends worldwide.

All Fringe Toast shows now replayed on Saturday mornings 8am-10am.

Watch for Andy Bargerstock's 2016 Best New Releases, aka, Crispy Awards to be published in Iowa Source Magazine in early February and played on Fringe Toast Feb. 15th.

Justin JohnsonEarly in the first hour, watch (and listen) for the bold spotlight on DJ Andy's interview with Justin Johnson (photo left) with music tracks from his new CD If Walls Could Talk.  This sparkling instrumental virtuoso plays heritage cigarbox banjos and guitars, some of which have never been before been recorded. Tune in early!  Read music review on Justin from the Fringe Toast Music column published in Iowa Source Magazine in May 2016.

DJ Andy Bargerstock unveils another LIVE program of 100% never-played-on Fringe Toast tracks featuring first-hour contributions from French DJ electronica master Møme, French band Erevan Tusk, Colter Wall, Michael Penn (brother of filmmaker Sean Penn), and Ibis-masked DJ Claptone (photo right).  Listen closely for first-time tracks from Howe Gelb, The Oh Hellos, and Maribou State.Claptone

The second-hour Chill Zone is anchored by N*Grandjean, Japanese Wallpaper, Steven Wilson, both solo and with his band Porcupine Tree, and Fairfield's own James Dean Claitor who provides a twin-spin from his incredibly abundant music library.   Click here for playlist.

Invite friends to join the live stream at Fringe Toast emits the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM.  

Mandolin OrangeDJ Andy Bargerstock creates another original live program with 100% tracks never ever played before on Fringe Toast Music ®.   New artists on this program include Matisyahu, Chris Joss, Somerville & Wilson, Mandolin Orange (photo left), Nadia Ali (photo right below) & PANG!, RY X, and Madrugada.  Mandolin Orange is based in Chapel Hill, NC featuring songwriter Andrew Marlin and violinist- vocalist Emily Frantz. The other spotlighted artist, Nadi Ali, is a Nadia AliPakistani-American singer.

Twin spins come from recently introduced albums from artists The Argument, Steve Mason, Diane Birch, Kaleo and TJ Rehmi

In the second-hour CHILL ZONE, you will be swept away by an array of international artists who enjoy creating positive brain chemistry in listeners. 

Share this playlist with friends and invite them to join the live stream at  It is the best music you never hear unless you are tuned to to Fringe Toast on KRUU-FM.

Get ahead of the mainstream and enjoy DJ Andy's music reviews published in the Iowa Source Magazine the first week of each month. 

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