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Steve Cooperman, Alice Coffey and Dean Goodale will discuss the movie

Zeitgeist @ 3pm

[Zeitgeist will be showing @ Revelations on Saturday, March 15 @ 730pm. Free]


Take a safari through current events with James Moore along with a mix of music sure to put the fry in Friday.

helen thomas

Helen Thomas 1pm

This legendary journalist and bestselling author is known for asking tough questions, a trait almost unknown today. She is commonly referred to as "The First Lady of the Press".

She talks with Speaking Freely's Dennis Raimondi about the presidential primaries and a whole host of wideranging topics.

Steve Deace 1:30pm

Mr. Deace is a conservative talk show host on News Radio 1040 WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. He is in large part responsible for calling voters' attention to Governor Huckabee of Arkansa in this month's Iowa caucus election. Governor Huckabee went on to win the primary.

Steve's 3-hour show airs daily.

Tune into Planet Erstwild at 215pm today for a caucus wrap up with
James Moore, Ari Berman and Dennis Raimondi.

Democrats selected Barack Obama. Republicans, Mike Huckabee.

Obama Governor Mike Huckabee

For a complete list of candidates with links to their archived interviews


Focus on the Caucus Special

Tune into KRUU on Thur Jan 3 @ 12:30pm,

to listen to what the candidates have to say in their own words,

speaking freely with Dennis Raimondi.

For a complete list of candidates with links to their archived interviews

This afternoon on KRUU, listen to candidates of both parties who have been interviewed by KRUU to date, presented in alphabetical order, alternating Democrat with Republican.

iowa caucus

For a complete list of candidates with links to their archived interviews,

Paul Christian

L I V E on Local Yokels, Sat 17 Nov @ 10:30am,
Paul Christian

Early in Paul Christian's career, he was offered the chance to sell his music from his Americana release "Never Been Lonely" to a national producer, but declined as he wanted to keep the rights to his music. Then Paul garnered some more national attention when the industry magazine, "New Music Weekly," approached Paul after hearing his song "The Fool" to promote his music nationally. Still a bit skeptical, Paul graciously thanked them, but declined.

neil young


Tune into Planet Erstwild Fri 16 Nov @ 2pm

Take a trip down some very interesting alleys

Neil Young, David Bowie and much more . . .

[rebroadcast from 5 Jan 2007]


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