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KRUU Beg-a-thon

Join the KRUU crew for a day of fun, food and kick-ass radio. Meet the DJ's who make this station what worth listening to. And there's an extra-special treat: T-Shirts. Yes, t-shirts!!! What you've all been asking for.

If you like listening to KRUU, find someone who doesn't and bring them to our first Open House fundraising event. We'll feed them, entertain them, and make them understand why you can't stop listening to us!

(Unfortunately Dick DeAngelis, host of Sleepytime with Grandpa D had a family emergency, and had to bow out).

The beta site is ready to be released to the wild. Devin has done a pretty tremendous job of putting up stubs for all the shows, and we're now prepared to have all the program hosts add their bios and pics and whatever other goodies they want to share with the world (should we be worried?).

The new site uses Drupal. We're moving away from Joomla, mainly because of the support that Drupal has, and the richness of the modules that are available for Drupal. The Station module is only one in a long list of cool modules we'll be putting to use on our site.

The basic structure of the site is up, but I now need someone that actually knows how Drupal works to help set this thing up, and show me what to do. The unfortunate aspect of doing this stuff is that it takes an ENORMOUS amount of time. Getting this stuff up is easy. But then I need to understand what all this "taxonomy" stuff Drupal keeps throwing at me is. Might make it easier to just have someone give me the 20 minute breakdown, but then again maybe it'd be worthwhile to just read the damn documentation! But arrgh matey, we don't need no stinkin manuals, eh?!

The station module is up, and most of the rest of the drupal site is working. I spent hours today trying to figure out why it was that the site would not allow me to log in. I could login, but the login would not take me anywhere, except back to the login screen. I cleared the cache, the history, the passwords on Firefox and Flock, and still nada. Finally I cleared out the cookies and it worked! So here's a lesson to alla you out there - clean out your cookies on a regular basis. Seems like there's some goofy thing in drupal that sometimes munges cookies. I'm sure it needs to be in

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