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Hog Stalls


Today, a special encore rebroadcast on a controversial community issue.

[For the record, Cargill's national media director declined an invitation to be interviewed.]

In February, Erika Richards invited three guests to discuss the issue of CAFOs, or contained animal feeding operations, and their impact on both the environment and economy locally and statewide.

Guests included:

- Ron Sieren, a local small hog farmer and outside salesman for Reiff Grain and Feed;

- Jim Flinspach, a grain farmer and president of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau; and

- Jim Rubis, President of Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors, an organization founded to run interference on the proliferation of large corporate hog operations in the county and state.


Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors President Jim Rubis and guests will join me in the studio Monday at 1:00 p.m. to update our listening audience regarding the Iowa legislature and contained animal feeding operations.  He and several others went to Des Moines recently to a rally in Des Moines sponsored by "CleanupIowa" to lend support to bills in both the house and senate that would offer additional environmental protection to confinement neighbors in the state and give more voice to elected county officials in the permitting process of new confinements.  

Contained Animal Feeding Operation

So please join us for an in depth look at what the trends are at the state and local level and what local activists have in store around this important issue.


Breaking news!

I will be joined in the studio today by Ed Miller, a union representative for District Lot 6 in Iowa and Nebraska to explain why over 200 employees of the Dexter plant are on strike following recent contract disputes.  Employees of the Fairfield Manufacturer, who are members of the Machinists Union from Dexter Apache Holdings Inc, took to the picket lines at midnight Saturday after they voted not to proceed with the contract that was presented to them.

Please join me and my guest, as well as James Moore who has been on the story most of the morning, for an indepth and close up look at a very emotional issue. Representatives from Dexter Apache declined to join the discussion but did issue a statement.

The interview with Ed Miller on the ongoing machinists' strike will be rebroadcast today Monday April 16 at 6:30pm following Free Speech Radio News and Wednesday morning April 18 at 7am.


Please join me for a fascinating hour that will look in depth at how a utopian idea is coming to life right before our eyes.  My guest in the studio Monday is Martha Norbeck, a sustainability specialist with Cypress Villages, the latest vision for a community that embodies the idea that it takes a village to create a village. 

Qualified participants will be given the title or the right to FREE land for development but that is only one of many elements to this vast and ambitous project. 

A subsidiary of the Walker Group, Cypress Villages will be a way to grow and expand upon the Super Radiance Community by providing quality Maharishi Sthapatya Veda homes at fixed costs and below current market prices.

As a sustainability specialist, Norbeck will go into detail around plans for implementing sustainable living ideas within this unique village that will border Maharishi Vedic City in Jefferson County.   Cypress Villages plans to use sustainable methods and practices  while providing reliable and sustainable employment.

So I invite everyone with even a hint of interest (and you know that you do!) to join me and my guest for an indepth peek at this amazing project that could define once again our Fairfield community as cutting edge.

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